Sex Life of a Cop

Sex Life of a Cop




Sex Life of a Cop is the rollicking, ribald story of one of the most likable cops, or rather two of the most likable cops, you'd ever hope to meet in any American town. Author Oscar Peck, ex-cop, gives us two unforgettable characters--Sergeant Jim Thorne and his partner Hal Dempsey--and lets us ride the midnight beat in Patrol Car 105 in search of criminals and women. And there's hardly any crime at al, to speak of...

Publisher Sanford Aday was busted, tried and convicted of obscenity for selling this book back in '59. Depending on who you read, he got either 10 years and $19,000 in fines, or 25 years, $25k. Porn legend Ruben Sturman himself may also have run into trouble for the same work.



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Sex Life of a Cop
Oscar Peck
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Sergeant Jim Thorn had just arrived at the police s tation, and was about to enter the rear door when he heard his rank called. “Hey, Sarge!” Jim turned, recognizing the voice. “Come here,” Hal Dempsey called. Jim saw his partner half way down the dark alley ge sturing for him to come quickly. He hurried to meet him. As he approached, he could see the reason for Hal's all-fired hurry. Parked out of sight in the dark alley was a late model green Oldsmobile, which he readily recognized. He knew who would be in it. And he was right. Walking up to the driver's side he saw them. His pulse beat fast. It was Janet Harper and Flora Riley. “Hi, honey,” Janet said reaching out of the car win dow to grasp one of his hands. “Hi, baby,” Jim replied, reaching through the windo w with his free hand. He tilted her blonde head back and kissed her long and hard on he r full, lush lips. “God,” he said, breaking for air, “I haven't seen y ou in a week. Where in the hell have you been keeping yourself?” “Well, I haven't been doing without,” she laughed. “No, Jim, all kidding aside, my mother-in-law took sick. So my husband and I had to go to Fairview for a few days.” “Well, that being the case,” he chided, “I won't ba wl you out too much,—although the idea had occurred to me to spank your ass.” “Now I'm going to hold you to that remark,” she sai d, smiling as she wiggled a finger at him. “I won't back out either,” he said, squeezing her h and. “You can count on that!” Hal called out from the ot her side of the car. “He's an ass patter from way back.” “If you don't shut up, you're going to be way back,” Jim shot back at his partner. Both girls laughed uproariously. Hal was on the oth er side of the olds, kissing like mad with Flora, and playing with her breasts that p ointed invitingly beneath her tight-fitting pink blouse. Flora and Janet both had the kind of breasts that a ll red-blooded men dream about at nights, the kind you would like to bury your hea d between and just plain wallow around in, forgetting about police work and everyth ing else. Janet was a blonde girl of average height, with big blue eyes, and a shapely f igure that would make a preacher come alive. Flora was part French, with jet black h air and blue eyes. The luscious curves of her body were in the right places, and sh e knew how to use them to the right effect. “Sugar-baby,” Jim said, squeezing one of Janet's fi rm breasts, “we're going to have to get into the station and check in.” “Will you meet us at the usual place?” she asked ho pefully. “Try to keep us away,” Jim said grinning. “Yeah, th e usual spot, out in that pasture
south of Thirty-Second Street.” “How soon?” she asked. “In about thirty minutes?” “Yeah, unless we get a call to go on. If we do, wait on us,” Jim said. “Yeah, and for Christ-sake,waiton us,” Hal put in. Flora laughed and said. “You horny devil. Don't you r wife ever give you any?” “Very seldom ever,” Hal answered sourly. Jim and Ja net joined Flora in laughing. “Let's go, Hal,” Jim said, grinning at his partner. “We had better report in.” He turned, waved at Janet, and started walking towa rd the alley door of the police station. Hal hesitated long enough to kiss Flora, then hurried after his sergeant. Jim entered the station with Hal on his heels. He n oticed that the rest of the midnight shift had already arrived. The men were crowded aro und the booking desk exchanging raw jokes and talking about that most important sub ject around a police station— WOMEN. Jim and Hal exchanged greetings with the oth ers. Jim checked his wrist-watch with the station clock. It was 10:45 PM, time for the cars off the evening shift to