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Flames of Torture


Only one part in sixteen of Jewish blood was enough to condemn beautiful young Ilse and her brother to the camp, where the officers of the Third Reich, male and female, took their pleasures.


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Flames of Torture

Colonel Spiro von Lambbe (Retired)

This page copyright © 2006 Olympia Press.

Only one part in sixteen of Jewish blood was enough to condemn beautiful young Ilse and her brother to the camp, where the officers of the Third Reich, male and female, took their pleasures.


It was March, 1944, when David and Ilse Adler arrived at hell camp. They came in a train that arrived on a drizzly morning just after sunrise. They had traveled across Germany in a cattle car, jammed in with so many other prisoners that it was impossible to lie down without crossing the body of another person.

The door of the car rumbled open and sleepy, grim-faced men in black overcoats and shiny helmets shouted, “Hurry! Hurry! Jewish pigs. Move! Move!”

The people herded off the car stood in the soft mud, looking about fearfully, trying to be inconspicuous as the men moved up and down the line, helmets and bayonets glittering dully in the light from the overcast sky. From time to time one of the men would strike a prisoner with the butt of his rifle for no apparent reason except simple irritation.

When they were all out of their cars, the people were prodded and pushed into a rough line and marched through a gate in a high, mesh fence. Guards looked down at them from machine gun towers and made uninspired jokes. Sentries stood on either side of the gate with police dogs on short leashes. When the last of them had gone through the gate, it closed behind them, with a clang and rasp of steel. The sentries with the dogs resumed their rounds, walking in opposite directions along the inside of the fence. Other sentries stood by the gate with their rifles by their sides. The train hissed and chugged and pulled forward, lighter now by the bodies of a thousand people.

David and Ilse managed to remain together until they reached a desk with a captain sitting behind it. The captain had been looking at each of the prisoners and sending them in different directions, through four doors. No explanation was given for his choice, and no one dared ask. But David and Ilse both noticed that those who looked to be in bad health were sent through one of the doors, and that the rest of the prisoners, for the most part, were sent through two others, men through one and women through the other. The remaining door was used only occasionally, always by a woman, and always by a young and attractive woman. David and Ilse looked at each other nervously and the line moved forward.

When they stepped in front of the desk, the captain looked up at them for a moment in surprise. He stared at their hair, as though surprised at their blondness. Then his eyes passed over Ilse's body and he grinned.

“Another prostitute, eh?” he said to a sergeant standing behind him. The sergeant laughed and David stiffened, his hands clenched. The two guards standing behind the captain stirred, bringing their rifles closer to a ready position. Ilse placed a hand on David's arm. She knew she was blushing furiously, and she found it difficult to keep from looking at the floor.

“What is your name, jewgirl?” the captain demanded.

“Ilse Adler,” Ilse forced herself to look straight at him, refusing him the satisfaction of forcing her to lower her gaze. His lips curled in amusement.

“How old are you, Ilse?”

“Seventeen, sir.”

“And this boy next to you?”

“My brother.”

“What is your name, boy?” the captain asked, turning to him.

“David Adler.”



“How old are you boy?”

“Sixteen. Sir.”

The captain looked at David for a long moment, as though trying to decide whether to do something about his impertinent behavior. He shrugged slightly and returned his attention to Ilse.

“Do you see that door over there, Ilse?” He pointed to the door through which the young, attractive women had passed. Ilse swallowed hard.

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, you just go through that door. You will find a man there, and he will tell you where to go. We're going to teach you a new profession, child. At least I suppose it will be new to you. It isn't easy to tell with you Jews.” He laughed as Ilse blushed again. “You,” he said to David, “go through...” He stopped and looked David up and down. His eyes lighted as he made a decision. “Go stand against that wall,” he said, jerking a thumb over his shoulder. “I'll have somewhere to send you later.”

David and Ilse gripped hands, reluctant to part. The captain looked down at his desk for a moment and then backed up. He seemed surprised to find them still there.

“I am not in the habit of giving my orders twice,” he said coldly. Ilse disengaged her hand from David's and smiled at him reassuringly. Her brother looked at her with eyes that were filling with tears. She turned and shuffled toward the door. She could feel the men's eyes drilling into her back as she walked away. She heard the captain mumble something to the sergeant and both men laughed. She tried to walk proudly.


