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Hollywood Starlet



Jill was a beautiful woman, but there were plenty of beautiful women around the pools of the Hollywood mansions where she liked to hang out. She knew she had what it took, but she needed a big break, when Jill finally made it to the higher circles of the Hollywood elite, she wasn't ready for the fast lane. Her new friends made her do anything they wanted, and she was more than willing to do it.

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Hollywood Starlet

H.K. Madden

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Harry Daniels took a slow sip of his bourbon and Seven-Up, then walked slowly toward the balcony.

He always loved spending, weekends at the Lost Mirage Hotel in Palm Springs, a good two hours removed from the hurly burly of Los Angeles, where he made his living as a prominent film director in the wilds of competitive Hollywood.

Harry was clad in a multi-colored sport shirt he had bought on vacation in Hawaii two years earlier and a pair of Bermuda shorts. His body had begun to redden slightly from contact with the warm desert sun earlier in the day, but since he feared burning, he had withdrawn from the sun and had gone inside to read some scripts a Hollywood agent had sent him for his consideration.

After reading through several of the scripts he had decided that it was time for a change of pace, and so he had mixed himself a drink and stretched out on the sofa, relaxing, resting both body and mind for a few minutes. He was now sipping his third drink, proceeding at a casual pace, determined to make himself feel good without risking drunkenness.

As he walked out on the balcony and eased into a lounging chair, his eyes immediately focused on the Olympic-sized swimming pool to his left, one floor below. His cock and balls began to tingle with anxiety as he observed the exquisitely tanned body of Jill Taylor churning through the waters with well-coordinated rhythm.

The stunning blonde was clad in a sparkling white bikini which contrasted magnificently with her coppery-toned body. He admired the effortlessness of her form as she propelled her body across the length of the entire pool, performing a flawless freestyle.

The shapely blonde actress had been a top amateur swimmer a few years earlier, achieving enough fame to alert Hollywood agents, one of whom succeeded in signing her to a contract. In the five years since she had broken into films Jill had been married and divorced twice. In fact, she was fresh from her second divorce, from Mexican race car driver and playboy Juan Ortega.

Harry had heard from a girl friend of Jill's that she was spending two weeks at Lost Mirage, resting after the ordeal of two motion pictures in a row and the finalizing of her divorce from Juan Ortega. Harry had already been planning to go to the desert for several days, and hearing about Jill Taylor being there and staying at the same hotel he always frequented only served to whet his appetite that much more.

He had been certain that at one point or another during the day the shapely blonde actress would see fit to exercise in her favorite fashion, through swimming, and sure enough there she was, her magnificently coordinated body churning through the bright blue waters.

Harry Daniels could not help but think that here was a woman capable of fulfilling a role in Hollywood comparable to what Esther Williams had in the Hollywood of the fifties. Just watching her to continue churning through the water put his creative imagination to work that much faster. He could envision the shapely blonde woman doing underwater sequences in beautiful costumes to the strains of music in a motion picture.

Before he attempted to put any ideas into fruition, however, he wanted to get to know the stunning blonde better. They had met periodically at Hollywood parties, but what always angered Harry was that on every occasion that they had met, Jill Taylor was dangling on the arm of a highly attentive man, generally either her first husband, ruggedly handsome leading man Todd Forbes, or, more recently, Juan Ortega. Harry had never received an opportunity to make a move of his own, which bugged him no end.

So the thought that had dominated his mind periodically ever since he jumped into his white Porsche and left his Hollywood Hills home for Palm Springs, right up until the present, was whether this time he might be meeting the stunning young woman under more favorable circumstances. He certainly hoped so.

He kept watching the flawless form of the shapely Jill Taylor with mounting anxiety, and soon his restless penis began dangling nervously inside his Bermuda shorts.

Harry knew that eventually she would terminate her swimming exercise, and once that she did he would call out to her.

After smoothly negotiating two more laps of the pool, Jill made her exit, quickly drying off her hair, then the rest of her supply body with a clean white towel. Her movements were brisk and emphatic, and just watching the towel make contact with her magnificent, coppery-toned skin made Harry Daniels yearn for an opportunity to reach out and clutch the same skin, to familiarize himself intimately with every warm crevice of her magnificent flesh.

