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Maidenhead Stories



Nowhere is the atmosphere more appropriate for spicy tales than at a fraternity get-together. Wine, laughter and the language of the lusty-such is the setting for the Maidenhead Stories, in which each member must relate the uncensored account of the loss of his virginity.


The discovery that one brother has not yet suffered the initial rites of Cupid only heightens the merriment. And it is decided that there is no better time for the disposal of his chastity... and for the further exploration of ribaldry and complete debauch. Maidenhead Stories is often funny, sometimes poignant, always entertaining-a bold, bawdy book.

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Maidenhead Stories
This page copyright © 2006 Olympia Press. http://www.olympiapress.com VIRGINITY LOST... Nowhere is the atmosphere more appropriate for spic y tales than at a fraternity get-together. Wine, laughter and the language of the lu sty—such is the setting for the Maidenhead Stories, in which each member must relat e the uncensored account of the loss of his virginity. SENSUALITY FOUND... The discovery that one brother has not yet suffered the initial rites of Cupid only heightens the merriment. And it is decided that the re is no better time for the disposal of his chastity... and for the further exploration of ribaldry and complete debauch. Maidenhead Stories is often funny, sometimes poigna nt, always entertaining—a bold, bawdy book.
It was the final supper of the Beta Theta Pi's, a s ecret society at Smith College, given just before the commencement to the graduatin g members. All the dishes had been served, the waiters sent away, clouds of cigar smoke filled the room, champagne corks popped with the regularity of minute guns, fr isky stories were told and the songs grew more and more suggestive. In the midst of the vociferous applause following one of the songs, a handsome young man named Tom Brown arose and, hammering loudly upon the table with a bottle, called for silence. “What do you want, Brown?” asked the president. “I have an important fact to communicate.” “Communicate away.” “I will, though you may not believe it. You must kn ow that we have a virgin among us.” “What?” cried all, aghast. “Yes, it is actually so; we have a man who never ha s unlocked the gates of paradise.” “Who is he?” “There he sits: Frank Eaton.” For some time nothing could be heard on account of the clamor. Eaton turned purple as the horrified gaze of his companions was concent rated upon him. Finally the president arose. “Eaton,” he asked, “is this terrible charge true? I s it possible that you have reached the age of 21 and have spent four years in Smith Co llege without spending some of your vitality in disseminating the seed of the huma n race in the fertile fields of femininity?” For a moment it seemed as though Eaton would deny t he charge, but a defiant look came into his face and he replied: “Why shouldn't I keep myself pure if I want to?” “Good Lord, just hear him: Keep myself pure! Oh my! ” And roars of laughter convulsed the party.
“What in the world possessed you to act in this bab yish manner?” “You fellows are taking a good deal on yourselves; ifs my funeral, is it not?” “But you owe us, your brother Beta Theta Pi's, an e xplanation, if not an apology.” “Yes, you owe it to us,” yelled the crowd. “Well, I don't mind telling you. I have received go od pure blood from my ancestors and I don't intend to risk spoiling it.” The tumult that ensued was indescribable. The young men gathered around the young puritan and qui zzed and razzed him unmercifully. The president and Brown got to one si de and entered into a whispered conversation; at the close of it the president rapp ed for order with a bottle. “Gentlemen, you have heard the charge and the defen dant pleads guilty. Now I propose to you that a proper sentence be imposed on him.” “What is it?” “The society must see that his maidenhead is taken tonight in the presence of the assembled company. Brown will run over to Josie Mas on's house and bring over a couple of girls.” “Hurrah!” “But in order to work him up properly, so that the business can be one with spirit, we must form a circle about him and each of us must te ll how he lost his maidenhead, with full and luscious description.” “Agreed.” Brown started for the door and Eaton trie d to follow him, but the president and several others fell upon him. “Tie him to the chair, pull off his clothes. Set th e chair on the table so we can see the innocent thing. What a shy little thing it is!” “See how it hangs its head! It isn't used to appear ing in company. Our stories will wake it up. If they don't, the girls will.” For a time Eaton protested, but seeing that they we re too many for him, he sat silent and sullen in his elevated seat, his untried instru ment hanging sad and limp between his distended legs. When Brown returned with the giggling girls who wer e two of the handsomest and most shameless women of the town, he found the circ le already formed and all things ready for the ceremony. Each man had