Luisa Hummel rose early and showered, instead of taking her usual tub bath. When she returned to her bedroom her bed was already freshly made and her clothes laid out for her. She felt a tinge of annoyance at the efficiency of her servant, because she disliked rising early, disliked hurrying through her toilet. She was looking for an excuse to berate the girl, or to punish her. But the girl had been punished often enough in her three months at the camp to learn to be efficient.

When she had dressed, she looked in the mirror above her dresser. She saw a woman of thirty-five, tall and large framed, with heavy breasts and a waist that was thick enough to remind one of a Wagnerian Valkyrie. The mirror was tilted slightly downward, so she saw the beginnings of thick, powerful legs. It was not an unpleasant figure, for the kind of man who likes his women buxom.

She also saw blonde hair, cut as short as a man's, and a face that had been beautiful once, before it had picked up the livid white scar that crossed its left cheek and barely traversed the corner of the mouth, and the twisted lump of a nose that had been broken and badly set.

Luisa picked up the riding crop she carried, slapped it against a knee length black boot once, and stomped out of the room.

She thought of having breakfast before going to the new arrivals' bay, but decided not to. The commandant didn't like unnecessary delays in handling the camp's business. She hoped there would be more girls among this group than among the previous one. Then she remembered that Captain Dussel was on the desk this morning. Dussel would send them through if they were so obviously beautiful that he couldn't get out of it. The Jew-loving bastard. As though he were doing the girls a favor sending them to the laboratories instead.

The new arrivals' room was lined with girls along both walls, at least twenty of them, Luisa judged. Each of them stood at the foot of a bed at strict attention while two guards walked up and down the length of the room, their rifles at high port, watching them to make sure they kept their eyes straight ahead.

When Luisa entered, the guards came to attention, and the higher ranking of the two raised his arm in a stiff salute.

“Heil Hitler!”

“Heil Hitler.”

The guards stood aside while Luisa walked the length of the room, looking the girls over.

“So these are the lucky girls this time,” she mused aloud. They were a choice lot for once. Dussel had done well, and the officers would be pleased. “You all realize how lucky you are,” she said, raising her voice for emphasis. “You have been vouchsafed the highest honor to which a Jewish woman can aspire. You have been granted the supreme privilege of servicing German troops; of giving them pleasure, and helping the morale of the Third Reich on its sacred mission of building a stronger world.

“You will have the honor of pure Aryan pricks stuck into your unworthy cunts. You will be given the undeserved honor of having German sperm flow into your bodies. Those of you who show the proper combination of gratitude and humility may expect to live for a good length of time. Months. Perhaps even years. Those who do not realize the immensity of the honor will be dealt with as they deserve.

“As you may already know, this camp has two purposes. First, there is the pleasure section, to which you have been fortunate enough to be assigned. There is also the scientific section. In that section, medical experiments are carried out. Any girl among you who is the subject of three complaints by the men she services, will be sent to the medical section. Furthermore, such a girl will be reserved for the most unpleasant experiments possible. So fuck for your lives, jewgirls. Be popular with the officers who visit this place and you will last long. Let them grow bored with you, and you hasten the day when you will be sent to the enlisted men's subsection. Treat the officers, or the enlisted men, when you are sent to them, coldly, and you will find yourselves guinea pigs in experiments.”

Luisa looked at the girls for a long time. Their eyes were riveted straight ahead, but she knew they were aware of her gaze.

“Now, girls, all of you remove those rags you are wearing.” The girls looked at each other and at Luisa, and then at the two male guards, as though wondering what to do. “Off with them!” Luisa shrieked, and lashed out with her crop, striking the nearest girl across the middle with it. The girl jumped back and cried out as the crop bit her skin through the thin, worn dress she was wearing. “Take it off!” Luisa screamed in her face. The girl started to cry, but she unbuttoned the dress. Her action started the others going too. They all took off their dresses.

“Now throw them into the middle of the floor,” Luisa commanded. “We shall burn them. Have no fear, girls. The Third Reich will furnish you with whatever clothes you require for your new status.” The clothes were tossed into the center of the room.

Luisa felt excitement pound through her veins as she looked at the naked girls. They were beautiful things, all of them. And every one of them depended on Luisa for her very life. It was a delicious feeling.