come in for relief. The dispatcher's voice blared out over the receivin g set on the desk sergeant's desk: “Attention all cars. Signal 10:19 for relief.” All four cars answered, one after the other, with t he familiar 10:04 (which means okay). The dispatcher replied with a 10:04, gave th e correct time, and signed off the air with the station's call letters. Jim sighed. That was the new dispatcher that the Ch ief had hired. All he had been able to find out about her was that her name was No rma Jane Dickerson; she was divorced; she was real cute; and she had something in her britches he wanted to get before the rest of the whore-mongers on the force h ad a chance to get to it. There were eight men to a shift on the patrol divis ion, unless it was one of the fellows' night off, in which case one or two of the officers would have to ride 'lone ranger'. Otherwise they rode two men to a car, whic h gave an officer greater safety. Jim, as well as the rest, liked the lone ranger nights. It was easier to find one woman wanting to play than it was two. Tonight was Saturday and all the crew was here toni ght. Jim was hoping to hell it wouldn't be busy tonight. He had other fish to fry, and didn't want to have to worry about enforcing the law too. The sound of tires screeching to a halt carried to the officers waiting in the station. The prowl cars were pulling into the alley outside. The evening shift boys were eager to get off and go home. This was easy to understand. E ight hours of wearing a tin badge was enough for any one. The rear door opened and th ey started filing into the station, exchanging greetings back and forth with the office rs of the midnight shift. Jim was in a hurry to get rolling. So when the evening lieutenan t greeted him, he answered with: “Anything going on, Al?” “No,” answered Lieutenant Alvin Sloane. “It's quiet out this evening. Did you ever see the time when anything went on in this goddamn town?” Jim laughed at the Lieutenant's sour reply. “No, ne ver did,” he grunted. “Any new dispatches?” “Hell no! Goddamit!” the Lieutenant answered hotly. “Don't you ever get down here early enough to find out anything? If you would sto p chasing pussy for awhile you might accidentally make a good police sergeant some day.” Jim grinned in reply, but remained silent. Alvin Sl oan was a big towering blond-headed, ex-Arkansas farm boy with fifteen years of police experience. Jim knew better than to argue with him when he was in a sour mood. He yelled at his men to follow, then
walked outside. To hell with the Lieutenant anyway, he thought, who in the hell gave a good goddamn about being a damn Cop. He sure as hel l didn't. As far as he was concerned, it was just another lousy job with a pis s-poor salary. Any one could do better picking crap with the damn chickens. Jim turned to face the men who had gathered around him. “We'll ride the same as usual,” he said. “Any objec tions? If so, they're overruled.” He grinned broadly when no one protested. He turned , walked hurriedly toward car 105, and climbed in behind the steering wheel. A fl ick of the ignition switch, and the motor turned over instantly. Releasing the emergenc y brake, he waited until Hal got in, then drove down through the dark alley and out on t o Third Street, going toward Main Street. He had to stop at Main to wait for the ligh t to change in his favor. When it did, he turned south on Main and cast a glance in Hal's direction. “Don't you think we should check in to the dispatch er?” He said, reminding his partner. “Yeah, I guess so, all the others have,” Hal said l istlessly, his mind on the girls waiting in the pasture. Taking the mike off the dash, he pressed down the b utton and held it to his mouth: “Car 105 is 10:08 (in service) from the station goi ng south on Main. Officers 37 and 6 patrolling the wild beat (all over town).” He relea sed the button to await the dispatcher's reply. “10:04 car 105,” came the clear feminine voice of the dispatcher. “Well, so much for that,” Hal grunted, hanging the mike back on the dash. The dispatcher gave the station call letters, cleared t he air, and the radio was silent once again. Car 105 lost no time getting to Thirty-Second and M ain. The sergeant commanding the jet-black ford interceptor had managed to catch the light just right at Fourth and Main, and by judging his speed had made all the lig hts without having to stop. Turning on Thirty-Second he headed east, pushing the speedo meter up to seventy. Both officers were thinking of their rendezvous