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Three Elegies For Kosovo

96 pages

On 28 June, 1389, a Christian army made up of Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians and Romanians was defeated by an Ottoman army. The battle was over in ten hours. But ever since, the birds of prey have been hovering above the battlefield to pick over the corpses. It was on 28 June, 1989, that the Serb Leader Slobodan Milosevic launched his campaign for a fresh massacre of the majority population of Kosovo, the Albanians. That was the day on which Yugoslavia began its process of implosion and post-War western Europe was first revisited by the barbarity of earlier epochs.
The agony of one tiny population at the close of the 20th Century is the symptom of a sickness that European civilisation has carried in its bloodstream for a thousand years.

"The main goal of these three fables... is to transmit a message about freedom, in the sense that to write truthfully is to set something free. In this book Kadare has set Kosovo, the battle, the myth, free from the chains of untruth" - Julian Evans, London Review of Books. "The bridge is a foreboding, an omen, a threat. It is a bridge over which Asia will invade Europe and the future will invade the past. Kadare, an Albanian, has used the materials at hand to become one of Europe's great writers" - Los Angeles Times. "An utterly captivating yarn: strange, vivid, ominous, macabre and wise" - New York Times.

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Three Elegies For Kosovo