Then she noticed the blonde. She was hard put to understand how she could have failed to notice her before, among the dark-haired Jewish girls. Luisa walked over to the girl and stood directly in front of her. She was surprised at how short the girl was, now that she was close to her. She had looked taller before. No doubt because she stood so straight. So proudly. Luisa towered over her, and saw the girl's eyes widen a bit with apprehension.

“You don't look like a Jew.” Luisa sneered the word, as though it were something dirty. “I've never seen a blonde kike before.” She waited for the girl to speak, but she stood silently, staring straight ahead. “Speak up,” Luisa demanded. “What are you doing here? Are you a Jew or not?”

“I... I... My maternal grandmother was one-quarter Jewish,” the girl said. Then, with a kind of desperation, “Other than that I am pure German!”

Luisa brought her riding crop across the girl's flanks stingingly. The little blonde jerked and pulled back a bit, but other than a slight gasp, she didn't make any cry. She had guts. Luisa liked the ones with guts.

“How can you speak of being pure German?” she demanded. “How dare you insult the Aryan race in that manner?” She stepped back, addressing all of them. “One drop of Jewish blood,” she shrieked, holding up a single finger, “just one drop, is as bad as all Jewish blood! Jewish blood is a taint. A poison that must be wiped from the face of the earth.” She stepped close to the blonde again. “What is your name, Jewess?”

“My name is Ilse Adler, Fraulein.”

“Ilse Adler, eh? Ilse Adler. I will remember that name. Have no fear, Ilse Adler. Your name will not escape me. Nor will you.”


When she got back to her room, Luisa removed her boots and blouse and sat on the edge of the bed, thinking about the little blonde. A lovely thing. And quite a change after the trainloads of dark-haired, dark-skinned, little kikes. The officers would probably pull rank to get her. Well, she wouldn't be on the line every minute of the day. There would be times when she would be free...

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

A guard opened the door and stepped inside. He was a sergeant, and instead of a rifle, he wore a pistol at his waist. He came to attention and saluted. Luisa returned the salute casually.

“Fraulein Hummel,” he said, “there is a Jew outside in the hall. I was told by Captain Dussel to bring this prisoner to you.”

“I have already seen the girls,” she said. “What reason can there be to send this one to me separately?”

“Your pardon, Fraulein, but this is not a girl. This is a man. Or a boy. If you do not wish to see him...”

“Send him in,” Luisa said with quickened interest. God bless Dussel, she thought. He was always on the alert for her. She would have to do something nice for him.

Luisa's status was something akin to a warrant officer. It was not that she outranked enlisted men, but that she was subordinate to any commissioned officer. Still, the commissioned officers courted her favor because she was in charge of the prostitutes, directly in command of them, and no one except Colonel Richter or his adjutant could countermand hi there. During working time, the girls were available to officers or enlisted men who were visiting the camp while on a pass or leave. The rest of the time, they were assigned no specific duties. It was up to Luisa to keep them busy with inspections and any odd jobs that needed doing or that she could invent. If an officer stationed at the camp wanted to use one of the girls, he had to go through her. And while Luisa didn't dare to refuse an officer a girl, it was up to her which girls were the most popular with the officers, Luisa's power was considerable. So Dussel and the other officers were only too anxious to do Luisa a little favor now and then. All except Schmidt, damn his lily-white heart.

The door opened again and the guard came back in, prodding a boy before him roughly. The boy had been bathed and outfitted with a cotton prisoner's uniform. This time Luisa noticed instantly that he was blond. She went to her dresser and took her Walther PPK from the top drawer.

“You may leave us,” she told the guard. He saluted and left. Luisa walked around the boy, eyeing him with the air of one who has just bought a horse. The Jew fidgeted a little, but managed to stand in his place. He was a remarkably handsome boy. Short and slender, with wavy blond hair and blue eyes. Had the girl had blue eyes? She couldn't remember.

“What is your name, jewboy?”


Luisa slapped him across the face with her free hand, putting everything she could into the blow. The boy rocked back on his heels, and then suddenly started forward, his hands clenching into fists.

“Stand at attention!” Luisa barked. He hesitated for a moment, then returned to his former stance. “My name is Fraulein Luisa Hummel. You will address me as Fraulein. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Fraulein.”

“Now, we'll try it again. What is your name, jewboy? Your full name.”

“Fraulein, my name is David Adler.”