wit h love when a late model black ford whipped around the police car at a high rate o f speed. It's rear wheels skidded onto the soft shoulders of the street sending a spray of gravel across the hood and windshield of the prowl car. It skidded back onto t he pavement again and disappeared down the street taking the center line all the way. “Goddamn!” Hal exclaimed. “Look at that bastard go!” “Yeah. It's a California tag, did you get the numbe rs?” “Hell no! I couldn't even make out the car, it was going so fast. No need to call in, 'cause he'll be out of state by the time we could g et another car to block him.” “Yeah, but there'll be a next time.” “He'll be damn lucky if he don't kill his fool self driving like that.” “Let's hope to Christ he does,” Jim said. “Just as long as he doesn't take some innocent person with him.” “Hell, that kind never gets hurt.” “He will if I ever get a chance to stop him.” “If it wasn't for the girls waiting on us,” Hal sai d, “we could probably have caught him.” “Yeah,” Jim grinned, “but I'd rather have the girls . Let that speed demon kill his fool self and we'll go work the accident. I'd like that much better.” “Well, we'll see him around here again shortly.” Jim turned off Thirty-Second taking a pig trail tha t ran south through a dense thicket
of about fifty yards before it leveled out into a c learing that was being used for pasture. They saw the Oldsmobile sitting stationary in the c enter of the field. He turned off the headlights of the prowl car, drove up behind the ol ds-mobile and came to a stop. His heart started beating a little faster when he saw t he moonlight sifting through Janet's blonde hair. Jim and Hal had been meeting the two girls out in t his same pasture for the last three months. But each time seemed a little more ex citing than the last.
Jim took off his uniform cap exposing his black fla ttop haircut, and laid it on the seat beside him. “Well, what're you waiting on?” Jim shot at Hal. “Nothing,” Hal replied. “Well, then get out,” Jim said. “Hell, I don't want to make love to you.” “You needn't worry about that,” Hal returned along with a nasty glare, and stepped out of the prowl car. While Hal was walking up to Janet's car, Jim began unbuckling his sam-browne belt, dropping it and his S/W.38 caliber police special i n the seat beside his cap. He breathed a sigh. What a relief to get that damn gun off. Jan et came hurrying to the patrol car and got in the back seat. Jim got out and crawled in be side her. She removed her lace panties, exposing long trim shapely legs, and threw them up in the front seat. “I may as well save you the trouble and make it eas ier for both of us,” she said, laughing at the surprised look on his face. He pulled her to him roughly pressing his lips hard against hers. The warm feel of her breasts swelling against his chest excited the desire that was in him. She wriggled in his arms, quivering with delight when he dropped one hand to let it explore under her skirt. “Honey please, I'm on fire the way it is. Let's do it,” she whispered excitedly, her breath coming in short passionate gasps. “How come you're so hot to trot tonight?” Jim breat hed in her ear. “Usually I have to beg you for it on bent knees.” “One reason is I love you,” Janet panted. “And I ha ven't seen you for a week. Love me good honey.” Their lips met again while their bodies quivered wi th the burning desire that was so strong in them. Jim felt a thrilling sensation engu lf his body when Janet ran her tongue into his mouth. He worked his exploring hand more f everishly under her skirt and felt her tremble with excitement. Her tongue gave him a wonderful feeling as he touched it with his own, biting it gently with his teeth. Jane t was moaning in anticipation for release from her pent-up emotions and lustful craving. He l aid her gently back on the seat and pulled her skirt up high around her slim waist. Janet pulled her lips free from his and looked admi ringly up into his eyes. Just being there in his arms was a sensation out of this world . His steel-gray eyes with their always present bedroom glare gave her a thrill that was in describable. “Honey, let me take my clothes off. Please?” she wh ispered. “If I go home with my clothes wrinkled up, my husband will kill me.” Jim relaxed his grip and raised up. “That's an idea ,” he said. “I'd better take off my pants too. Our last time out here I got a little me ssed up and had a hell of a time trying to explain it to my wife.” “Did she get wise?” Janet asked.
