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Frat Brat


Tale of the wonders of gay life inside a fraternity's doors, and in bathrooms and classrooms all over campus

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Frat Brat

Edward Patterson

This page copyright © 2014 Olympia Press.





“Now that you are all pledges of our fraternity,” Phi Alpha Gamma president Chuck Harper boomed. “You shall have to obey the commands of your future fraternity brothers.”

The seven well-hung college kids standing before the president gulped in unison.

“Hell Week begins Monday evening,” Chuck Harper continued. “You will be slaves of the brothers until Hell Night next Sunday. Once the final ceremony has been conducted at the end of Hell Night, you lucky neophytes will be proud members of Phi Alpha Gamma. Are there any questions?” Quinn Harrington raised his hand.


The college sophomore cleared his throat nervously.

“What exactly will we be required to do during Hell Week?” he asked.

A sly grin creased the president's handsome face.

“Would you pledges like a demonstration?” he asked.

They nodded quickly.

Chuck Harper pointed to Quinn.

“Pledge! Strip off your jeans and lemme see that ass! I'm gonna fuck it until it bleeds!”

Quinn gasped.


“You want to be a brother of Phi Alpha Gamma, don't you?” Chuck growled. “Yes, but...”

“Then do as I command!” Quinn had no choice but to obey. His pledge class looked on as Quinn tugged his fly open...




“Jesus Christ these guys are ugly!” spat Jordan Bakersneld. “Who the hell is trying to rush them, anyway? I don't want these ogres in the frat!”

Terrence Holloway slipped a Bon Jovi cassette in the tape desk and attempted to placate his friend.

“Relax,” he whispered. “Just because a few goons came to a rush party doesn't mean our frat is going to turn into a home for the hideous.”

Terrence glanced at a buck-toothed bookworm chatting away to one of his frat brothers and shuddered.

“I hope not, anyway...” he murmured as an afterthought.

Jordan grimaced as heavy metal music blared from the speakers of the tape deck.

“And that music is horrible,” Jordan said. “Give me some Age of Chance or Swing Out Sister any day!”

“I'd rather be listening to Mel and Kim myself,” Terrence admitted.

He motioned towards the milling, rowdy college kids gulping beer and swaying to the rhythm.

“But they all like it.”

Jordan rolled his eyes.

“I don't know why the guys in our frat insist on keeping up this stupid facade that we're all beer-chugging, farting mid-western red-necks like the rest of the frat guys on this campus,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Terrence asked.

“I mean, isn't it rather obvious that we're all a bunch of trendy fags?” Jordan replied.

Terrence shrugged and looked over Jordan's bright cycling outfit, which was apparently the dernier cri in nightspots all around New York City.

He stared down at the black 501's he himself had slipped on, and ran his fingers over his black and white striped shirt.

Quite popular with those in the know living in Manhattan, also.

Terrence had to admit that the frat boys of Phi Alpha Gamma were a hot-looking bunch of studs decked out in stylish clothes.

He also had to admit that the members of Phi Alpha Gamma didn't, however, live in Manhattan.

Or even in New York state, for that matter.

Terrence looked around at the non-Greek guys in the crowd who were pouring beers down their gullets and pinching sorority girls' tits and bottoms.

Plaid shirts.

Stingy, greasy hair.

Flare jeans.

They really were quite repulsive, style-wise.

But once the expert eyes of the frat boys of Phi Alpha Game had inspected the grotesque crowds and picked out a few closet cases, the frat boys would have those rednecks looking spiffy the first week of pledging.

It would be the first step towards the long journey that would mold them into stylish hunks hungry for a piece of ass and a thick, throbbing cock.

Jordan sighed.

“Well, let me go over and try to rush that football player in the comer,” he said finally. “His hair's a mess, but he's got a great body and a massive bulge between those meaty thighs.”

Terrence's head whirled around immediately, searching the crowd for the jock Jordan had described.

“'Who are you talking about?” Terrence asked. Jordan pointed. Terrence's interest grew.

The college kid in question was indeed one hot hunk of manflesh.

A shower, a shave and a few lessons in etiquette and Terrence could tell that the burly stud in the corner would be perfect for their fraternity.

Jordan swaggered off in the direction of the football player.

He sat on the edge of a sofa, a big-busted sorority sister on each knee.

The girls giggled and cooed as they ran their fingers over his well-formed pecs.

“Well, I just have to say I think the boys of Phi Alpha Gamma are a swell bunch of guys,” the one on Brad Branson's left knee said.

She lifted a glass to the jock's lips and poured cold beer down his throat.

The girls of Delta Kappa Epsilon had the sales pitch down to an art.

