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Diary of a Bastard


This exciting, provocative book moves the reader swiftly across half the world in a whirlpool of iniquity. Presented here for the first time in English, Diary of a Bastard links the freedom and permissiveness of contemporary society, with the archetypal and symbolic onus which underlie the actions and drives of modern man.

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Diary of a Bastard

Khriss Lherr

This page copyright © 2005 Olympia Press.



It has been said that church is a great bore. But its darkness can be hospitable at times, such as when I went there with Gisele, a charming young person... physically, for her morals could be contested.

“What did we come here to do?” Gisele asked.

“Not to look at the windows! I'm going to show you something amazing that you haven't tried yet.”

During this brief dialogue we had walked down the aisle arm in arm. Everything was quiet except for the muttering of some old bitches who were sitting on the praying-stools.

“What did we come here for?” asked the girl again.

“I'll show you! Follow me. Lower your head a little and join your hands like you did at your first communion.”

Dressed in my black raincoat with an air of importance, I walked in front of her, entered a somber little chapel, lowered my head before the altar, and opened the door to the confessional which fortunately happened to be in a very dark corner.

This is ideal! I thought.

Gisele suspected that something good was going to happen and the air of mystery was not displeasing to her.

I had already taken my place in my little room and she had begun to figure out the script.

“Where should I put my coat?”

“Keep it on! This isn't a closet!”

“I was only being practical!”

“Don't worry about it, my dear.”

As soon as she came in, she threw her arms around me and covered my mouth with hers. Her whole body pressed against mine, writhing, and I could feel her nipples standing out under her white blouse.

I could feel the excitement spread all over my body. My cock was demanding its freedom. Gisele had already started moving her hands over the contours of my shoulders, over my chest, and was playing with the hairs under my shirt.

“Child's play,” she said.

A whore's child, no doubt! I thought.

My cock was starting to dance in the air and Gisele seized it between her fingers and softly caressed it with little light movements, pushing the skin down to expose the head. I began to move my hands toward new horizons. Stretching out for her chest, I fumbled over the buttons on her blouse and finally tore it off, doing the same with her bra. Her breasts weren't bad but they were beginning to sag a little from use. I started to massage them, rolling the skin between my fingers until the nipples became erect. Leaving her mouth, I began biting the little strawberry that was holding itself out to me until she let out a cry of pain. Then I began the same treatment on the other breast. I wound my tongue around her nipple, sucking slowly while my hands moved down along her skirt, twined around her stockings, and reached her firm little buttocks. She made a recoiling movement: modesty... “No, not here!”

“Here or elsewhere, what's the difference?” I grabbed her hair and forced her to bend down. She bit her lips and her eyes grew very small. My rod was standing up like a big, greasy pole and her mouth was only a few inches away. She was on her knees with her breasts exposed, but she kept her mouth closed. I figured that the only way to open it would be to pinch her nose, so I did just that, and as soon as her mouth dropped open I popped my prick in. Her tongue slowly began to travel around my cock, licking it, turning it into a fiery furnace. She let go, breathless. Her eyes were glowing in the dark and, without a word, she got up and sat down on the chair, trembling. I ran my hands over her skirt, lifted it, and felt the nylon of her panties. I couldn't get them down; and I finally grabbed them and tore them off. I reached for her burning cunt and, opening the lips, slid my finger in... a real furnace! I moved my finger around gently and introduced a second. By then she was moaning and I continued to move faster and faster until suddenly I felt my fingers caught in a vise and my hand was inundated with a warm, sticky liquid.

Gisele looked exhausted, but I certainly wasn't! I put my hand over her pussy again. The hairs had collected into little frizzy curls. I stood up and ran my hand over her buttocks. I slipped a finger into her and moved it forward. I put another finger into her slit and slid it slowly back and forth. She grabbed my cock and began pulling on the skin until I felt that everything was going to come out of me if that little game continued.

“Let me eat it,” she said. “I want to feel it all the way down my throat. Come on!”

How could I deny her?

She ran her tongue along my stiff prick, licked my hairs, and bit me gently. As I was beginning to get tired of standing, I turned around slowly and sat down on the chair. At last! That position was much more comfortable. She continued her licking, her tongue exciting me to the maximum degree. Seeing that she was succeeding, she got down on her knees facing me, and heartlessly started to talk about her sister.

“How old is she?”

“She just turned fourteen.”

“Fourteen! That's a critical age. Has she fucked yet?”

“That, my dear, I do not know. But it would surprise me since she is living with nuns.”

“You know what that means? They eat each other. It's classic.”