“Just about, but I got around it finally,” Jim said . “That'll learn you, dern you,” she said teasingly. While Janet started undressing he reached over the back of the front seat, got the radio mike and stretched the cord over the back of the seat so that the mike would be within easy reach in case of a call. This way he co uld answer the radio without any hesitation, and the station wouldn't get wise. He d idn't have to worry too much about the other officers, as they played the women too. But h e had to be careful about the dizzy chief of police. The chief had a receiving set in h is home, and sometimes he listened in on the midnight shift to see if he could dig up any dirt on the boys. Jim was in complete charge of the midnight shift and no matter what hap pened, he was held responsible for it by the chief of police and the Mayor. Jim took off his royal-blue serge police pants and Ike jacket. Folding them neatly and laying them on the front seat, he turned his ey es back on Janet. She lay on the seat completely nude except for her garter belt, ny lons and high heels. Her shapely legs were wide apart and she was waiting, watching him a nd wanting him very much. He looked at her with his mouth watering. At times like this he got so hungry he could hardly talk. She looked like a delicious some thing to eat. She was grinning at him, a teasing gleam in her eye. “You'd sure look funny if you got a call now,” she said breaking out in laughter. “Just your shirt and undershorts on.” He grinned his reply, removed his black tie and thr ew it in the front seat with his uniform then rolled up the sleeves of his light blu e shirt a couple of turns. “Will you hurry up. I'm on fire,” Janet said betwee n snickers of musical laughter. “All right, I'm coming,” Jim grunted. “Let's wait until you get on before you do,” Janet said teasingly and laughed. “Wise, aren't you?” Jim said, “I'm going to do it t o you so good and hard tonight that it will take some of that tease out of you.” “You love me just the same, even if I do tease,” sh e said, her eyes gleaming with fun. “Honey, I'm nuts about you,” he said, putting his l ips to hers and pressing his body hard against the tight muscles of her stomach and thighs. He was in... Janet twisted and moved her body in rhythm to his. Her round firm breasts pressed against his chest demanding. Wildly, feverishly, he moved his lips down to engage a nipple. Running the tip of his tongue around the ni pple, he started working it like a small boy sucking juice out of a luscious orange. Janet c ried in joy. “Oh Jim, I love you. I love you,” she groaned. “Giv e it to me good. Oh! Oh! Push harder, harder. OOOh! That's it—oooooooh!” “Is there enough of me to reach your happy spot?” H e asked. “Oooooooh! Yes honey, more than enough,” she groane d happily. “Honey, you got just what I want and need.” Minutes passed as they rolled and twisted violently on the back seat. Then he felt the thrill coming from deep within, a thrilling, sa tisfying sensation followed by a sharp pain that felt wonderful instead of hurting. His mi nd became engulfed in clouds for a moment then his spent body went limp against Janet as she squeezed him to her tightly. He could feel her fingernails digging into his back and the nape of his neck. “Ooooooooooh!” she groaned slowly and luxuriously a s she got her deep-felt satisfaction. Minutes sped by—twenty, thirty, an hour. Both sweat -caked bodies were limp, drained of their pent-up desires. Passion steamed the prowl car interior. Forbidden love,
a moment of passion and a police car idle for an ho ur. Jim stirred, rose and stepped from the car, leaning against it for support. The cool spring breezes played across the cow pasture caress ing his tired aching body. The smell in the air was delightful. He was as weak as a kitten, pussy having bested him again. It was this way every time he and Janet got together. God! What a woman. She knew what it was for and how to use it. Janet and Flora were two lonely deprived housewives who didn't seem to get satisfied at home. Both their husbands worked the g raveyard shift at the local cookie plant, so the two girls had to seek refuge for their pent-up cravings in a cop. Jim reached into the car, got his clothes and start ed getting dressed. Janet stirred on the back seat, sat up and looked around her. The n she saw Jim dressing outside the car. She smiled at him when he turned and looked at her. “Enjoying nature?” she asked. “Nature be damned,” he said. “God I'm weak. What is that thing of yours anyway? Atomic energy?” “Better than your wife?” she asked laughing. “Oh hell yes! And then some,” he said. “I bet you say that to