All sorority girls circulated around the fraternities during rush week, adding sexual excitement to the beer bashes and, hopefully, raising the number of prospective pledges.

They got the guys drunk.

They jiggled their tits under their noses.

They made subtle (and not-so-subtle) suggestions that a pledge of (whatever particular fraternity they were helping out that evening...) was assured more than his share of hot, juicy twatmeat.

Not, of course, that any future member of Phi Alpha Gamma would want hot, juicy twatmeat!

Whispers around campus had spread the news that the boys of Phi Alpha Gamma were cock-hungry hunks.

It always seemed that those who came to their rush parties had a general leaning in that direction.

Jordan wasn't quite so sure about Brad Bronson, however.

As he approached the football player. Brad seemed incredibly interested in the two pairs of tits that bobbed up and down before his face.

Jordan thought for a few seconds that he detected a raging hard on between the guy's firm thighs.

The frat boy's own cock twitched hungrily in his biker shorts as he wondered exactly how many inches of thick cockmeat Brad hauled between his legs.

Jordan took a deep breath and plastered a hearty smile on his face as he approached, his hand extended.

“Hi,” he beamed. “I see you're getting to know the girls pretty well...”

Brad looked up at Jordan with eyes that glistened with alcohol-tinged delight.

“You bet,” Brad said, firmly pumping Jordan's hand.

“Oooh, yes!” Suzie giggled. “We're here all the time! We just love Phi Alpha Gamma!”

Suzie didn't add that she and all other sorority sisters on campus thought it rather strange that not one of them had experienced the wonders of hard, brutal fuck action with a Phi Alpha Gamma.

But it was the truth, of course.

Not once had a member of Phi Alpha Gamma succumbed to their maidenly delights.

And it hadn't been from lack of trying on the girl's account, either!

The fraternity house was chock full of well-hung hunks that made the twat of every campus coed drool with hunger.

But their hunger was never satisfied.

They heard the rumors.

They wondered.

But they kept their mouths shut.

And they kept the beer flowing at the fraternity rush parties.

Theirs was not to question why.

Astute little Suzie knew that Jordan wanted to discuss pledging the frat with Brad Bronson.

She flashed her sorority sister a subtle glance.

“Ooh, Julie! I simply must rush off to the little girl's room!”

“Me, too!” Julie said with a giggle.

They gulped down their beers, wriggled their butt cheeks on Brad's thighs and jumped to the floor.

“Hey, girls,” Brad said in a gruff, drunken voice. “Hurry back.”

“Oh, don't worry,” Suzie said, batting her eyelids. “We'll be back in a jiffy!”

She squealed with delight as Brad smacked her on the ass.

“Great!” the football hunk growled, a horny grin spreading across his face.

Suzie and Julie scampered off through the crowd.

Jordan took a good look between Brad's thighs.

He saw the hose-like bulge snaking down the guy's left thigh.

Jordan cleared his throat and looked Brad in the eye.

Brad seemed to notice the glance Jordan had thrown in the direction of his meaty member. The horny grin didn't leave his face. Jordan smiled.

He figured he had the football player where he wanted him.

“So,” Jordan began. “What do you think about the frat? A great bunch of guys, yeah?”

“So the girls keep telling me,” Brad said.

He lifted his eyebrows.

“Not that that means very much, right?” the well-hung football player inquired. Jordan smiled.

“Well, I think you've really got to get to know the guys a bit...er...better,” he replied.

Brad's eyes darted between Jordan's thighs.

“I wouldn't mind that,” Brad said in a voice that trembled with lust.

Jordan's cock throbbed painfully in the close confines of his spandex biker shorts.

“Er...how about if I show you around the house a bit?” Jordan asked. “If you're going to pledge the frat, it would be a good opportunity for you to move out of the dorms and live with your new frat brothers...”

The look Brad gave Jordan let the frat boy know the suggestion was for more than a mere tour around the frat house rooms.

He figured Jordan had more interesting things in store for him.

And he certainly wasn't going to complain!

Brad Bronson had done a good job of keeping up a heterosexual front during his first few semesters at Southeastern Michigan University.

But his yearning for thick, hot cockmeat had gradually swelled within his groin.

The blonde football stud was horny for a stiff prick pounding up his ass.

And he had heard the rumours around campus which suggested that the hot young men of Phi Alpha Gamma might just be the ones who could satisfy his needs.

A quick jaunt up the stairs with Jordan Bakersfield and his suspicions would be verified.

“Well,” Brad grunted, discreetly rearranging his balls in his underwear. “What are we waiting for? Show me around the place!”

Jordan grinned and got up from the couch.

He hoped the pulsating bulge in his cycling shorts wasn't too obvious.

