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Flesh on Fire


On Her Wedding Night, the Lush, Young Bride Wore Boots!

The Bizarre Story of a Beautiful Woman Who Practices the Kind of Sex She Preaches.

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Flesh on Fire
Lloyd Darden
This page copyright © 2009 Olympia Press.
FLESH ON FIRE BY LLOYD DARDEN On Her Wedding Night, the Lush, Young Bride Wore Bo ots! The Bizarre Story of a Beautiful Woman who Practices the kind of Sex she P reaches. FLESH ON FIRE “Harley dropped to his knees, head bowed, his hands crossed over his head. Only then did his merciless mistress cease her torture a nd hold back the fearful rain of biting whiplashes. She stood over him, panting, triumphant , as Harley pulled his naked body slowly toward her across the carpet, reached her fe et, and slavishly licked the whole length of one of her spiked four-inch heels....” —FromFLESH ON FIRE LLOYD DARDEN
When Estelle Romaine decided to accept Harley Wentw orth as her husband, she had the experience of two previous marriages to gui de her choice, and it could well be said her selection was made “with malice aforethoug ht.” Only two objectives ruled the choosing: one, that the man be wealthy, and two, th at he be amenable to the discipline she meant to impose upon him. Estelle Romaine sough t from life an existence of luxurious ease and the adoration of some male upon whom she could vent her strange impulses. Both her former spouses had possessed the se requisites and each, upon his decease, had left her considerable wealth. But Este lle's mode of living gradually dissipated those resources, and she was casting abo ut for a fresh victim when Harley Wentworth entered her life and fell under the spell of her sleek body. That body, so well cared for, thrilled all males with its appeal of vi rginal sweetness, with its svelte youthfulness, with its promise of pleasure in the c lose contact of amorous embrace. Estelle knew well the libidinous effect of that bod y upon men and how its anticipated possession brought them to her feet in proffered sl avery, a slavery which she soon changed from a blissful love dream to a stern matte r of fact. It was a simple matter to check on Harley Went-wort h's share of wordly goods; to determine his adaptability to enslavement and subse quent debasement was a little more difficult, but not too much for one so well st ocked with worldly knowledge as Estelle. It required only the shrewd observation th at Harley was a fetishist of catholic tastes; she knew that every fetishist is at heart a masochist, even though that trait be a latent one. His peculiar passion, whatever form it may take, grows on him with time and indulgence, and becomes an obsession that gradually overcomes his powers of reason. It is not difficult for the discerning entrepreneur to cater to those whims and feed those strange appetites until the procurer becomes identi fied with the objects of desire and assumes the role of dominator of the victim's desti ny. Early in his whirlwind courtship, in
their moments of intimate confidences, Harley confe ssed his devotion to high heels, his admiration for such enhancements of womanly allure, his pleasure in Estelle's customary appearance in such objects of his fetishi stic adoration. He more than hinted that, although he considered himself the normal, ma sterful male type, he obtained delight in the thought—the thought only!—of being s purned under the stilted heels of a beautiful woman. Little did he dream of the satisfaction Estelle obt ained from this admission of his peculiar trait. For she would see this quality deve loped and sensitized until it overwhelmed all normal instincts, all sense of good or evil, right or wrong. And when that stage was reached, he, under Estelle's dominat ion, would descend rapidly to depths from which he could no longer extricate hims elf. His health would fail under her vicious regimen until his weakened body would succu mb to the demands made upon it. Estelle's two former husbands had been thus dispose d of; although the circumstances of their demises had aroused some sus picions among the authorities, nothing definite could be laid at her door; survivi ng family members, in their desire to keep a family name free of disrepute, pushed the ma tter no further. Then too, each mating and its subsequent tragedy had taken place i n widely separated parts of the country, which enabled Estelle, to resume her opera tions in still a new part without the past reaching out its dead hand to unmask her. They first met and were introduced by mutual friend s at a semi-formal function, where men of wealth drank and danced with feminine companions who were but huntresses engaged in the world-old game of male co nquest. Harley was immediately entranced by Estelle, as was practically every male , and he forced himself upon her at every opportunity and loosed