She flung the towel over her shoulders and left the pool area, receiving a number of stares, some of them curious, some from those who recognized her, and many from the leering eyes of hungry males desiring to know her as intimately as man can know woman.

With the finely trained eye of a skilled director, Harry Daniels observed all the reactions to Jill, and also observed her total lack of concern over all the attention she was receiving. As both a film star of some prominence, and as a female of overpowering beauty, she was totally accustomed to having people gawk at her, particularly excited males.

When she got close enough to where she could hear him without any difficulty, as Jill was preparing to enter one of the side entrances leading into the hotel building itself, Harry decided it was time to call out to her.

“Hey Jill,” he called out in a distinct, crackling voice. The blonde beauty stopped in her tracks, looking up curiously to where the voice had called out. Immediately she observed and recognized Harry.

“Hello Harry,” she waved, smiling cheerfully. “Whatever brought you to this desert retreat?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing.”

“A chance to get a little freedom. Doing two pictures in a row like I did wiped me out. And I guess you heard about my marriage to Juan.”

“Yes, I did. I'm here to relax myself.”

“This is the place for it. And do I love that swimming pool!”

“Yeah. You and the ducks have something in common. You both take to water as naturally as can be.”

“That's true,” she laughed.

“Listen. If you're not doing anything right now, come on up and visit for awhile.”

“Fine. I'll do that.”

“You like bourbon?”

“I'll indulge a little on occasion.”

“So what do you like it mixed with? Seven-Up or water?”

“Seven-Up is fine.”

“Good. By the time you get up here there'll be a drink waiting for you.”

“I guess I can't beat that for service,” she laughed. “Nope. Service with a smile.”

“Fine. See you in a minute.”


Harry turned and moved quickly back inside his hotel suite. His fingers proceeded with quick precision as he mixed her a drink at the wet bar. In addition to the sensations of restless anxiety that swam in his cock and balls, his pulse was also dramatically quickening as he awaited the arrival of the suntanned, bikini clad beauty. Not long after he finished mixing her drink he heard a rap on the door.

As he opened the door and got a look at Jill Taylor up close, Harry's body became a molten flame of massive desire. Her sparkling blue eyes could not have looked brighter, and he got a close look at the solid warmth of her captivating breasts from the generous cleavage that flowed over the tops of her bikini. He was also impressed by the thick sensuousness of her bright red lips.

“Haven't we met somewhere before?” she quipped, winking as Harry opened the door.

“I think so, but that's supposed to be the man's line, isn't it?” he laughed as he opened the door and let her in.

“Let's say that that was once true,” she told him. “Now that we're in the era of women's lib there's nothing that resides exclusively in the male or female domain. Not even that line.”

“A good answer,” he nodded. “Sit down, Jill. I've got your drink ready for you.”


The barefooted blonde threw the towel off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the rug. She eased her body gracefully downward into the large sofa in the middle of the room. He got a long, appraising look at the long, exquisitely tapered sleekness of her bronzed thighs and ankles.

He handed Jill her drink, then took a seat reasonably close to her on the sofa as his raging cock continued to feel stirring waves of electrifying anxiety.

While they sipped their drinks they talked casually about the film business, and about their respective careers. Harry admitted that he was at a point where he was not about to just jump into any project for the sake of making a movie. He had rapidly risen to the point of directorial prominence, and he stressed the importance of quality consciousness where his future plans were concerned.

“I spent all of this morning looking at scripts an agent sent to me,” Harry told her, “and I don't feel that any of them are right for me. One or two of them are pretty good, too, and a few years ago I would have jumped at the chance to do them.”

“Your perspective has changed, Harry,” Jill perceptively observed. “Now you're in a different position. I wish that my position was that enviable.”

“Hell, honey, you've got everything going for you,” Harry said. “You've got looks, a fantastic body, and intelligence. It's just a question of time before you hit it big.”

“You really think so?” she looked at him curiously with her alert, sparkling blue eyes as she took a fresh sip from her drink.

“You're damned right. You've got everything going for you.”

