Badge Bunnies

Badge Bunnies





Badge bunnies...women who have a thing for cops...those shiny badges...those long hard nightsticks...those silver handcuffs of shame...the flashing lights that make young girls go dizzy with delights...women who will do anything to get stopped by a sexy cop or anything to get out of a speeding ticket or a crime...

In his latest exploration into human sexuality and postmodern desire, Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow interviews badge bunnies as well as police officers who have stories to tell about badge bunnies. Each case study is a leap into the sins of the law, where anything goes after a routine traffic stop, where kinky pleasures are fully investigated...Bad cops, good cops, lusty sheriffs and naughty lawmen, all of them carrying --




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Badge Bunnies: Women with a Lust for Law Enforcement
Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow, M.D.
This page copyright © 2009 Olympia Press.
by Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow, M.D. Kinsey Chair, Beverly Hills Institute of Sexual Health Research For every libidinous man and woman with a badge....
What is a Badge Bunny? Badge bunniese buckle bunnies that - the term is colorful indeed. Badge bunnies - lik have sex with rodeo men - are women who have a fetish for men in uniform, mostly police officers and firemen. Every new cop knows of badge bunnies, and is either admonished to steer clear of them in married, or instructed on how to find the best ones who wont cause a problem. Consider this confession by a police officer we talked to: Before I came on The Job, I was told that women lov e the badge. Particularly women known as “Badge Bunnies.” During the time I've been on The Job, I haven't encountered any such bunnies. I'm beginning to think the badge bunny is a myth. An old copper who told me tales of badge bunnies ad vised me to keep my tool of procreation inside my pants when I encounter them. “Those badge bunnies are the quickest way to lose that shiny little badge,” he warned. I told him that before The Job, I was a bartender. The badge could not bring me nearly as much feminine attention as when I was gainfully employed behind a well-stocked bar. The old timer adamantly disagreed. “You'll see, just you wait.” Well, I'm still waiting. This badge bunny myth is even believed by some citi zens. A (non-police) buddy of mine told me, “Man, you must be meeting a lot of girls in that uniform of yours.” Nope.
 It's been a while since I've earned my shield, and I haven't encountered any bunnies hopping in my direction. In fact, the women I meet on duty aren't the type I'd want to be seen with off duty.
For example, I was recently assigned a rape investigation. I went to the hospital, where the victim told me that several weeks prior, she me t with a drug dealer to score some heroin. They met at a seedy motel. He shot her up w ith a dose. She lost consciousness and woke up the next day. That was day one of a five day heroin binge. At some point in her drug spree, she noticed a stra nge vaginal discharge and odor. She suspected that the dealer and his girlfriend (a male transgendered with breast implants) both raped her while she was unconscious. After five days of heroin, she binged on cocaine fo r a couple of weeks. Then she checked herself into the hospital to detox and get checked for sexually transmitted diseases. It was too late to collect any bodily evidence. She wasn't even sure if a crime had been committed. There was not much I could do for her. Based on the information given to me, the chances of a follow-up investigation by a detective were nil. I offered some kind words and a little bit of encouragement. She looked up at me with pleading eyes. “Am I ever going to see you again?” As kindly and professionally as I could, I replied, “No.” I smiled, shook her hand and went back to the station. I prefer my women without track marks, discharges, or odors. But, as I went on to tell that non-cop buddy of mine, the types of women I'm attracting with this uniform of mine seem to have one or more of those qualities. This story is not the case with all police officers, of course. Here is the story of “Jaden,” another cop... Late one night Jaden is out on patrol checking out the local parks for people that are parking. Seeing a car parked in the bushes off the main walkway, he walks over and finds his buddy, Don, a fellow cop, with a girl in the back seat of the car. The girl is sucking his cock. Jaden knows for a fact that the girl is much younger then Don and himself, so he isn't sure what to do or think. He opens the door and pulls the girl out, and stands her up by the car. When Don gets out of the car, Jaden tur ns him around and hand cuffs his hands behind his back. Don is begging, telling the cop, that she wanted to do it. The cop puts Don in the back seat of the patrol car, and looks at the girl. “Is he telling the truth?” he asks. “Yes,” she answers. Jaden starts thinking. 