removed all hi s clothes and, with a bottle of champagne at his side and with his pistol already c ocked in his left hand, sat waiting. In a minute Brown had joined the circle, while the gir ls, both also soon in a state of nudity, were mounted on the table on each side of the victi m. One of them, Ida, was a lovely brunette with flashing eyes, pouting lips and a slightly retrousse nose. She was only about 18 and her figur e, not yet fully developed, was adorable. Her graceful neck was finely set upon two snowy, sloping shoulders whose curves floated away into two admirably modeled arms ending in soft hands whose tapering fingers seemed just made for touching and exciting the fountain of life. In front, two small but firm and ripe breasts, each tipped wi th a dainty rose, below, a beautifully polished belly swept in a majestic curve from a coq uettish dimple of a navel down to the majestic columns of her thighs. In the midst of thi s garden of delight the rosy spring of love lay embowered in a thick and dusky foliage. Th e girl seemed all nerves. One could easily imagine with what an ecstatic spasm she woul d twine her shapely legs about one, hold one close and drain the last drop of life from the gasping form of the lover. The other, Vic, was a large, luxurious blonde some 22 years of age with beautiful golden hair flowing over her plump shoulders and di mpled arms; her features were very regular and a languid light played in her half-clos ed azure eyes. Though her breasts were not so firm as Ida's, they were much larger an d fuller. What a downy couch they
would make for one tired conqueror in the battle of love. Her full lips seemed to oppress her with their might, while her majestic thighs wer e dreams of luxury. The satiny texture of her skin had a lovely rosy tint; a very light go lden down,, short as velvet and as soft, surrounded but did not shade the entrance to a crim son hall where pleasure dwelt. She had a habit of lazily stretching out one shapely le g and drawing it up again that nearly drove one wild with the view of the vanishing beauties thus described. The two girls nestled up against Eaton, each one wi th an arm about his neck, and laid their heads on his shoulders. They kissed him, Vic with a soft, tremulous, languid osculation and the view of the vanishing beauties t hus de-then each with the disengaged hand lightly drew their fingertips along his body, from under his ears down to his knees, carefully touching on the way the bas hful Cupid which lay lifeless on its downy pillows, for Eaton was still furious on the r estraint he was in and hardened his nerves against the insidious approaches of the one and the fiery attacks of the other of his seductresses. “Well,” said the president, “he either has tremendo us nerve or he hasn't any vitality at all. But he must have something in him, just loo k at that noble purse. I bet it conceals untold treasures.” “See here,” cried one of the party, Joe Ames, “perh aps the two girls distract his attention; ten to one that Ida can bring him up.” “All right,” said the president, “let Ida try. One condition however: no French tricks yet.” Vic loosed herself from the youth and moved her cha ir behind that of Eaton, so that the view of her luxuriant form might not assist her rival, filled her wine glass and sipped it while she watched the developments. The eyes of the party were concentrated on the dainty tableau posed before them. Ida set herself a stride Eaton's lap, wound her arms about his neck and, placing her lips on his, seemed to try to draw out all his breath in one intense kiss, while she twined her legs closely about his and pressed her cleft down upon his timid tool, as if inviting it to enter. Th en, straightening her body, she pressed his face between her elastic breasts, which caresse d his now flaming cheeks, while with one hand she reached down between his ivory thighs and swiftly stroked his arrow from the feather to the point. Slowly it rose and she fe lt it jerkily forcing itself through the dusky covering of her fountain of love. With a glee ful cry she sprang to one side and grasped it with an air of triumph: “See!” “Hurrah!” cried the crowd. But she had been too hard. Her enthusiastic pressur e hurt this trembling novice, which quickly shrank back into its former seclusion in spite of all she could do to prevent it. “It's my turn now,” said Vic, as she slowly rose. “He's no good,” cried Ida in disgust. “Have we a eunuch among us?” remarked Ames. “Oh no,” said the president, “he's all right, only Ida was a little too nervous and fiery for a beginner; she can put fire into a used up rou e, but she is hardly meat for babies.” “See what you can do with me, Ida,” cried Ames, who se magnificent bludgeon, some eight inches in length, was pointing towards the fa ir brunette. “No,” said the president firmly, “no side shows; ge ntlemen, no hippodrome, only one performance in the ring at a time.” “Of course,” cried the party. Ida thrust her fingers between her thighs and took her place in a back seat, rubbing herself with a disconsolate air and convulsing the crowd with her comic faces.