It pleased Jill no end to be hearing such lavish praise from a director she genuinely admired. Even though her keenly developed female instincts, developed through the experience of scores of men who had been strongly attracted to her through the years, told her from the very beginning, from the time of their very first meeting, that Harry Daniels was strongly attracted to her, nothing had developed between them. She had always been with a jealous and highly protective male, usually either her first or second husband. Jill realized that it would be to her distinct advantage to cultivate a relationship with the successful director. Jill realized that he was several steps up the ladder from her on the Hollywood scene, with an impressive string of credentials to his credit, while she had been restricted to either featured roles in a few good films or leads in some low or medium-ranged budgeted films.

Now she was totally aware of just how excited Harry was, and she thrived on every delicious moment of it. Her alert eyes observed his nervously swollen cock dancing restlessly in his shorts, and she observed the manner in which his hands and legs would dramatically quiver as he sat there next to her on the sofa.

In addition to recognizing the potential gains from getting to know Harry Daniels where her career was concerned, Jill had also felt a genuine attraction for him. She liked his broad shoulders and general ruggedness, and was impressed by the fact that he had worked his way up the Hollywood ladder on his own initiative. He had begun as a stunt man and had turned out screenplays in his spare time, eventually making a sale to an interested producer for whom he was working in a stunt capacity. From there he had gone on to directing films.

Jill was totally certain that there would be sexual fireworks between the two of them before the afternoon was over, and that now the only question that remained was how and in what manner.

They finished their drinks. Harry suggested a fresh round. She promptly and emphatically agreed.

Harry walked back to the sofa, his cock as hard as a rock, holding a drink in each hand. He handed her one of the glasses and slipped back down onto the sofa. This time he made certain to narrow the gap that had separated them on the first occasion. She was glad to see him take a boldly assertive step forward.

“I've always thought you had a lot more talent than the roles you were given to work with,” he told her.

“Fm so happy to hear a director like you, somebody I really admire, say something like that. In fact, it's downright sweet.”

“You're pretty sweet. Yeah. With the proper handling and a break here and there you might become another Esther Williams. It's time for Hollywood to do another mermaid epic, and you're the only mermaid in town, honey.”

“Oh. You're saying the nicest things and I love it.”

The blonde licked her sensuous red lips suggestively as her eyes widened and she stared with flaming erotic desire into Harry Daniels' eyes as his body tensed some more.

Suddenly Harry jumped up spryly to his feet, rushing over and drawing the thick green drapes shut, upon which the room became romantically dark.

“We can use some privacy,” Harry said.

“You're right. We don't wanna be stared at by gawkers.”

“No way.”

He sat down next to her, this time reaching out and throwing his arms around her waist. As his arms locked passionately around the warmth of her bikini-clad body he pressed his lips urgently forward, allowing them to land with solid impact against the devastating warmth of the blonde's thick red lips.

While their lips converged with breathless excitement, Harry shoved his body forward, letting his chest push against the solid warmth of the shapely blonde's jutting breasts.

Even though Harry was wearing his Hawaiian sport shirt and Jill was clad in a bikini, there was still plenty of scintillating contact to be had from the insistent clinging of chest to breasts, and throughout, as the body friction continued and the sensations stirringly multiplied, their lips continued searingly cannonading in a vortex of searing excitement.

Finally Harry removed his lips from Jill's, and as he did she jumped up abruptly from the sofa, surprising him in the process. At first he construed the act as a rebuff.

Jill decided to set the matter straight immediately.

“Do you mind if I get more comfortable, darling, by taking off my bikini?” she asked, beaming a coquettish smile.

“Oh. I think I could learn to endure it,” he dead panned.

“Yes. I'd feel so comfortable that way.”

“I'd feel pretty damned comfortable myself,” he grinned. “Sure, go right ahead.”

He watched with transfixed attention as the shapely blonde slowly began easing out of her bikini tops. Even though she could have promptly accomplished her objective, Jill Taylor decided that it was properly advantageous to string things out a little, to give her friend the horny director an opportunity to fasten his eyes on the stunning flesh which comprised her warmly enticing breasts.

Her fingers manipulated with slow motion fervency as she carefully controlled the scope of the action, eventually undoing the bikini tops and tossing them to the rug, letting her rich breasts cascade forward as they enjoyed their newly acquired freedom.