all his personal charm to engage her attention. He presented a well molded figure of good proportions, clean cut features, and a personality that was altogether pleasing and appeal ing to women. Well educated, widely read, broadened by considerable travel and g ood at conversation, Harley could be pleasing indeed when he was given an incentive, as in this case, to gain approval and admiration. The more time he spent in Estelle's company, the mo re enamored he became. Man of the world as he was, and as cynical and skeptica l as such a one is apt to be, Harley had to admit to himself that he was highly desirous of this woman. He was madly aroused to possess her, even if he had to sacrifice his legal freedom to bring about such an occurrence. Harley was no novitiate in the matter of anaffaire d'amour; a discarded wife and a string of mistresses were test imonials to the fact that he usually had his way with a woman. But never had he felt sti rring in his loins such yearning as this creature aroused; as he leaned over her and ga zed down at the wonderful projections of her bosom, he was aware of an erecti on that he felt surely would be observed by all. Estelle had breasts that were immodestly protuberan t. Her large, pointed cones swelled out a full six inches; mounted on her slend er figure, they presented a spectacle that was positively indecent, although she had them modestly covered by a dress that closed up about her throat. The nether section of h er gown clung closely about hips and thighs and revealed her long, tapering legs ending in very high-heeled slippers. With the elevation gained by these stilted aids, Estelle's c hin reached just the proper height to cuddle sweetly against Hartley's neck—one of the di scoveries he made when holding her against him in the dance, the other being that those arousing breasts with their hard nipples were innocent of brassiere. This naturally stirred Hartley's desires to even higher pitch and, as his erection increased in size and rigidity, he knew its existence
could no longer be concealed from his fair companio n. She felt his body tense as she deliberately pressed her breasts against Hartley's chest, and she rubbed them to and fro until their points became as resilient as a bab y's bottle nipple. She raised her head slightly and blew her perfumed breath into his ear. Taking advantage of a movement of the dance, she slipped her long thigh into his crot ch and felt his turgid organ imprisoned between their abdomens. She heard him groan deeply as she leaned back in his arms and dented deeply her soft belly with his aching pe nis as she pressed hard against it. The dance came to a close, the music ceased, and Es telle gave a final hard push that made Harley groan again with pain as he felt h is iron-hard cock forced back until he feared it would be broken. His face was flushed and damp, his legs felt weak and his vocal chords paralyzed. Never in his life had he be en so stirred, never had he felt so utterly lost to feminine witchery. He was at that m oment her utter slave; no request, he thought, however shocking it might be, would he ref use this alluring creature. He would kneel and kiss her bared bottom, should she demand such an outrageous action from him—or perhaps he should suggest it to her! He was mad for this girl-woman, he was determined to have her, he would grant anything, pe rform anything, if his ultimate reward would be the carnal enjoyment of her warm bo dy. Harley was glad when Estelle acceded to his request to sit out the next dance with him. He knew a resumption of their amorous act on t he dance floor would result in embarrassment for him and he sensed that Estelle re alized it, too. They walked onto a balcony lit only by the moon that shone also on the garden below them, and there on a bench behind flowering shrubs they resumed their lo ve-making. Harley was extremely ardent, and Estelle's lithe body was soon quivering under his practiced lips and hands. Very deftly she unbuttoned Hartley's trousers and h eld firmly in the cool fingers of one hand this fevered and tortured ramrod. Harley now b ecame vocal again and painted a picture of paradise: an apartment done to the queen 's taste, a maid, clothes, jewels, automobile—all this in return for the privilege of a duplicate latch key and the right to demand her favors when his lust needed quenching. E stelle replied in tones that implied she did not feel offended by his proposal. “I like you very much, Harley. Almost enough to tak e you up on your offer. But riot quite. Goodness knows I'm no prude,”—she gave his m ember a hard squeeze with her imprisoning hand, a mischievous look on the face sh e turned toward him—“but I made up my mind years ago and no one will ever succeed i n changing it.” She turned a determined chin up at him in challenge. Her level g aze and firm mouth left him no doubt as to the forcefulness of