“Anyway, you won't fuck my sister. I won't let you.”

“When is your sister coming?”

“Tonight. I told you already.”


“At the Lyon station.”

“I'll go with you. O.K.?”

After that little interruption, during which I made up my mind to fuck her sister, I decided to ask Gisele her age.

“I'm going to be seventeen.”

“That's a good age. And how long have you been practicing this sport?”

“Oh about two years.”

“Then your sister will be a year ahead of you!”

“Oh, come on... she'd have to let herself get caught first.”

“And who caught you, my little bitch?”

“Well, if you really want to know, it was a flyer. I had gone to a meeting alone and he was there. He made a date with me to go to a movie the next night, but instead of the movie we had some real fun.”

“Tell me about it. Someday I'll use it as material for the sex education of my children!”

“I've already told you that there was a woods near where I used to live and that naturally it was the official meeting place for lovers. You could never go for a walk alone on Sundays because there were so many people making love and, also, there were quite a few perverts lurking around.

“I was quite certain that my flyer hadn't brought me there to pick daisies. He took my arm and then immediately moved his hands to my shoulder, then to my waist, and then very close to my breast. It was warm that evening and I had only put on a sweater with a bra underneath. I had a skirt on and a ridiculously tight-fitting slip.

“Then we stopped to rest.

“He pushed me down gently on the grass and touched my cheeks softly with his lips, then he slid toward my neck, over my chin and to my lips. At first I kept them closed and then I half-opened them. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and, taking to the game immediately, I tried to penetrate his mouth. Our breaths were mingled and I felt as though lava was flowing in my veins and burning my body. I was out of breath and I felt my breasts getting bigger.

“John had already slid his hand under my sweater and had taken one of my tits in his palm. At the same time he was trying to remove my bra with his other hand. He couldn't undo the clasp.

“I got up slowly, sliding my hands in back of me, and undid the bra. He threw himself on me like a madman and took a breast in his mouth and bit it. I separated my legs mechanically. Then, moving on top of me, he lifted my skirt quickly and put his head over my pants.

“He moved his hands over my buttocks and suddenly pulled at my panties. I no longer had any strength. I was going to become a woman... I felt his burning cock on my abdomen, then he placed it on my moist slit. He continued to massage my breasts. I felt my desire increasing. He lifted himself and placed his cock at the opening of my grotto. I grabbed his cock clumsily and moved it up and down.

“'Separate your legs more so I can fuck you! You're going to feel my prick in your virgin cunt. You're going to writhe, I know, I can feel your warm grotto against my balls. You're going to feel me in you soon and then you'll come all over me!'

“'Go on, push! Hurt me! I want to suffer! I love you! Come on!'

“'Wait a minute.'

“Saying this, he moved back and looked at me.

“'Get up and undress!'

“I got up and took off my clothes: my sweater, my bra, my skirt, and panties.

' 'Separate your legs and get on your knees.'

“I kneeled down and saw his erect cock waiting for me. I placed myself on its tip. He separated the lips of my pussy with one hand and I let myself fall on his rod.

“I felt a sharp pain, but the tearing of my flesh was nothing in comparison to the sensation of pleasure that I was experiencing.

“'Move! Raise yourself a little, then lower yourself again... That's it. Now again! We'll make a good little fucker out of you!'

“I forced myself to satisfy him; the idea of having a big cock inside me excited me. I accelerated my movements. There was a contraction in my cunt and a burning liquid soon flowed from the depths of my entrails. At the same moment, my cunt closed on his rod and I fell on him, practically losing consciousness. He turned me over like a pancake.

“'So my little bitch! I deflowered you and you came! Now it's my turn!'

“And he penetrated me suddenly. It hurt because my cunt had tightened up after my orgasm. He was panting above me and his breath became heavier. Then his semen inundated me in a long burning flood that felt so good...”


“So,” Gisele said, “are you happy? Did that turn you on?”

“Oh, yes, baby.”

And I pressed her against the confessional wall.

I dipped my cock in some vaseline and then pushed, with all my might, until my rod entered her ass. We both came at the same time.

“My darling! Oh! It's so good!” she cried.

“Of course! I'll bet you've never had so much meat in your ass before!”


That evening, accompanied by Gisele, I went to pick up her younger sister at the station. AH that I knew about her was that she was blonde and pretty. When she got off the train, I saw that the portrait her sister had painted had been much less exciting than she really was.