'This girl has always been hot in his eyes, and he might want to sample the goods himself, since the girl is so will ing and all. He turns her over so her stomach is on the side of the car. He moves to stan d behind her and tells her to put her hands on the car. He starts to frisk the girl. Don starts yelling from the back seat, “Stop that; let her go, please!” Jaden just glances in his direction, “No, I think I am going to enjoy myself and make you watch.” He brings out a second pair of hand cuf fs, and cuffs her hands behind her back and pushes her upper body down unto the hood of the car bending her at the waist. He takes out his 14 inch night stick and spreads he r legs as far as they will go and still keep her standing. Then he starts rubbing the night stick back and forth on her cunt and tapping it against her lips all the while he is talking to her. “You are a filthy little bitch aren't you? Do you always act like a cheap whore? A slut's cunt is only good for fucking around with, you know.” He knows she is getting all hot and wet. Her cunt is throbbing, because now, she is so
horny from his abuse. He rips her underwear and ram s the night stick into her canal, fast and hard, all the way in. She screams and looks bac k at him with tears rolling down her cheeks. He takes the night stick out; it is all nice and wet now. He raises it above his head and brings it down on her ass. She screams in sheer pain. Next, Jaden takes his knife out and cuts her bra off her body and rips her shirt open. Using his knife, he cuts the meaty part of her breast, leaving a trickle of blood to trail down her body. By this time, Don has stopped begging for Jaden to stop, and starts begging to join in the fun. So, Jaden takes the cuffs off, and puts the end of his night stick in the ground. Pulling the girl off of the car, Jaden brin gs her over so she is standing directly above where his night stick is in the ground. “Get on your knees you bitch, your cunt is going to get a treat. He helps her out shoving her down onto her knees, making sure the night stick rams up her pussy again. While she is still screaming in pain, he takes his stun gun and zaps both nipples making her screams intensify. By now, Don has his cock out and slaps it across her face prying her mouth open. He force feeds his cock down her throat, making her de ep throat it in one shove. Don starts talking to her. “You like that don't you. You want to suck my hard cock down your throat. Jaden's right, a slut is only good for fucking around with.” “Please,” she gasps crying, “Please, I beg you, stop. I can't take any more.” “Shut up bitch, you deserve it. You are just a whore, and this is what is done to whores. It is all you are good for.” Jaden gets behind her and puts the knife to her throat. “You are going to learn to love this cunt,” Then kneeling down he shoves his cock u p her ass, ripping her apart, making her scream around the cock in her throat. A few min utes later while she is being ass fucked by Jaden and forced to suck Don's cock; another car pulls up, inside another cop. He has brought shackles and more cuffs. “Hey Jaden, Don, I got a call about two guys roughing up a girl. Thought I would come check it o ut. Since, it's just you two, mind if I join?” Mike asks. Jaden and Don smile and nod. They put two of the cars closer together and using the shackles and cuffs chain her spread eagle between t he cars. With her back toward the sky, Mike comes over and rips off the mini skirt sh e was wearing. Now she is completely naked. Taking out his own night stick, he brings it down across her ass, while Jaden uses his stun gun to zap her nipples again. “Fuck, oh god,” she screams after Don takes his coc k out of her mouth. Then the he takes Jaden's night stick and shoves it down her throat, gagging her. No longer able to get anything out but soft moans, Mike shoves his cock up her ass. She can't scream. She can just make a moaning noise, but even that is almost too much for her. She is in a state of pleasure pain. Jaden stands in her line of vision, gripping his co ck with his hand, rubbing it up and down while watching Mike ream her ass. Don is still holding the night stick in the bitch's throat. She is gagging, having trouble breathing so he takes the night stick out of her mouth. Then, Jaden and Don join Mike behind her in between her legs. She hears them whispering, but cannot in her state discern any of the words. As she waits for the next attack, she tenses when all three start guiding themselves into her cunt at the same time, triple penetrating her. It begins to stretch making her gasp, and scream. Tears are streaming down her face then they shove one night s tick in her ass too. Now, she has three cocks in her cunt and a 14 inch night stick in her ass. She is so full and stretched. She couldn't move even if she wasn't spread out bet ween their cars for the taking. The three cops start a rhythm, pounding her cunt and as s at the same time, its pain, its pleasure, so much sensation. Then all at once they pull out and walk around to her face.