So she had been right. Not that there had been any doubt of it in her mind. The two of them looked enough alike to be twins, not just brother and sister.

“How old are you?”

“Fraulein, I am sixteen.”

“Sixteen. An interesting age. And how old is your sister?”

The boy looked at her with sudden fear.

“My sister? How...”

“I just met her. Charming girl. I'm sure she'll be very popular with the officers of the Third Reich.”

“Fraulein, please. You wouldn't harm...”

“Your sister is the property of the German government. As are you. How she is treated will depend partly on her behavior. And, of course, on yours.”

His eyes lighted with understanding. His shoulders slumped a little, and the pride that had filled his attitude and his bearing a moment before seemed to drain out of him.

“I will be obedient,” he said. And added, hastily, “Fraulein.”'

Luisa laughed, a deep, throaty sound that she knew was disheartening to her victims.

“I knew you would be sensible, jewboy. You have the look of a sensible kike. I've always said that Jews make good pets. Cleaner than a dog, and easier to break than a cat. Isn't that right, dear?” “Yes, Fraulein.”

“Now that we've begun to understand each other, David, I'd like to look my new acquisition over. Suppose you take off those clothes and let me see what you've got.”

He hesitated just a moment before starting to unbutton the top garment of the uniform he was wearing. But he moved slowly, reluctantly. Shy about stripping before a woman, Luisa thought, and felt a thrill run through her. No doubt the little Jew was virgin. Well, she would teach him what it was all about.

“Hurry it up,” she ordered. “You must learn to obey orders with speed.” He quickened his motions, opening the garment and shrugging it off. He stood with it in his hands, looking about for somewhere to put it.

“Just drop it on the floor,” Luisa said. She had to work at keeping the excitement out of her voice. She liked to appear cold to her victims, at least the first time. It made her more awesome, and so it was good for discipline. David dropped the garment and unbuttoned the pants. While he was doing so, Luisa watched him. He was slender, with light skin and a light, downy coat of hair on his arms and chest. Not well muscled yet, but trim and well proportioned. A fine looking boy.

When he dropped his pants, she was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't the biggest prick she had ever seen, of course, but it was nice. Well shaped, and well developed. Not as heavy as the pricks of some of the young men who had fallen to her in the past year, but nice enough to afford her all the pleasure she could ask for.

“Come here,” she said purringly. David looked at her apprehensively for a moment, then came forward slowly. Luisa leaned slightly forward as he came close. He stopped two feet away. “Closer,” she said, smiling up at him with real enjoyment. He came a pace closer. Luisa reached up and took the cock in her hand. Instantly it stiffened in her hand, growing to a full erection at once. Luisa laughed with delight. He was a virile little bastard, she thought.

She ran her thumb over the head of the cock, keeping her eyes on his face while she did it. His mouth twisted in an agony of pleasure. His body shivered with it, and his hand clenched. The cock became even stiffer, even tighter.

“Now, now,” Luisa chuckled. “You mustn't get so anxious, little Jew. You have a lovely cock, my boy, and I intend to make good use of it. But not just yet. Not until we have its teeth pulled.” She continued to move her thumb over the organ while she spoke, and David's body writhed with the powerful sensations that washed through it. Nevertheless, he heard her last words, and they brought him up short.

“What... what did you mean, Fraulein? Have its teeth pulled? What do you mean?” He sounded frantic, but he was trying to conceal it, trying to hold it in. His voice came out in a tight little murmur.

“But surely you know what I mean, child. The first and most important task of the National Socialist movement is to improve the blood strains and to make them safe from pollution. That is why we spay all the Jewish bitches who come here. Your dear little sister is probably going under the knife right now, if she hasn't already. It's a very simple operation, you know. Just the cutting of the cords, and the tying of them off, and she will be as good as new when she heals. Better than new, actually, because she will be prepared to offer pleasure to the German troops without the danger of mixing her filthy Jewish blood with good Aryan blood. Now if we go to that much trouble to make sure that Jewish women don't bear the children of German soldiers, don't you think we will go to whatever lengths are necessary to make certain that a respectable Aryan woman will not be forced to suffer the indignity of bearing a Jewish brat?”

“You're going to sterilize me?”

“Of course. It's even a simpler operation with a man, dear. Nothing to it. You'll be able to sit up through the entire thing. And when it's over, you'll be able to walk back to your bed. How old did you say you are, David? Or did you say?”