Her features were fine, but what attracted my immediate attention were her black eyes and voluptuous mouth. Her lower half was even better. She had a pair of breasts worthy of being in cinemascope; the outline was emphasized by her very tight sweater. My fingers were itching to touch her. I could see the lines of her slip, and her graceful gait made me want to fuck her right then and there.

When she came up to us, she threw herself on her sister and gave her two big kisses.

“This is my fiance,” Gisele said finally.

“Then you're almost a member of the family... But you didn't tell us, Gisele.”

“Keep it to yourself, that's all I ask.”

I was exchanging glances with Odile (that was her name) who was looking at me discreetly. Gisele, afraid that something was happening, placed herself between us. To please her, I put my arm around her waist and gave her an affectionate pat. That reassured her.

In spite of the lateness of the hour, it was crowded in the subway. I succeeded in putting myself behind Odile and pressed my abdomen against her buttocks. She moved back slowly and placed her little ass against my rod that was starting to get hard. I felt her begin a kind of rotating motion that made me grit my teeth.

Then I slipped my hand under her jacket and moved toward her breasts. But when I glanced behind me, I saw Gisele making her way toward us through the crowd.

“Let go of me!” said Odile.

She regained her detached attitude, but Gisele was already next to us.

“What were you two doing?” she asked her sister.

“What do you think we were doing? If you're worried about your fiance, I'm not going to steal him from you. He's not my type.”

“Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about. At your age you should be playing with dolls.”

The argument would have become heated but fortunately we had arrived at our destination. When we exited the subway, I took Gisele's arm and her sister walked beside her. I asked Odile casually:

“How long are you planning to stay?”

“About two weeks.”

“Are you staying with your aunt?”

“No, she's going to the country to rest, so I'll be staying with Gisele.”

“You're going to be too crowded and...”

But Gisele interrupted me:

“Can't you shut up for once in your life?”

“You know, Gisele, it's quite easy to tell that you're making it with Kriss,” Odile said.

“I don't want you to call him by his first name!”

“Are you staying at your aunt's?” I asked again.

“Shit!” exclaimed the younger sister.

It looked like there was going to be a squabble and I preferred to clear out. So I took Gisele by the shoulders, pressed her against me, and kissed her. As for Odile, I placed my lips on hers gently. The little bitch pressed herself against me and pinched my arm, whispering in my ear:

“See you soon.”

“Trash!” said Gisele as a parting word.

When I got home I thought about what had happened and wondered how Odile's pussy would be: well reamed-out or tight? Just thinking about it made me stiff! To take her breasts in my hands and hurt her, to make her scream with pleasure and then to fuck her and have her blood on my thighs... Oh God, what pleasure!


My two pals, Ralph and Jerry, were coming to pay me a visit. In fact, I could already hear their steps on the stairs.

They opened the door and walked in without knocking.

“What's new?”

“Oh, not much,” answered Ralph sarcastically. “Someone emptied two pounds of sugar in my gas tank and then broke into my room. It's a complete mess now!”

“The same thing happened to me,” said Jerry.

“They fooled around with my motor bike. It cost me fifty bucks to have it fixed!”

“They'll pay for that but good. I think we've had about enough of it,” I replied.

“Do you have an idea?” they both asked.

“You know those three bastards: Louie, Peter, and Gus? Well, Louie has a sister, and although the other two don't, they both have girl friends. We'll screw all three of them!”

“But Louie's sister is only thirteen,” said Ralph.

“Don't worry. Anyway, she'll be here soon to bring the mail.”

Ralph sat down on the couch. In his eyes, I could see his complete willingness.

Then Ralph told us about his day:


“I had a great girl today; you know, that little blonde storekeeper.

“I went there this afternoon since I didn't have anything else to do. I walked into the shop, locked the door, and went into the back room on tiptoe.

“She was sitting in a big armchair, her head thrown back, her blouse open, her legs wide apart resting on two chairs, and her skirt pulled up high: quite a spectacle!

“I went over to her and began to undress her; her blouse was half-opened and I had trouble with the buttons but finally got it undone. Her bra concealed two little tits whose nipples were beginning to stiffen. I stopped there and began to suck her nipples. She began to writhe immediately but I continued my job, moving over her tits and up to her neck. Then I turned and bit her earlobe. I felt her breath becoming uneven against my cheek. I slipped over her cheekbone and reached her lips. They were burning but pressed together. I pushed her lips open with my tongue. Her tongue met mine and the dance began. Our teeth bumped and sweat started breaking out on our foreheads. I felt her hands moving under my shirt and pulling it out of my pants. During this time I had imprisoned her tits in my hands and was pressing them together while I massaged the nipples harder and harder with my thumbs. They were as stiff as my cock. My shirt was out and her right hand was moving along my back while she tried to undo my belt with her left hand. When she succeeded, she slipped her hand over my abdomen, stopped at my hairs which she twisted into little curls, then grabbed my cock and caressed it passionately. Then suddenly she stopped.