Jill's magnificent mammaries were only a shade lighter than the rest of her.

“Hey, you've been sunning your boobs, too!” Harry excitedly exclaimed, as he stared at her breasts with growing fascination.

“Yes, I have.”

“You've been doing it here?”

“No. In the backyard at home. There's a large wall around my yard, fortunately.”

“But think of all the guys who have missed seeing all that beauty on full display.”

“Yeah. I guess you can't have everything,” she conceded laughingly.

The dazzling blonde reached out and propped up her proud, exquisitely firm mammaries. Her fingers clutched and squeezed at the warmth of her breasts while Harry watched, becoming more excited with each passing moment, wondering just how much longer he could stand being confined to merely watching such a dazzling spectacle. For one thing, he realized, there would not be any need for waiting that much longer. Soon he would be able to press himself into action so he could enjoy some stimulating sexual activity.

After gliding her fingers with salacious ecstasy against the firmly jutting warmth of her magnificent boobs, the lovely blonde then glided her fingers downward to her bikini bottoms.

Tightly she gripped the panties as she began to allow them to slowly descent down her shapely coppery legs. She parted her sleek brown thighs slowly, making certain that she imparted every measure of throbbing excitement possible into the already supercharged body of Harry Daniels.

“Oh, damned, what a body,” he gasped.

“Oh, honey, it's so great to give my body some freedom,” she gaspingly exclaimed. “Yes, this is so nice!”

Her legs began quivering as the waves of arousal dramatically increased within the shapely blonde as she glided the bikini bottoms all the way down to her ankles and, ultimately, off of her altogether as she looked over at her attentive lover and licked her lips suggestively.

His eyes were now fixed on the area between her now outstretched legs, where he got a good look at the pulsating pinkness of her succulent vagina and the shroud of sparkling blonde hair which constituted her pubic mound.

As Harry continued to stare at her, she reached down and, with seductive meticulousness, eased her fingers first against the tufts of her searingly moist pubic hair, then against the slightly dampened warmth of her vagina.

“Oh, I feel so good, so alive,” she gasped.

“So do I. I'm getting that way just being around you.”

“You know what I'm gonna do right now?” she looked at him and grinned broadly, once more licking her lips seductively.

“Please tell me.”

“I'm gonna stroll right into the bathroom and take a nice invigorating shower. That's what I'm gonna do. And I'll tell you something else, my dear.”

“I'm all ears.”

“Along with all cock.”

“Thank you,” he smiled.

“Anyhow. I wouldn't care all that much if you joined me.”

“Now that's what I very definitely call a winning idea.”

“I thought you would.”

She turned around and began walking slowly toward the hallway which led in the direction of the bathroom. Now that Jill had Harry right where she wanted him in turns of sexual arousal, she continued developing the potential for future fireworks as she let her searing buttocks, which were also tanned, almost as deeply as the rest of her, twist and slide as she walked.

Harry's heart pounded with surging anxiety as he watched her enter the bathroom. As he got up swiftly from the sofa he heard the sounds of water. The dazzling blonde was now in the shower.

His trembling fingers moved with searing urgency as he pulled off his shirt and cast it aside on the sofa. After that he promptly pulled off his Bermuda shorts, after which he then moved swiftly toward the bathroom.

Harry's cock was stiff as a board as he pulled open the glass shower door and fastened his eyes squarely on the magnificent sight of Jill Taylor's nude body, which had water splashing dramatically against it as he stood beneath the shower spray's exhilarating warmth. She extended one arm up over her head as she dipped a bar of soap against her armpit.

“Oh, honey, welcome,” Jill smiled as he entered the shower and closed the door behind him.

He watched as she soaped down first one armpit, then the other, after which she thoroughly rinsed them of any and all soap. After she finished her eyes took hold of the intriguing sight of his rock hard cock standing tall between his outstretched legs.

“Oh, my, what a magnificent cock!” she swooned.

“Glad you like the looks of it.”

“Oh, yes. Very much so.”

“You're responsible for it being there. You supplied that erection. You and that sexy body of yours.”

“I'd like to have some fun with that big prick.”

“Go ahead, honey.”

“Oh, I will go ahead. You can be sure of that.”