“I am sixteen, Fraulein.”

“Oh, yes. Sixteen. Tell me, have you ever fucked a woman?”

“No, Fraulein.”

“Well, don't worry about it, jewboy. You will. At least one woman. But not until we know that you are safe. Not until we are certain that you can serve to amuse me with no risk that your filthy seed will take root in my Aryan body.” She leaned toward him, taking his prick in her hand once more. “But in the meantime, there are other ways you may amuse me, dear boy. Other ways that are perhaps even nicer, from my point of view. But perhaps not so nice from yours, eh?”

Luisa hoisted her ass off the bed and pushed her pants down past her hips. She pushed her panties down too. Her snatch winked up at David through the golden bush surrounding it. Luisa pushed the garments down to her ankles and pushed her knees apart, opening her cunt wide. She placed her fingers on either side of it and worked it deliciously. Little tremors of pleasure passed over her body. David stared into the hole, fascinated.

“David,” she said purringly, “you are a pig. A filthy pig. You are not fit to inhabit the same universe with a German woman such as me. But I am going to show my infinite kindness by allowing you to eat me. Do you know what that means, dear?” He shook his head mutely, his eyes still locked on her undulating pussy. “Well, you have to kneel down. And then you burrow your handsome face between my thighs, right up into my crotch. And then you insert your tongue way, deep inside of my snatch. And you lick it all over. You lick up all the nice juices, jewboy. You, don't hold back at all. And you move your tongue over my clitoris until I have a climax. That's all there is to it, David. Except for the one reminder that if you are shy or coy about it, you will be responsible, but it will be little Ilse who will suffer. Do you understand, dear?”

“Yes, Fraulein.”

“Good. Then get to it, Jew. And I hope for the sake of your sister that you are a fast learner.”

She had expected at least a moment's hesitation before he obeyed her, but he had apparently been steeling himself for the ordeal while she had been talking. Now, with the air of someone diving into an ice cold pool, he threw himself into the humid vee of Luisa's crotch. She pulled her legs wider apart, giving him access to her pussy, and felt his tongue move over her pubic hair for a moment before it found her slit. It darted into her pussy without hesitation, running along the walls and licking the hot juices as they flowed.

Luisa's pulse raced, and her heart pounded wildly with excitement as David sent his inexperienced tongue more deeply into her, licking and washing at her insides, sending electric thrills through her body in quick succession. Her muscles tautened and her body twisted with desire and pleasure intermingled. Little cries were escaping her throat, coming out as mews of need.

She leaned forward, her body hovering over David for a moment, and then back, throwing herself across the bed. David moved with her. His hands were moving along the insides of her thighs now, as he clung to her, held to her to keep his face from slipping away from the slick, sweaty thighs and crotch, and the pussy soaked with the juices of sex, and the saliva that ran from the corners of his mouth.

She screamed and pitched, and he pulled away, apparently afraid that he was hurting her, doing something wrong. Luisa reached down and grabbed his hair in her hands and yanked his face back into her crotch.

“Suck it! Lick it! You Jew son-of-a-bitch!” she shrieked. He moved down into her again, his tongue moving across her clitoris now, and sending the thrills through her with an almost unbearable intensity. Luisa's legs rose and clamped around his head and neck, one thigh crossed over the other, holding him in a powerful steel grip. She heard him fighting for breath, heard his muffled cries as her thighs clenched tightly around his skull, plastering his ears to the sides of his head, and pulling him even more tightly into her crotch. The sounds excited her more, and she tightened the grip of her legs.

When the climax hit it was intense and quick. It bowed her body into a tight curve and wrung a scream of pure joy from her. Then it was over, and she lay back, worn out from the intensity of her experience. She could hear David crying softly. This kind of thing might have been all right with him if it had happened naturally, between him and a girl he loved. But for it to happen as his first sexual experience, with a woman he hated and feared, as a humiliating task thrown at a slave, was too much. It had bent something in him, Luisa knew, though it hadn't broken it. Breaking it would be her hobby for a while. For a while, she hoped. Some of the Jews were stronger-willed than others. She hoped mightily that this lovely little fellow would be one of the strong ones.


Colonel Erich Richter pushed his cock into the girl's pussy and jammed it...


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