But in a moment her attention, as well as that of t he rest, was concentrated on Vic, who had gone quickly to work. Softly distending Eat on's thighs, the blonde knelt down between them so that her luxurious breasts caressed the sulky god of love amorously. Encircling his body with her soft arms, she pressed her luscious lips upon his nipples, gently titillating them with the tip of her velvety tongue. Then, gradually tightening her grasp, she seemed to draw him into her downy flesh. Next, loosing one arm but still holding tightly with the other, she drew the tips o f her fingers down his spinal column to its base and then up over his lips—always lightly a nd caressingly. Then, slowly rising and falling, she kissed him under the chin, behind the ears, under the arms and on the lips with the same languid kiss, stealing the velve ty tip of her tongue in and out like a timid bird. Then, rising still higher, she slowly r ubbed the downy portiere of her parlor door against his stomach and instrument, while firm ly pressing her amorous lips on his and slipping her tongue into his mouth. A shiver ran through Eaton's body, he gasped, his h ead fell back and his eyes closed. She followed him up and again glued her lip s to his. A fire flamed all over him; his face became purple. In spite of his resolution, his tongue met hers and answered its call. Still keeping one arm about his neck, holding his face to hers in that endless kiss, with her golden hair unloosed and shutting out his view of the tormentors, she slowly moved to one side and with her free hand pointed to the superb ivory pillar with its ruby capital rising between his quivering thighs, while at its base the money bags of the treasure house were tightly packed. The crowd held its breath in expectation—would it fall? Dare she touch it? Vic felt that they asked t hat question. Still keeping Eaton's face hidden in the golden bower of her hair, she felt fo r this ivory pillar with her hand and gently stroked it from capital to base. It quivered but stood firm. Then, closing her rosy fingers about it, she held it firmly but softly and , loosing her lips from Eaton's, she sank into her seat and said with a languid sigh: “Well.” The room rang with cheers of congratulations. For a while Ida seemed to be much provoked, then, determining to put a good face upon the matter, she came around and kissed her comrade. “You have beaten me this time for sure, Vic,” she s aid, “I haven't patience enough to manage very young children. But you are a splendid one for babies, especially for those that have to be raised by hand.” A shout of laughter answered her sally and she sat down as much pleased with her wit as Vic was with her triumph. “Now, girls,” said the president, “you keep it stan ding to listen to the stories that must now be told, for one so inexperienced must learn fr om others. Remember, brethren,” he continued in a solemn tone, “this is an experienced gathering and the young man on the anxious bench must be fully edified.” Eaton raised his head and looked at his laughing comrades. He was still angry, but he could not help feeling comfortable, even though his hands were tied to the chair by napkins, for on either side he felt the continuous pressure of two warm bodies which sent delicious ch ills through his nerves and though, in his obstinacy, he tried hard, he could not reduc e his magnificent erection, sustained as it was by the luscious hand of Vic while Ida's d ainty fingers stroked delicate rhythms on the bells that ring the vespers and matins benea th the spire of the temple of love. “Now, before we begin,” said Tom Brown, “I want to propose a condition. Vic has shown us what can be done by the dainty and delicat e handling of a ticklish subject, and I think in our narrations we should avoid the u se of all dirty words. They do not add at all to the force of the description but take awa y from its beauty and charm. If we want
to keep Frank in his present ecstatic condition we mustn't offend his pure ears by any coarse expressions. Besides, the presence of the la dies should preclude all but the most proper expressions. I move then that anyone wh o uses an obscene word must be fined the cost of champagne for the crowd.” “All right!” they shouted. “Tom Brown,” said the president, “you begin, so as to show us what you mean by proper expressions.”
“My story has nothing romantic about it. I can tell you nothing of the beautiful maiden who possessed my heart while I possessed her body. The woman in the case was a plump German girl who served my parents in the capa city of a housemaid. She had been with us for a long time, in fact, ever since m y tenth year. I had spent many hours in teasing her, slipping up behind her, pulling out her hairpins, untying her apron strings, snatching her slippers off her feet and many other boyish tricks, without even once thinking of finding out what fun there might be und er her neat and trim clothing. And for a very good reason. As I did not know myself anythi ng of the mysteries of her sex, my manly feelings had not yet arisen and screwed my cu riosity to the fingering point. I always liked Lizzie and she liked me, for the teasi ng was good-natured and whenever she caught me at my tricks she used to turn me over her knee and give me a spanking with such a good-humored air that I really laughed as heartily as she did during the process. Of course, as I grew older and stronger, t he spankings were more difficult to accomplish and finally, shortly after my 15th birth day, one warm June afternoon when Lizzie and I were alone in the house, I began teasi ng her; it was I instead of she who got the better in the customary tussle and with the memories of many past castigations in my mind I held fast to her, dropped onto a sofa and, pulling her across my knees, I commenced spanking her outside her dress. The comic al aspect of the adventure so tickled her that she became perfectly helpless from laughter. I found that her skirts prevented a thorough castigation and in an instant I had flung her dress over her head. She wore no drawers and the sight that met my eyes almost paralyzed me. “Imagine two plump, rosy buttocks complemented by t wo slim columns of ivory whiteness, then an entrancing pair of