She looks up at them with bewilderment, wondering if she will be able to handle what they are going to do next. Watching the expressions run across her face, they shove all three cocks into her mouth pumping in and out. They all start to cum down her throat, shooting their loads into her hot wet mouth. One pulls out before he is done and shoots some on her face and breast rubbing it into the cut that was made by the patrol cop, making it burn. The other two finish cumming all over her ass and pussy. The abuse, pain and being covered like a whore in cum makes her start cumming. She can't help herself—the pain and pleasure— it's too much. She starts squirting everywhere. Each cop kneels down and takes her cum —licking her sore throbbing pussy. They each get th eir fill and let the rest fall on the ground. She is exhausted, sore, used, spent, but satisfied. *** One subject, a woman in her 30s that we will call “S.” told us how she became a badge bunny, from this experience... She saw the flashing lights behind her a few minute s after running the stop sign. Her stomach lurched; this was a really bad time for a ticket. She pulled her car over and turned it off, then hastily pinched her cheeks and unbutto ned the top few buttons of her blue chenille blouse. Maybe if she batted her eyes a bit he'd give her a break, she was willing to try anything to avoid the stiff penalty that would likely come from her blatant lawbreaking. She heard the crunch of the officer's boots approac hing her car and she rolled down the window. A few seconds later he was peering into the car with one hand on the holster of his gun. He was young and surprisingly handsome, and her hopes rose a little. She hoped he was susceptible to flirtation. “License and registration, ma'am,” he said in a stern voice. Her hands shook a little as she flashed him what she hoped was a sexy smile and reached for her purse. “What seems to be the problem, officer?” she asked as she fished for her driver's license. “That was a stop sign you passed back there, did you know that?” She found her license and pulled it out. As she stretched to hand it to him, she allowed her cleavage to push through the thin fabric of her blouse. She widened her eyes. “Oh, no, really? I didn't see a stop sign at all.” She carefully brushed his hand with her fingers as she passed him the license. At the contact, he looked up sharply but didn't say anything. He took her license and clipped it to a board and started writing notes. Uh oh, time to turn on the charm, she thought. She leaned through the window and crossed her slim legs so that her skirt tightened over her thighs and rode up. She reached out one hand and put it on his. With her sexiest voice, she said, “I'm so sorry, officer. I really didn't see a stop sign. Surely you can let me off just this once?” He paused in his writing and looked at her, and his gaze slid from her pouting face down to her blouse, where her breasts were strainin g against the fabric and her nipples clearly outlined underneath, and then down to her skirt which was riding up her thighs as she leaned. He swallowed, then narrowed his eyes. “Ma'am, get out of the car.” Her heart skipped. Now she was really in for it. Was it illegal in this state to flirt with an officer of the law? Morosely she unclipped her seat belt and climbed out of the car. “All right, put your hands in the air and go stand in front of the car.”
Frightened, she did as she was told. He put his clipboard on top of the car and followed her. When she was facing the hood of the car, he grabbed one of her arms and twisted it behind her, and then leaned into her back, forcing her against the hood. “What exactly are you trying to pull?” he hissed in to her ear. She was close to tears. She shook her head. “I'm sorry, I just really can't pay a ticket right now. Please don't arrest me!” He released her arm and she stood up, rubbing where his fingers had dug into the soft flesh of her wrist. “Ok missy. You don't want to get into trouble, maybe we can work something out.” She stared at him for a moment, then looked down at his groin where a large bulge had formed in his pants. Comprehension dawned. She gulped, then steeled herself. She had to do this, there was just no money to pay a ticket . Carefully she stepped forward and reached to stroke his enlarged penis through his pants. “Maybe something like this?” He closed his eyes for a moment, then leaned into her hand. “What can I do for you, officer?” she whispered as her fingers teased him. He was quite large, and she was surprised to feel a spurt of wetness between her legs. “Put your hands on the car and spread your legs” he commanded, suddenly pushing her roughly away. She did as she was told, tremblingly thinking he was going to arrest her after all. Her skirt was tight against her ass as she draped her body across the hood. Suddenly she felt hands on her waist and the office r began to caress her trembling body as he pressed his hot groin against her thighs . She couldn't believe this was happening; was he going to take advantage of her right here on the side of the road? She felt like running, but inexplicably she also felt like staying. He was sexy in a stern sort of way and his manhood was rock hard and hot against h er rear. She leaned back and ground her buttocks into his hips. He groaned and grabbed her