“Look down there at it. Better yet, touch it.”

“Don't mind if I do, my darling.”

Jill reached down with both hands and let her fingers slowly and soothingly fondle the warmth of Harry's testicles as his whole body began to instinctively twitch and spasm.

“Oh, damned, you've really touched a raw nerve,” he gasped.

“That's one way of putting it,” she beamed happily. “Oh, what a fantastic cock. What balls. How much excitement I'm experiencing touching your balls, increasing your excitement.”

“I love this action, really love it.”

Her stirring fingers continued convincingly gliding as she sank them with greater excitement and intensity against his swollen, throbbing testicles as he ached with passionate sensation.

“Keep that going,” he called out excitedly, his whole body trembling as a result of the spirited impact she was skillfully generating with her torrid fingers. “Oh, keep that up. Really work your fingers, honey. Oh, I want it.”

Jill's fingers clutched and squeezed against the warmth of his aroused testicles for several more strokes. She then dramatically and swiftly switched the action to his rock hard penis as she reached out and let her fingers slip around the tip of his excitement-filled pole, sending fresh tremors of throbbing excitement throughout his entire body.

As her fingers gently squeezed the tip of his tumid shaft, his legs and buttocks twitched in dramatic response to what was happening as he enjoyed every moment of the developing excitement taking place in the shower as the warm water drops continued pelting both of them.

Soon her fingers began searingly gliding up and down against the massive warmth of his electrified cock. He loved the crisp, precise finger movements that she continued delivering as he felt the white heat of passion accelerate from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. He knew that there was no conceivable way for him to experience much more in the way of that kind of high level excitement before the juices would have to spurt from the end of his towering manhood. Now she began tugging with greater speed and rapidity against his throbbing manhood, generating all the excitement that she could.

“Oh, this is too much, your fingers are too much,” he loudly exclaimed. “Oh, honey, you've really got the technique. Oh, I love what you're doing.”

Her fingers crisply connected with his towering, raging penis several more times. She then removed her fingers from his cock and picked up the soap bar with which she had been washing earlier.

Eagerly she shoved the warm bar of soap against Harry's bloated testicles, smiling with glee as the suds began accumulating and Harry's body started nervously twitching once more.

“Oh, you've got all the angles, honey,” he gasped. This feels so good. You're really an expert when it comes to knowing just how to turn a man on.”

“My two husbands went crazy when I did this to them,” she nodded smilingly. “As a matter of fact, so did some other lovers I won't name out of a sense of discretion.”

“Look at that. My balls are really foaming up.”

“Yes. They are. Then we'll rinse them off. Like I always say. What's the use of getting involved with a cock unless it's fresh and clean?”

“You're an absolute scream.”

“You're not so bad yourself.”

Moments later she was stepping back and watching with a triumphant grin of satisfaction as the warm water splashed soothingly against Harry's testicles while he watched the soap suds dramatically disappear in a flourish.

As soon as his testicles had been thoroughly rinsed, the irrepressible blonde stepped forward once more, picking up the soap bar and beginning to assertively suds up the long, flaming cock of Harry as his entire body tensed from the surging waves of excitement accumulating within him.

“Oh, does that ever feel so great,” he gulped. “Yes. This is so good, oh, so very good!”

“You're sudsing up fast.”

“Oh, yes. And is my cock ever on fire!”

“I know it is. It's easy enough for me to tell. It's so much easier to put out for a man when you know he's really thrilling to what you're doing for him.”

“I can't help but thrill to you.”

“Oh, honey. It makes me so happy to hear you say that.”

When she finished soaping down Harry's cock a few minutes later, the blonde stepped back and let the water do the job in the same fashion as it had on his testicles a few minutes earlier. As the soothing warm water splashed and spilled against his rigid phallic tool she began thinking ahead, anticipating the moments of excitement that the two of them would share. This was her opportunity to make a decidedly favorable impression on the prominent director, and she was determined to make the most of the circumstances.

“What a cock you've got!” she gasped.

“Did you ever bring it to life,” he replied. “Oh, it was hard before. Sure enough. But you really put loads of intensity into it with your action.”

Once that his cock had been thoroughly rinsed off by the streams of warm water that spilled...


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