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The Rainbow and the Rose

304 pages

When Johnny Pascoe attempts to rescue a sick girl from the Tasmanian outback his plane crashes leaving him dangerously injured. Ronnie Clarke, who was trained by Pascoe, endeavours to fly a doctor in to help but this proves more difficult than he imagined. As he waits overnight at Pascoe¿s house in order to try again the next day Clarke revisits the past of this unusual man ¿ and reveals the shocking and tragic secrets that have influenced his life.

That supreme storyteller, Nevil Shute The Times Shute was a brilliant storyteller and terrific example for any writer Express Nevil Shute made me yearn for a faithful, plodding, Shute-type of man. I imagined us trekking across the Australian outback, finding a run-down hamlet, and then transforming it together until death or flood parted us The Times

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The Rainbow and the Rose