waist. One hand snaked i ts way under her skirt and pushed aside her panties. A long finger parted her folds and gently stroked her innermost skin from vagina to clit. She shuddered at the intimate contact, her knees felt weak. The hand disappeared and she heard the sound of a zipper opening. She turned her head and saw with a shock that he had pulled out a huge soft pink cock from his pants. She gasped but didn't pull away; she wanted it to fill her wet ness with its hard length. He pulled her skirt up to her waist and her panties down to her knees. Placing one hand on the small of her back to hold her down, he leaned against her thighs and placed his hot tip on her butt cheek. She shuddered at the feel of the velvety sha ft, hot and twitching, on her cooled skin. He rubbed his penis in wide circles from ass to thigh and around again, spiraling closer to her naked opening. With a moan she braced her hands against the hood and raised her butt a little higher, inviting him. With a sudden rough thrust he penetrated her fully, shoving her body against the hood of the car. She could feel his thigh muscles shudder as he filled her body with his girth and he pushed her body against the car with o ne hand. The other hand he gripped her waist as he pulled fully out, then with a groan he slammed his length into her again. She could feel his balls swinging against her clit as he pounded her again and again, each massive thrust filling her to capacity and rocking her against the car. He reached around from her waist and fingered her clit as he filled h er, feeling himself entering her and rubbing her tingling pussy until she began to pant with little helpless mews. With each thrust he pushed harder and harder, until she was e nveloping him in her pink wetness from tip to base and he could grind his balls against her curly pubic hair. His breath came in staccato gasps as his pace quickened, his body quivering and heaving over hers. With a final growl he slammed his full length into her and pushed as hard as he could, emptying
his balls into her with quivering release. At the release of the hot semen inside of her she crested her orgasm with arched back and a shudderin g scream, her inner muscles spasming around his pumping cock, milking it, pulling every drop deep inside her. His balls contracted again at her orgasm and he pulled out an d shoved himself deep inside again, again, as he shot another load inside her belly. Wh en he finally stopped, he collapsed against her sweaty back and his hips twitched against her ass involuntarily. They leaned like that for a few minutes, catching their breath. Then the officer pulled his shrinking cock from her dripping vagina and zipped himself back up. She stood shakily from the car and pulled up her panties, smoothing h er skirt over her bruised thighs with trembling hands. She looked up at him and he handed her a ticket. Shocked, she watched him get back in his squad car and drive away. She looked at the ticket in dismay. Scribbled where the citation should have been was a note: “Crime: Resisting arrest. Penalty: 100 hours community service. Be here once a week to serve your sentence. PS: you can leave the panties at home next time.” *** And so on. Please read further as we divulge the life stories of badge bunnies and the cops who love their attention, in the following case studies...
Our subject is a man, 27, who told us of an event w ith sex and cops when he was a teenager... I met her through the website...what's it called? T hat dating one...I don't remember. I was 18, Helene was 34. Yeah, I know, old enough to be my mother if she pushed one out in high school, but so what? She was hot. And sweet. She was four foot eleven, about 90 pounds soaking wet. Green eyes and dark brown hair and totally trim. I had dated her a few times before we actually had sex. My God, she had a body. I didn't last long I am glad I could get it up again pretty quick. She was so stunning. We continued to date and fuck. Gradually, she opened up to me and told me what she wanted. Mock rapes, bondage, spankings, gangbangs. She was a freak and I loved it. In fact, I was afraid that I was falling for her. I wanted to make her happy. So I set things up. I c alled some of the guys on my ball team. It's a neighborhood thing. They were all my a ge having graduated with me. Some were in college, like me. Some had already found jo bs and were working full time. Some were doing both. I made the arrangements for Thursday night. I picked Helene up at 6:30. The top was down and we enjoyed the early evening sun. We went and had dinner. It was tasty. Juan O'Toole's Irish Mexican Restaurant has a very interesting blend of cuisine. She was gorgeous in a nice white blouse and dark green skirt