all the girls,” she kidded. “Well, I don't think it would sound too good if I s aid it to Hal,” he answered. Jim finished dressing and lit a cigarette, tossing the pack in the car for Janet to have one. Walking over to the Olds, he could see two hea ds so close together they looked like only one. He turned as Janet came to his side and handed his pack of cigarettes back. Sticking the cigarettes in his shirt pocket, he took Janet by the back of the head, pulled her to him and kissed her long and hard. She struggled in his arms for freedom to breathe, then went limp. Finally he released her. “God, I wish my husband could kiss like you,” she s aid, breathing in the fresh spring air in short gasps. “To hell with him,” Jim said squeezing her breasts playfully. “You come to me to get your kisses and meat rationing.” “I will,” she sang softly, removing his hand from h er breasts and pressing her body to his. “Kiss me Jim honey.” He did. “When can I see you again?” he asked when their lip s parted. “I don't know darling,” she answered. “That's why I just had to see you tonight, because they're due to change my husband's schedule . I don't know yet if they'll leave him on nights, or change his nights off, or what th ey'll do. I'll just have to wait and let you know.” “Well, we'll get together some way,” he assured her , and kissed her waiting lips softly. “I hope so darling,” she whispered looking up into his eyes. “Honey, it's that time again,” Jim reminded her. “P ea-brain and I are going to have to get this car back into service.” “Yes I know, darn it, everything's against us,” she said. “We'll be together again in a night or two,” he soo thed her. Taking her in his arms again, he kissed her long and tenderly. “Let's go, bird-brain,” he said toward the Olds. “Get him out of there,” he said to Janet. “Surely, honey,” she whispered, kissing him quickly . “Until we meet again.” Jim watched her walk around the car. At least he sl owed that swing in her behind down a bit tonight, he thought. Flipping his cigare tte to the ground he walked back to
the prowl car. When Hal got into the car, he started the motor, le tting it idle so the girls could leave first. Janet drove forward, made a complete circle in the field, and drove back past them with their lights off, going back out the way they had come in. Both girls waved as they passed the police car. Jim waited a matter of minut es until he was sure they had reached Thirty-Second Street, then he pulled out. B ack on the pavement he headed for Main Street, the same direction the girls had taken . Hal hadn't uttered a word since he had got back in the prowl car. Usually after an experience like this he was running off his mouth a t top speed. Jim caught the traffic light right on Thirty-Second and Main and turned no rth to cruise down Main slowly. “I could use a cup of Java. How about you?” he aske d. “I could use a cup of something,” Hal replied as if in a daze. “Okay, I'll go to Gene's Grill. All right with you? “I don't give a rat's ass where you go.” He looked questioningly at his partner. This was a fine spirit to be in after a hot date like tonight. “What the hell's eating you?” Jim asked. “Tell ole' dad. Hell, you know I'm your buddy, goddamn you.” “Oh, goddamn it all,” he faltered, “you'll only lau gh.” “Try me and see.” “I thought Janet had told you already. You know her big mouth? Well, between the station and the pasture Flora came sick and started her period. She was just lucky she had a tampax with her, I guess. Of all the rotten l uck. All I could do was kiss and play around with her.” Jim started snickering. “Go on and laugh, you goddamn ornery bastard,” Hal flared. “Damn your soul to hell. I knew you'd laugh!” “You didn't do any good out there, huh?” Jim asked trying hard to control his laughter. “Oh, she tried it with her hand. But I can't get my rocks that way.” That did it. The patrol sergeant broke into uncontr ollable, uproarious laughter. And on he laughed, enjoying himself immensely, tears ro lling out of his eyes. He hadn't heard anything this good in a long time. He knew Ha l was cussing him under his breath, but he couldn't help it. At Nineteenth and Main he wheeled the prowl car ont o the large graveled lot in front of Gene's Grill. Managing to check his laughter, he picked up the mike. “105 to headquarters,” he drawled into it. “Go ahead 105,” replied the dispatcher. “Is there any one out of service?” he asked. “No, they're all three 10:08,” returned the dispatc her. “105 will be 10:10 at Gene's Grill a while,” he che cked out. (10:10 is out of car but can be reached by telephon e) “10:04 car 105,” and she gave the time, signing off with the station call letters. Getting out of the prowl car, Jim and Hal walked in to the all-night cafe and truck-stop, their .38 caliber revolvers banging against t heir legs in black swiveled holsters with every step they took. Both officers were of av erage height, slim, trim and both looked distinguished in their tailor-fitted blue un iforms. Taking a seat in a back booth they waited. Presentl y the waitress brought two steaming cups of coffee to set before them. It was Clara, the ugly waitress, tall rangy