her will power in adherin g to a chosen course. He merely nodded his acceptance of her statement. “I made up my mind that I would never accept any ma n intimately except in legal manner, no matter how much he meant to me,” she per sisted, sternly and forcefully. Estelle was silent for a moment. “I hope you unders tand how I feel about this,” she resumed more softly, adding, “darling.” Harley recognized strength of character when he met it. He realized immediately that Estelle meant every word she said; she would never engage in a liaison with him; to possess her, he must yield himself to the bonds of matrimony. Instantly contrite, fearful lest his proposal of an illicit union had offended her to the point of jeopardizing his chances of winning her, he began his stammering apo logies which she quickly hushed with a hand over his mouth. “Hush. I understand fully. I'll forgive you,” Estel le said, in a tender voice. Then she added, with a quick change to a highly imperious to ne, her mouth set firmly, her gray eyes flashing, “If you'll kiss my foot as a symbol of your sincerity!” She advanced one
highly arched foot forward, the chiffon sheath of s tocking gleaming in the moonlight. Harley was startled. This sudden change revealed a new Estelle whom he did not know existed, did not quite fathom. He felt a little tro ubled in spirit, but the sensation was a passing one. After all, it would be a hedonistic th rill to subjugate one's self to this beautiful little tyrant; later, he would reverse th e roles and assert his natural male dominion over the weaker sex. For the present, let her play the tyrant; after the courtship was ended, things would be different. Any thing to win her favor, now. Besides it was a far-from-unpleasant task she had assigned him, and he felt his temporarily lessened sexual urge burn strong again as he droppe d to his knees before her, bowed his head and kissed her straining instep. His hands fondled her slipper and stroked lovingly the smooth length of the towering heel. Hi s naked penis rose in adoration. Estelle's eyes glittered at this manifestation of h er power over Harley; not only did his readiness to bow to her whims augur well his ut ter submissiveness, but his libidinous reaction to her pump-shod feet gave her a clue to his fetishistic spirit and a hint of the innate masochistic nature her experienc e told her would be revealed later on. There was no doubt in her mind that she could domin ate him completely but, before making any practical use of this power, she must as certain his other necessary qualifications. When he rose and resumed his seat against her, Este lle was again the woman of the earlier evening. Harley felt much encouraged an d renewed his suit. Soon, they were again engaged in hot exchange of kisses, in feveris h touches with hands that explored and titillated. At last it was time to part; voices of other guests departing signaled the end of the party. “Then there still is a chance for poor, smitten me? ” he queried in a half-jesting tone. Estelle still had her grasp of his stalwart cock; s he had never relinquished it save for the illuminating moment of his gesture of devotion at h er feet. “I do want so much to see you again, to call on you—at your home, if I may,” he added with a touch of daring. “If you would permit it, I most certainly would like to come.” “I would be delighted to have youcome!” With this perverse emphasis on the verb, Estelle tightened viciously her grasp on Hartley's straining member, gave it three or four hard up-and-down strokes, then released her grip. T he action proved too much for his exacerbated nerves. He tried to restrain the erupti ve orgasm that shattered his control, but realized at once it was too late. With a low gr oan he took three short steps to the balcony rail and, cock in hand, spouted a vast load of steaming sperm onto the garden below. When the last spouting jets of his manhood c eased, Harley sank weakly to his knees, exhausted and enervated by this devastating release of damned-up desire. When he regained his composure sufficiently to turn about, Estelle had disappeared.
Estelle Romaine lost no time in checking on Harley Wentworth's financial position, and the results were highly pleasing to that mercen ary creature. Her mind was made up; she would most certainly accept Harley and, onc e the bonds were sealed and he was in her power, she would see to it that good use was made of his wealth. Best not to act too anxious though; it would be wise to permit him to press his suit in true male fashion, lest he be frightened away before the trap was sprung. Estelle would make good use of the intervening time to build up his de sire for her to a yet higher pitch, to give him brief glimpses of a promised land which wo uld banish any doubts from his mind as to the desirability of exchanging his caref ree bachelorhood for this Eden of sensual bliss.