red garters a nd gray stockings which were well filled out by shapely calves and trim ankles. Right between the ivory columns, where they joined their rosy bulging capitals, was a tuft of curly yellow hair. The sight of which almost took away my innocent breath. A strange sink ing feeling passed over me, my breath came short and quick and I felt a peculiar, though not disagreeable stiffening sensation, inside my breeches. Suddenly I had no strength to strike. “In the midst of my embarrassment, Lizzie struggled to get free. That restored me to my senses, and, still holding her fast, I administe red a good series of resounding slaps to those rosy buttocks which soon took on a carmine hue. The more she protested, the harder I struck. I was going to get even with her o nce and for all. “Then suddenly, instead of struggling, she began to pant and mizzle about on my lap and instead of using her hand to protect her be hind she lifted herself up a little and quickly unbuttoning my breeches, slipped one warm h and around you-know-what and with the other seized my finger and thrust it betwe en her thighs amidst the golden hair and gasped: 'Rub it, Tom!Mein Gott, mein Gott.it!' I was so completely taken by Rub surprise that I didn't think of resisting. I felt m y hand slip easily between the curls which were quite moist, into a burning hot cleft, likewis e moist and slippery, and came upon something round and firm on the forward part of the opening which quivered under my
touch. A faint but not at all disagreeable odor sal uted my nostrils. I was burning as with a fever and every motion of her hot hand which enci rcled my discharge pipe sent an electric shock through me that made me tingle from top to toe. “'Rub, Tom!' she cried. 'Rub harder and faster.' En tirely out of my senses, I did as bid. She muzzled and walloped on my knee as one pos sessed. All at once she grew rigid for a few seconds and then with a long sigh l ay limp and motionless; only her hand kept up, though more weakly, its motion on my male emblem. My hand was covered with something moist and then I felt as if my whole existence centered at the base of my abdomen. A thrill of pleasure so sharp as to be almost a pain shot through me and I also fell back limp and helpless, though I could fe el my hose jerk spasmodically as it squirted out the last drop of the vital fluid into Lizzie's apron which lay about it as I leaned back, faint and inert. “I could dimly see Lizzie rise, gather her apron, w hich was covered with yellowish stains, into a ball and straighten out her skirts. Her pretty face was crimson. She bent over me, pressed a lingering kiss on my lips and ra n from the room. I looked down at the seat of my ecstasy and I saw it still standing and quivering, a pearly drop slowly emerging from its swollen head. As I watched it wit h lazy curiosity, it began gradually to sink and shrink until I recognized my old friend an d faithful sprinkler. Then I heard a step in the hall and the sound of my parents' voice s, who had just returned, and, hastily rebuttoning my breeches, I fled upstairs to my room . I was dying with curiosity to know what it all meant and determined to get Lizzie by h erself and ask for an explanation and have a repetition of the delicious spasms. But my m other left the next day for the seashore, taking me with her, and before our depart ure I found no opportunity of talking with Lizzie alone; something told me that this wasn 't a thing for public discussion. “During the summer, though, I found no other girl w ith whom to repeat the delightful experiment, being too green to discover the proper manner and opportunities of approaching the hotel chambermaids. Yet very quickl y I found a way to get some fun all by myself, you all know how, though a course far in ferior to Lizzie's manipulations, and just at the close of August, I made the acquaintanc e of a youth who was fully enlightened and who took great pleasure in instruct ing me in all the mysteries of the propagation of our species. You may imagine with wh at joy I greeted the prospect that I should go home alone in order to attend school whil e my mother stayed a month longer by the sea. Now, I thought, is my opportunity; from close of school at half-past ten till my father returned at half-past six from business, I would be all alone in the house with Lizzie, for during my mother's absence we only kept one servant. “So the first day after my return from school I wen t in search of the object of my desire. I found Lizzie in her bedroom. It was a hot September afternoon and she had taken off her dress and was seated, attired only in a chemise and petticoat, sewing by a window, the blinds of which were turned so as to le t in the air. She looked doubly appetizing, her plump shoulders and arms and the up per part of her firm and well-rounded bosom being bare. I slipped into the room s o quietly that she didn't perceive me until I was close by her. With a cry of surprise she sprang to her feet. “'You rascal, get right out of here already.' “'Lizzie, you are a beauty,' was all I said as I cl asped her in my arms and kissed her passionately. “She slapped me, pulled my hair and pinched me, but I held on and continued the kissing on her lips, under her ear and on her snowy bosom, my burning lips spreading the conflagration. Soon she ceased her hostile demo nstration and, though still calling me rascal, returned my kisses as fervently as I bes towed them. Her face and neck were
soon ablaze. I felt under my hand, which was about her buxom waist, the knot of her petticoat string. I gave it a pull, it came untied and soon nothing but a chemise concealed my charmer's beauties from my eager gaze. “In a moment I had unbuttoned that garment and two snowy apples of paradise crowned by rosebuds of delight overspread my senses . Remember they were the first I had ever seen. In a moment I had covered them with kisses. In the state of excitement in which we both were I don't know just what I did, but the next thing I remember is that we were both lying on her bed and the chemise was rolled up under her arms, her entire delicious body bared to my gaze. I was tasting one of the rosebuds of delight while...


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