and hatchet-faced with large protruding buck teeth. Neither of the two cared much for her except for the fact that she liked policemen an d would do anything to help one of them. She was extra friendly and over-talkative. “You boys keeping busy tonight?” she asked, smiling down her hawk nose and horn-rims. “Yeah, we've been real busy,” Jim lied. Never tell the tax-paying public that you have time to kill. He had found this out long ago. Clara turned and went to wait on a rough looking tr uck driver that entered and had taken a stool at the counter. “You might try that out for size,” he said nodding his head in the direction of Clara. “You go to hell,” Hal shot back. “Why, now, that might be the best you've ever had,” Jim teased. “Then you be the first to try it out,” Hal answered . “I still say it might be good,” Jim said over his c up of coffee. “I'd rather use old lady thumb and her four daughte rs,” Hal grunted. Laughing under his breath, Jim lit up a Camel. “You know,” Hal said, “Flora and Janet are two real nice kids if you learn to take what they say with a grain of salt.” “Yeah, they like to be treated like virgins,” Jim s aid chuckling. “Janet always has a tale of woe. Her husband is beating her. He burns u p her clothes. He keeps her tied to the bed post. Makes her walk barefooted in the snow . So she is madly in love with me. Yeah, I've heard them all. She wants to recapture t he thrill of a teen-ager. But she doesn't want to admit that she is just looking for a good time like me and you do.” “Yeah, I know how it goes,” Hal put in. “Flora has really told me some corkers. Real whoppers. Why she won't admit what she is and what she is looking for is beyond me.” “That will never be,” Jim said. “They want to be to ld a line, even if they know damn well that it is a line of hogwash.” “Wonder if the rest of the ass-kissers on this shif t know what we're doing out here at nights?” Hal asked. “Frankly I don't give a damn,” Jim said. “The whole damn force is doing it. I don't give a damn. It's the same any where you go. This town or any other, large or small.” “Yeah, I guess you're right there,” Hal said. “Damn right I'm right,” Jim said. “Look at the chie f. He's been shackin' with the city clerk and also the Mayor's office girl for ages.” “Yeah, and if he would catch one of us getting some on the side he would fire us in a minute,” Hal said. “I knew about him and the city c lerk, but I hadn't heard this one about the Mayor's office girl.” “Well it's true,” Jim said. “She's the Mayor's priv ate meat. And he knows of the rumors about the chief, but doesn't do anything abo ut it. I'm sure that the chief has a hold over the Mayor's head somehow. Maybe some day I'll find out what it is.” “That chief of ours is quite an egg,” Hal mused. “Yeah, ain't he,” Jim said. “The big fat undermind- ed, unprincipled son-of-a-bitch. He's taking a pay-off from every crook in town; yet he wants his patrolmen to be saints.” Clara yelled across the room: “Sergeant, telephone.” Jim jumped up, darted behind the counter and hurrie d into the kitchen to take the call. In a few seconds he came running back. “Let's go, we got a kick-in,” he shouted at his partner. Hal jumped up instantly and followed him to the pro wl car. In a few minutes car 105 was going back out south Main doing ninety-five mil es an hour, the red lights flashing.
At Thirty-Second they turned east on two wheels. Ne aring Melrose Street at Thirty-Second, Jim turned off all the lights on 105 and dr ove as silently as possible onto the large parking lot of Sam's Pick and Pay Food Market . The burglar alarm system was going full blast, putting out a scream that could b e heard for blocks. The station had informed Jim on the phone that the other cars were en-route. He took the mike. “Dispatcher, 10:03 to all cars (clear air for inter-car),” he said. “Go ahead 105,” returned the dispatcher. “105 to all cars, I want your 10:20 (locations).” “We're on the east side of the market now,” came ca r 104. “See any activity over there?” “No, not yet,” replied car 104. “To all units. They're on the roof...


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