Harley visited Estelle at the first opportunity gra nted. At her suggestion, it was in her own apartment, a modest affair which emanated an ai r of dainty femininity and seemed permeated with her delicious allure. With drinks an d cigarettes and soft lights as inducement, the two were soon engaged in what promi sed to be their favorite pastime— amorous embraces, long, drawn-out kisses, lasciviou s touches and fondling. Except for her very exciting perfume, Estelle presented a pict ure of enchanting modesty in a billowing gown of organdy and tulle. Its many folds and ruffles effectively concealed her salient beauties, except for a highly narrowed wais t line, compressed in the bonds of a tightly wound sash. Save for the aphrodisiac perfum e and very high-heeled slippers, Estelle was a model of chastity—if one excluded the fact that underneath this virtuous attire she wore exactly nothing! This was an exciting discovery for Harley, but agai n he subsided into appearing content to suffer the subtle torture of an enchantr ess with full control of his emotions. Soon Estelle emphasized her domination by her grip on his rampant and bared member. This maneuver on her part served to symboli ze her mastery of her suitor, offering a very practical control over him when his desires threatened to overpower his reason and cause him to fulfill the invitation her love play promised. At those moments of weakness on his part, Estelle's surprisingly str ong hand would simply bend his rigid cock until the agony made him desist and with tears of pain promise to “be good.” Harley could not bring himself to analyze this bewi tching creature, to question the incongruity of her insistence on observing the conv entions before yielding completely to his embraces, as against her extremely lascivious b ehavior and utter lack of inhibitions. It was more pleasant, much more so, merely to give in to her moods, to allow her sweet torture of denial to continue, to reject any doubts in his mind as to her ultimate purpose or any debate as to what his fate might be; he felt he would like to drift forever on this river of sensuousness to an Elysium of delight. If anything, the future held only promises of still greater carnal pleasures after Es telle became entirely his. For he could not harbor the thought that she would not finally y ield to his suit. The idea was unbearable; complete fulfillment and even satiation would be granted him in time. To this end he continued his eager courtship, but E stelle evaded a direct answer by various feminine pretenses. She enjoyed this fawnin g adoration by one of the so-called superior sex, and delighted in allowing him full sw ay in his display of fetishistic fervor. Always when he called, his virile cock was kept bar ed during the entire visit, always before he left, his manhood was depleted by an act of onanism brought on by Estelle's irresistible machinations. In place of her hand, sh e later substituted a ribbon of satin. Banded tightly about his prick, just back of the en ormously swollen head, it was a very effective rein on his passions. The perversity of h er idea pleased Harley greatly and added to his stimulated libido—to say nothing of hi s organ's measurements! Estelle had always new and novel ideas to stimulate Harley; her wanton imagination continually devised means to keep him in a fog of c arnal desire, in a haze of delirious expectation, so that he never even dreamed of check ing on her past or her background. For Harley there existed only the present with its delicious sensual experiences, or the future with its promises of mad joys after Estelle finally became his, when he could vent on her body the wild lusts she inspired. Then no lo nger would he have to bear this exacerbating frustration, perversely pleasing as it was. Then would he deposit his love juices in the exact spot nature had designed for th em—right in between those firm, slender, smooth thighs of hers! He could bear to aw ait his time; in fact, he had to admit that this period of denial was far from unpleasant and that he was deriving more and more keen enjoyment from it.