that stopped about mid-thigh and three inch heels that brought her up to a staggering five-two. I am nearly six feet, so I really enjoyed having this absolutely tiny woman. We finished dinner and headed out. I was miffed as soon as we left the restaurant. It was clouding up and windy and you could smell the rain on the wind. So much for driving with the top down. She asked where we were going. I told her that we were just going to drive a bit and enjoy the night. Perhaps park in so me secluded spot and enjoy the night some more. We drove for about an hour and a half. I had set up things to start at 10:30. By the time we got to the park at Lake Calhoun, it was raining. Fortunately, it was very dark and there were no houses visible at all. We started kissing. She was an excellent kisser. Always a little reluctant at first, she usually warmed up fast. I had my tongue in her mouth and my hand on her tit (succulent 34Bs). I was running circles around her nipple with my finger. It was standing out through her blouse and bra. I rained kisses upon her neck. I could hear her sighing as I did. The only annoying thing about my car was the center console. Damned thing was constantly in the way on situations like this. I glanced at the clock, 10:34. Should be happening any second now... I had barely finished that thought when both the pa ssenger door and the driver's side door were pulled open. Hands grabbed us and pulled us out. I was pushed against the car and before I had a chance to look around, my arms w ere pulled behind my back and handcuffs placed on my wrists. I looked across the car; Helene was getting the same treatment. Lights came on. I squinted as my eyes struggled to adjust. There were two cops behind Helene. I turned and looked behind me. There was a cop there. He shined his light in my face. “This your car, son?” He asked me. “Yes, sir. Uh, what did we do?” “Hey, look at this!” One of the cops by Helene shou ted. He dumped her purse on the hood. Two large bags of white powder and some hypod ermic needles fell out along with the rest of her items, makeup kits, hairbrush, keys (ouch, my paintjob!) and tampons. “That's not mine!” She shouted. “You planted that!” Um, maybe she shouldn't have said that. Another cop walked up from the cruiser that was parked behind my car. “Car belongs to Anthony Massetti. That you kid?” I just nodded. The cop near Helene looked at her, “Try proving it sweetheart.” He picked the bags up in his gloved hands and pressed them into her hands. “Now they even have your prints on them. I think we have enough here for intent to dis tribute. That's gonna get you 15 to 20 these days darling.” “Why are you doing this? What do you want?” “You ready to deal? You want to give up your distributor?” “What? I don't know anything about drugs! Whatever you want from me, I'll give it to you!” The cops looked at each other and smiled. “We want you baby.” One of them pulled her back aga inst him. Her shirt was soaked through and her breasts were clearly visible even through her bra. “And you are going to cooperate, or it's hard time.” I knew Helene would do anything they wanted at this point. She loved her job and she worked for a local defense contractor and knew all kinds of stuff she wouldn't talk about. “Okay,” she said. “Whatever you want.” The cop behind her started running his hands over h er body, cupping and squeezing her breasts. “Let it go, son. She won't get hurt an d you'll only end up in jail if you try anything.” I knew he was right. I was cuffed and I wasn't any Kung Fu expert or anything.
Besides, I was starting to get a hard-on. That cop unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it down he r arms, leaving her in her bra. It was really closer to a halter top, but she called it a bra. Like I cared. The cop grabbed the bottom seam and pulled it up over her head and down her arms to join her blouse. I could see the goose bumps on her chest. Her nipples were hard and pointy, rain pattered off of her. His hands returned to her breasts and he started pulling at her nipples. The little red nubs were stretched out and I could see her breast trying to follow. Helene cried out in pain and turned her head to the side, biting her lip. The cop leaned down and began sucking on her neck. I had already been working on warming her up for my crew, who I knew wouldn't come anywhere near two cop cars, and I was pretty certain that there hadn't been enough time to really cool off. He pushed her forward until her thighs hit the fron t fender and pushed against her back. She bent forward until her breasts hit the wa rm hood of my car. The other cop put his hand in the center of her back and held her down. The first one knelt down behind her and pulled her panties down. He pushed her skirt up ; I could see the white globe of her ass in the shining spot light from one of the cruisers. He buried his face between them. I could see her face. Her eyes met mine and her face reddened with shame, but I could tell she was enjoying this. It was pretty much what I had planned for her; a gang rape fell right into her fantasies. I wasn't expecting it to happen for real. I saw her pushing her ass back against his face. He must have been doing a good job with his mouth. The cop holding her down took a ste p back and opened his trousers. He fished out his erect cock, grabbed her hair in his hand and pulled her face to his crotch. Even though she was now turned away from me, I coul d see that she was opening her mouth for him. “Ooh, yeah. Suck me baby.” He held u p his big Mag-Lite and shined it on her face as she gobbled his cock. I watched this fo r a few minutes before she started to gasp for breath and moan around the cop's pecker. She was cumming. The cop behind her stood. “Let's flip her over.” He reached down and grabbed her legs and rotated her so she was on her back on the fender of my car. I knew those cuffs were probably scratching my paint, but at this point