To make sure nobody noticed his throbbing member, Jordan held his cup of beer between his legs.

“Let me show you the bedrooms first,” he suggested.

“Sounds good to me.”

The brawny football player stood up and followed Jordan through the crowds of screaming, drunken college kids.

He stared eagerly at the firm, high cheeks of Jordan's ass.

Brad ran his tongue over his lips.

He sure wouldn't mind sliding his tongue up that sweaty buttcrack!

Their cocks throbbing with fuck-starved lust, Jordan and Brad wandered through the crowded living room of the Phi Alpha Gamma fraternity house.

In the relative seclusion of the hallway, Jordan felt Brad press against his back. Jordan groaned.

He felt the athlete's firm pecs press between his shoulder blades.

God, that guy was built like a brick house!

“Just up these stairs,” Jordan instructed.

They bounded up the stairs.

Once at the landing, Jordan turned around and stared deep into Brad's blood-shot eyes.

“Christ,” he muttered. “You're one hell of a good-looking hunk!”

“You're not so bad yourself,” Brad grunted.

He reached out and grabbed the hefty bulge between Jordan's thighs.

Jordan moaned as Brad gently but firmly kneaded his balls.

Those thick fingers crept towards the hose-like bulge of Jordan's cock shaft.

Brad's fingers slid up and down over the massive member.

“Jesus!” Brad grunted. “Take me into the closest room and fuck the shit out of me!”

No sooner said than done.

Jordan moved away from Brad's firm grasp and motioned to the door on the right.

“This is my room,” he said. “I'll lock the door and nobody will disturb us. We can fuck to our hearts' content.”

“Great!” Brad moaned, his eyes smoldering with lust.

Jordan pulled open the door and hurried inside. His cock begged to be released from the spandex cycling shorts.

And Jordan wanted to strip those shorts from his groin!

He tugged Brad's massive body through the door and slammed the door shut behind him.

Brad's tongue immediately lunged for Jordan's mouth.

Jordan parted his full-bodied lips and allowed Brad's tongue entry down his throat.

He threw his arms around Brad's broad shoulders.

Brad's tongue wriggled deep inside the spit-soaked cavern of Jordan's mouth.

He dug the tip of his tongue down his throat.

Jordan gasped as he felt that squirming tongue poke past his tonsils.

The sweaty palms of his hands traveled quickly down Brad's back.

Brad grunted with rapture as he felt those thick fingers slide over his ass.

Over his firm buttocks.

Over his rock-hard butt globes.

Jordan massaged the muscle-bounce flesh of Brad's asshole.

He ran the tip of his index finger up the crack between the meaty slopes.

Jordan couldn't wait to strip that stud's flares from his body and thrust his cock up Brad's asshole.

He tugged his face away from Brad's tongue.

“Let's move to the bed,” Jordan groaned in a voice gruff with lust.

Brad staggered over to the bed.

Jordan sat on the edge and pulled off his Converse high tops.

Brad pulled off his docksiders.

“Lemme pull those jeans off for you,” Jordan said.

Brad nodded eagerly.

Jordan's fingers lunged for his fly.

He tugged on the zipper.


Jordan's finger delved into the warm darkness of Brad's fly.

Brad groaned and fell back on the sheets.

Jordan's fingers clutched the throbbing fuckshaft and massaged it hungrily.

Jordan tugged Brad's cock out of his jeans.

“Jesus Christ!” Jordan moaned. “What a huge dick!”

He stared down at the thick slab of fuckmeat that throbbed between Brad's thighs.

That cock stood proudly in the air, throbbing like a huge pink billyclub.

Jordan felt Brad's powerful hands grab his skull.

“Suck my cock!” Brad begged.

He thrust Jordan's face onto his dick.

Jordan gulped as the fist-sized cockhead popped past his lips.

Inch after inch of pulsating prickmeat disappeared into his mouth.

Jordan gasped as the blood-engorged cockhead pressed against the back of his mouth.

He gagged as Brad's prick popped into his throat.

Brad groaned as he felt Jordan's lips wrap around his throbbing fucktool.

His eyes fluttered shut.

His fingers dug into Jordan's scalp.

“Suck that cock, man!” Brad moaned. “Let me feel that hot tongue of yours!”

Jordan's tongue flickered back and forth over the pulsating fucklance.

He rolled his tongue around the mushroom-shaped cockhead.

He slurped at the thick vein that graced the underbelly of the member.

Jordan wrapped his lips around his teeth to avoid scraping against Brad's sensitive shaft.

That hot, fat cock throbbed hungrily deep down his throat.

Jordan hollowed out his cheeks and slurped with increasing eagerness on Brad's dick. The...