Subtly, Estelle led him further and further along s overeign will. She blended skillfully the ingredients that intoxicated him and gradually she increased that portion of the mixture which would in time deprive him of all supr emacy. She made shrewd use of his fetishistic traits to blind him as to what was actu ally occurring. One evening, held in leash by the satin ribbon abou t his ever-hard member, she led him to a shoe closet and there let him feast his ey es on innumerable pairs of shoes, slippers and pumps, of many varied and exotic desig ns, all featured by very high heels. It was a feast for the eyes of a footwear fetishist such as Harley, and he was both dazzled and extremely stimulated sexually by the si ght. He begged her on the spot to adorn herself with a pair of slippers with the most extreme heels he had ever seen, and secured her compliance when he agreed to permit the binding of his wrists behind his back with still another ribbon of satin. His joy wa s complete when Estelle later, slowly and tantalizingly, frigged him to an excruciating s pend with those same slippers. On a later occasion, she put him into a frenzy of d elirious anticipation by hinting that after their marriage, if marry they did, she would adorn herself for his benefit in footwear whose heels would put to shame those he had seen so far. Also with intriguing perfumes and clothing, Estelle kept Harley in a hig h pitch of erotic expectation. But, however stimulating her fragrances might be, hintin g of lustful scenes in scented boudoirs, her gowns always bespoke a modesty that m ade them doubly bewitching; they were perversely incongruous when matched with her perfume and the utterly lewd character Estelle exhibited to Harley whenever they were together. Cunningly, she presented this outward appearance of youthful sweet ness and highly feminine, almost virginal daintiness, so that the eager male would t hink only of the day when he would strip her of those chaste draperies and savagely sa te his lust on her white body. Harley was permitted almost complete liberty in his caress es; he could learn by touch each curve and hollow of her form—but always through her attire of the moment; never was he allowed any more sight of her feminine charms th an were revealed by the modes of the day. He was ravished by her perversity and thri lled almost to the point of orgasm at her hints of what parades of delight she had in sto re for him, when and if they became man and wife. Harley was by this time so thoroughly enmeshed by h er lures that nothing else mattered. He visited her every night and, though re lieved of sperm on each occasion, his cock remained mysteriously hard and his testicl es acquired a continual, agonizing ache. Except for his amazing display of virility, h e felt weaker, and his eyes were shadowed by dark circles. What he did not know was that Estelle had been feeding him a very small dosage of aphrodisiac, not enough to b ring about a real delirium of lustful yearning but sufficient to keep him continually vig orous, despite his daily depletion. Estelle did this not merely to hold him in subjecti on through his erotic desires; she wanted to see before her this constant proof of und ying adoration of her womanly charms, this symbol of her womanly allure and its p ower to enslave the supposedly stronger sex she despised. For a whole month Estelle thus played upon Hartley' s desires. By that time, the ribbon leash on his cock had been replaced by a lig ht chain that chafed cruelly; his wrists were bound by handcuffs, and even leg-irons had been added. Gradually too, his clothing had been subtracted, until now he spent hi s entire evening nude and in chains before this enchantress. Finally Estelle agreed to a marriage ceremony and, to repay him for his wait, on that momentous evening Harley was rewarded with three orgasms— which left him in a prolonged half-stupor. Estelle made him wait another week, though, for the actual ceremony. During this time she secur ed Hartley's signature to a pre-
nuptial agreement which, if he had taken the troubl e to read carefully, might have startled him with its implications.
The week passed slowly for Harley Wentworth, as Est elle professed being too tired, after a busy day spent in furnishing the home they were to occupy, to engage in evenings of love-making. “Besides, I want you to be strong and manly on the day you claim me as your own. So get lots of rest until the n,” was what Estelle put him off with, adding under her breath, “for you will need it!” Th ey had selected a fenced-in, isolated home in the suburbs; a grove of trees shut it off f rom neighboring houses and roads. Estelle took complete charge of the furnishing, dir ected the few remodeling changes that were to be made, then moved in with a maid of her own selection. Harley was not allowed to view these installations, his bride-to-b e informing him she wished to surprise him later. The wedding was on a warm day in the fall; instead of the conventional good-luck Saturday, Estelle selected the ominous Friday. She desired only a quiet affair at the home of a minister, another selection she also insi sted upon. There were no attendants, no party or reception afterwards, merely a simple c eremony and then a honeymoon, to be spent in their new domicile. Estelle laughingly permitted Harley the age-old cus tom of carrying his bride across the threshold in his arms. The door was held open f or them by the maid, whom Harley now saw for the first time. She was a petite, very light-colored quadroon with highly intelligent features and large, piquant eyes. A ver y short, black dress, snug-fitting, exposed a long length of straight, slender legs, ti ghtly stockinged, shod with high-heeled patent-leather pumps. A satin blouse reveale d a pair