I didn't really care. He took his belt off and undid his pants and then pulled her panties off of one of her legs, leaving it hanging there on one ankle. She looked like a total slut. He aimed his cock at her hairless pussy. “Fucking bald cunt! I love it!” The cop said as he slid into her. I could clearly see him penetrating her until his body blocked my view. He slid in slow, then backed out and slid back in, spreading her lubrication across his shaft. Then he started pounding. Hard and fast. I could see her hollowed cheeks now as she hoovered the other cop's prick. He was almost done. I could tell by the look on his face. He was an older guy, probably mid-fifties. “Oh, shit!” he said. He pulled his cock from her mouth and shot about 6 long strings of jizz across her the side of her face. It landed there, in her already matted hair and on the hood of my car, where the rain gradually washed it down the slope of the hood. I watched as he squeezed a few remaining drops from his cock and wiped them on her faced. He then buttoned up and walked back to the squad. The cop that had cuffed me walked around the front of my car, pulling his dick out along the way. She was making grunting noises as she got fucked. They were building in volume and pitch. He stopped in front of her face and slid into her waiting mouth. This one lasted even less time than the first one she sucked. He must have pumped her face four or five times before he grunted his load into her mouth. I could see her throat working as she swallowed his sperm. He pulled back and buttoned up. The remaining cop t hat was behind me walked around the back of my car and stood next to her. Sh e opened her mouth for him as the
first one fucked her, but he kept his cock in his p ants. Instead, he leaned down and took one of her breasts into his mouth. He sucked half her tit in and kept sucking. Her eyes got real big and then she started to cum. I bet they he ard her in the houses across the lake, she was so loud. All the while, that first cop was relentlessly pounding that tight little cooze. The tit-sucker let most of her breast slip from his mouth and locked onto her nipple. At first I thought it was just his lips, the he smiled and I could see her nip trapped in his teeth. She was moaning, but it intensified to a painful scream as he increased the pressure of his teeth. “Fuck!” the first cop yelled over her wailing, “Keep it up; she's tightening up around my cock!” The nipple-biting cop reached over and pinch ed her other nipple, pulling much further than I have ever seen flesh stretched. Her back was arched and her hips bucking as her body was abused. I wondered if she was cumming. The first one finally was cumming. He pumped his lo ad into her body, thrusting hard and deep. Finally he pulled his cock from her. I co uld see his pearly white slime dribble from between her cunt lips. The one sucking on her tits pulled half into his mouth again and bit hard. She yelped and then he let go. I coul d see red teeth marks around her breast. He flipped her over onto her stomach and stepped between her legs. Her lace panties fell off her ankle and fell to the ground. I watche d as his hands undid his trousers and pulled out his member. He inched closer in and slid into her used pussy. His hands gripped her ass savagely; I knew she would have bruises. His fingers were deeply dug in. His cock battered her hole for a few minutes. Abrup tly, he pulled out and parted her ass cheeks. I think I stopped breathing for the moment. I knew he was going to fuck her ass. I also knew she hated anal sex. He pushed into her rectum. The fluids from her cunt eased his passage slightly, but the look on her face told me she was in pain. Hell, I w as in pain. My cock wanted to blow so bad it hurt. He drilled into her. He fucked her ass, hard. I could see the sadistic joy in his eyes as she started to cry out in pain. “Yeah, baby! That hurt? Oh fuck!” He yelled. He plunged in as far as he could and held himself. I knew he was spurting cum into her ass. F illing her bowels with semen. Gradually, he relaxed and pulled him from her. He p icked up her panties and wiped his soiled cock on them and threw them on the hood of m y car next to her. He put himself away, zipped up and then pulled his night stick out. He stepped back, and tapped the insides of her thig hs with it. She didn't move. “Was that good baby? Did you like it in the ass?” “No,” he mumbled in response. “No? Well perhaps this is more to your liking!” He said as he pushed the end of his night stick against her scummy cunt lips. I watched as it sank into her slowly. She cried out:“Oh, God, it's too big! Please stop!” The cop laughed evilly at her. He started pumping it in and out of her tiny body. I could see her eyes clenched shut in pain, gradually relax as the pleasure took over. He pussy was being plumbed deeper than ever and stretched wider than anything that it had ever experienced. The cop pushed it in as far as it woul d go and released it. It hung there obscenely. Nothing supported it except the six or so inches stuffed into her sloppy hole. He walked around to me and undid the cuffs. “Ok, kid. Your turn.” “Huh?” Oh, yeah, I was real quick sometimes. “Get your ass over there and stick your pecker up her poop-chute. Otherwise, we have


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