“'Move away,' she said.

“I went over to the table across from her armchair. She came toward me and lowered my pants and shorts while I leaned against the table. Then she got down on her knees.

“Her raspy tongue moved between my thighs and, reaching my balls, she rolled them around, went down again, moved up and slid between my balls and licked my stalk with big strokes. She amused herself with little licks on my rod that excited it all over.

“'I like to see a big cock, to suck it, touch it, be fucked by it, but I don't have the time.'

“'You should take time at night,' I answered.

“I grabbed her by the waist and her stiff tits rested against my cheek. I lifted her skirt and my cock pressed against her abdomen, which I felt through the silk of her panties.

“She pushed me away and went to sit down in her armchair, her legs in the air, and I suddenly wanted to see her cunt desperately, to bite it and touch it. I quickly put my knees on the arms of the chair; she slid toward me and her tongue began its work while I placed my head right over her cunt. I could feel her thick, swollen mound through the silk. I began to bite and pull on the silk. She was doing the same with her teeth and she engulfed my cock in a single gulp down her throat. Then she sucked it like a sugar cube while exerting a slight pressure with her teeth.

“I had finally succeeded in removing her panties and I was pushing my nose in her forest. I was following the folds of her abdomen with my mouth, trying to pull out her hairs. With my left hand I followed the furrow of her ass and reached her hole. I gently inserted my third finger and the membranes contracted. I slowly started a coming-and-going motion and, while her cunt opened and a sweet liqueur started to flow, I parted the lips with my mouth and felt her clitoris become rigid. I twisted my tongue around it and bit it with my teeth. I continued to lick it and to receive its essence. I raised my right hand and tried to enter her vagina with my finger. I moved it around, caressed her clitoris again and penetrated her. Her cunt was burning and sticky. She had come. I withdrew immediately.

“My cock, rigid as steel, excited by her mouth, her tongue, and her teeth, was ready to spit out its venom and I wanted to fuck her.

“'Let's go, I can't hold out anymore, I'm going to come in your mouth and I...”

“'Wait a second while I wet you,' she interrupted.

“She got up and, holding my rod in her hand, she spat on my glans and spread the saliva around it.

“She made an about-face and leaned her abdomen against the table, offering her buttocks to me which she separated as much as possible. Then she grabbed my cock and placed it in front of her hole.

“'Screw me in the ass, I'm still a virgin there!'

“I pushed gently and felt a violent pain, but I continued to try. The tip was almost in and I pushed it all the way with a big thrust. She let out a terrible moan and remained still for a minute, hanging on to the table. But soon, she began to move rhythmically and her buttocks came to meet my abdomen as her movements accelerated. Our breathing became heavy and my cock felt as though it were caught in a vise. Then suddenly I fell on her and discharged in spurts... It was a terrible, painful orgasm.

“I remained unconscious for some time and when I withdrew from her, I noticed that the edge of the table was wet.”


By the time Ralph had finished his story, we were all in the same predicament. Jerry tried to move into a less revealing position but without success. To calm this tension, I got up to get a bottle of rum and four big glasses while Ralph went to get some ice cubes from the refrigerator.

We sat down again and I asked Jerry what he had done that day.

“Not a damn thing! When you take a girl's arm these days, she thinks you're trying to rape her. It's not funny!”

“You're the only one that happens to. I don't know how you ever make out.”

“Oh, I manage. There's always some pig...”

“Don't worry, I'll put you in good hands. It'll work out fine.”

“And who are you going to give me to?”

“I'll put you in Gisele's hands so she can educate you. You can't stay ignorant forever.”

“I'm willing. She isn't bad and she likes to make love. That's what's important.”

I was thinking that while she was busy with Jerry, I would be busy with her sister.

Before he had finished speaking there was a timid knock on my door and, getting up, I said to Ralph:

“Put some rum in the glasses until they're half-full and then add some ice.”

It was Louie's sister bringing me my mail: two inevitable bills and a letter from some charity.

When she came in, she said:

“Mother left for the evening to go dancing. That's why I could bring your letters.”

“You did very well, my dear. Come over here and take something.”

I offered her a glass and she took a gulp. She choked and sighed:

“That's strong stuff, but it's good.”

Although she was only thirteen her body was already well developed. She had long, curly brown hair and two black eyes that were...


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