of pert breasts that ran a close second to Estelle's in their provocative prom inence. She was quite young, not more than sixteen, Harley hazarded, and a dainty, d elicate dish that any normal male would like to savor. Harley and Estelle retired immediately to their bed room, a large, luxuriously furnished room already permeated by the aroma of Es telle's perfume. Two beds occupied opposite sides. One was a huge affair, cap able of sleeping at least four people; near it stood an elaborate vanity with an a rray of feminine toiletries. The other was a small, narrow bunk with four corner-posts. Ha rley was entranced with the sight of the satin-draped large bedstead; hereon would be co nsummated his fleshly desires; he looked with disfavor at the other, small bed. Oh we ll, he thought, there are certain periods in every woman's life when she prefers soli tude in slumber. Harley was mightily stirred at the thought of now h aving the complete right to possess Estelle at his pleasure, to at last put an end to the fever in his loins in the manner intended by nature. He seized his bride in h is arms and pressed her tightly to him so she might feel the mighty erection that besp oke his yearning for fulfillment. He attempted to lift her in his arms to carry her to t he huge bed on which he intended to consummate the mating, but a surprisingly strong Es telle defeated his efforts and beguiled him with pictures of a more appropriate ap proach to his projected tourney of lust. “No, Harley, no. Please. This is such a big moment for both of us. Let's not be so impetuous. Let's not act like a couple of kids just married. You've waited so long for this, haven't you, and looked ahead to it so anxiously?”— with a coy glance upward from under her long, curving lashes, and then downward v ery meaningly at the tremendous bulge in his trousers— “And so have I!” With her arms about him she pulled herself tight
against him. “We'll make this a night never to be f orgotten. I'll prepare myself and dress for you—oh, you never dreamed of what I have for yo u! And I've got shoes with heels that are simply impossible. Then we will have a gra nd time together, just we two, until— well, until you want to fuck.” With such word pictures of an evening of mad deligh ts with this wanton virgin attired in exotic costume and stirring footwear to stimulat e him through his fetishistic appetite, Harley was soon won over to Estelle's plea for appr opriate ceremony and rites before the altar of fornication. When he conceded, she sai d, “All right. Oh darling, I'm so happy that you are so thoughtful! I know you will be well satisfied and have such a good time! Now you go into the next room and strip naked, and when you see the door open and that the lights are low, come on in. I'll be ready and waiting for you!” Hartley's hard-on, at these intoxicating words that painted such a pro mise of sensual delights, became almost painful. Estelle missed nothing. She touched gently, almost reverently, that massive threat to her slender body. “Oooh! It's so big! I'm almost scared to death! I know you'll half kill me!” With those words, spoken half seriously, half in jest, Estelle propelled Harley toward the door, mad with the lust she had aroused, but willing to prolong his own torment so that in the end he could avenge himself that much more thoroughly. “The bigger and harder she makes it,” h e thought, “the longer she makes me wait, the worse it will be for her! We'll see wh o is boss before this night is over!”
Hartley's sixth cigarette burned low and his wine g lass stood empty as he sat naked in the huge easy chair in the little ante-room just off the main bedroom. His waiting had not lessened his ardor nor diminished the huge erec tion before his proud eyes; his active imagination had seen to that with endless co njectures, each more pulse-stirring than the last, of what visions of salacious dress a nd exotic accouterments Estelle would present for his lust arousement. Harley turned his head; a slight sound proved to be the door opening, and his nostrils were assailed by a faint wave of perfume, a hint of some delicious fragrance. He rose and stepped inside the bedroom, closing the do or behind him. His pulse speeded tremendously, he felt it hammering in his temples, he sensed an increased erection at the spectacle afforded him. The room was but dimly lit. Cowering against the hu ge bed, to which she had retreated after opening the door, stood Estelle. On e hand reached behind her to seek support from the bed's headposts, the other crossed over her breast as if to conceal her body from avid eyes and to fend off the invader. Sh e was a vision of sensual appeal, of chastity eager for man's caresses yet fearful of th e savage violation of her body which her behavior had invited. Estelle's features were v ividly made up, the lips a hard red that was emphasized by the pallor of a face heavy w ith powder. Long earrings hung from ears left uncovered by the hair that had been brushed straight back, fastened by a clasp at the back of the neck, and then allowed to fall in a dark wealth of curls far down her naked back. One earring, because of her bent he ad, caressed a rounded, satiny, bare shoulder. For Estelle was nude to the waist, but for her wrou ght-silver brassiere. Estelle needed no support for those voluptuous cones of fle sh; this needless article of attire, as well as the rest of her costume, served merely to c all attention to and enhance the desirability of those bodily charms. From silver cu ps, modeled after the nipples which they covered, passed half a dozen small chains, als o of silver, to fasten to a heavier chain which snugly encircled the breasts at their, base. This was held in position by one


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