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Spanking Today


In this age of the sophisticated Sexual Revolution, lovers are only now discovering spanking and discipline as a means to full arousal. The frankly sexual nature of spanking has been recognized and accepted. And it is now becoming a common foreplay device in bedrooms across America. Read, understand and enjoy.

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Spanking Today

Will Henry

This page copyright © 2007 Olympia Press.


Spanking. The word has many connotations. For a number of years, spanking was considered quite unacceptable. But in the past decade or so, old fashioned spanking appears to have made quite a comeback. Today, the number of teenage girls who get spanked at home appears definitely on the increase. Significantly, more boys are now receiving this type of discipline. And even more significantly, an increasing number of adults are participating in spanking activities both as spanker and spankee. Married couples settle disputes by spanking. Even bachelors and unmarried adult women receive spankings.

But even more significant than all of these developments is the fact that spanking has taken on an entirely new dimension. While students of the subject have long recognized the underlying sexual implications of spanking, in previous years there was little overt sexual activity in connection with spanking except among a few married couples who employed mild spanking as a form of foreplay. In other words, spanking was strictly discipline and any pleasurable side effects were strictly incidental Today, however, all that has changed. The frankly sexual nature of spanking is now quite generally recognized, and along with this recognition has come more sexual activity.

In this book, we intend to review the comeback of “old fashioned" spanking in the modern setting that combines sex and discipline. To begin with, we will examine several examples of modern spanking practices. The first example involves two attractive divorcees and their college-age sons. The second involves a young coed who is living with her brother and sister-in-law while attending college. The final example involves a boy who is subject to discipline from his sophisticated young stepmother and her sister.




Miriam L. is an exceptionally attractive brunette of thirty-seven who lives in a midwestern city. She has been divorced for ten years and has never considered remarriage. Her son and only child, Jim, is nineteen and a college student who still lives at home. Miriam's closest friend, Linda, is in her late thirties and is also divorced. She has one boy, Ron, who is eighteen and a college freshman. For the past several years, Miriam and Linda have lived next door to one another in a suburban neighborhood. To all outward appearances, they live quite ordinary lives although an observer might wonder why two such comely women have no apparent interest in going out with men. In the following report, Miriam explains their highly unusual experiences:

“I have to admit that our situation is quite out of the ordinary, or at least I think it is. I should begin by explaining that both Linda and I have been rather hard on both our boys as far as discipline was concerned. Our divorces were both rather bitter affairs and I think that Linda and I were both unconsciously a little resentful of males and tended to take it out on the boys. But regardless of the reason, we both spanked the boys often and soundly during their formative years. That is how it all began.

“I was still spanking Jim frequently when he was fourteen. He was quite a well developed boy at the time, but he never resisted and always submitted quite meekly. I suppose that his attitude should have alerted me, but it didn't. All spankings, I might add, were bare bottom affairs over my knee. One afternoon when he was across my lap for a workout, I realized that he was showing a definite masculine reaction to the whole affair. As it was a warm day and I was wearing only a thin housedress, I could clearly feel his erect penis pressing against my thigh.

“I was quite astonished and soon brought the spanking to a conclusion. When he got up afterwards, I got a good look at his stiff member despite his red-faced efforts to conceal it. To my surprise, he was quite fully developed. For some reason, I just hadn't realized that boys matured this early. To my astonishment, I had a sudden impulse to reach out and grab it but managed to restrain myself. Neither of us said a word and I knew that my face was as red as his.

“As he hastily replaced his clothes and departed from the room, I found myself a little shocked both by his virility and by my reaction to it. I didn't blame him and realized almost at once that unconsciously I had done a great deal to encourage him in this respect. I should explain that I had often spanked him while wearing only a slip, and there had been a couple of occasions when I had taken him over my knee while I was getting dressed to go out and was wearing only my bra, girdle and stockings.

“The next day I discussed the subject with Linda. We had always been quite close and I felt no reticence about bringing up such a subject with her. To my surprise, she candidly told me that she had recently observed the same reaction with Ron. We had quite a frank discussion about it and both of us finally admitted that we had been leading the boys on although we really hadn't realized the implications of what we were doing. Linda conceded that she was also often scantily clad during the spanking sessions with Ron, and a couple of times had administered the spanking attired only in bra and panties.

“As the discussion went on, we both had to admit that we were both pleased and somewhat proud of our boys' sexual development. The upshot was quite inevitable under the circumstances—we agreed to arrange for a 'swap spanking' session with an implicit understanding that other things might develop out of it.

“The boys were given no advance notice of our plans. I can still remember the perplexed look on Ron's face when I bossily told him that I thought that he need a good spanking and started marching him toward my bedroom. He held back only for an instant; then came along quite willingly. I had deliberately worn some very heavy perfume and my shortest skirt and, by the time we got to the bedroom his jeans were already expanding nicely. Pretending to be severe, I instructed him to get ready. He hesitated for a brief moment and then, looking both embarrassed and excited, he dropped his jeans and shorts. He was wonderfully developed and I couldn't help staring at him.

“I took my paddle from the bedstand and seated myself on the side of the bed. As I did so, I gathered my skirt and slip up out of the way, revealing dark brown stocking tops and bare thighs. Ron was gazing at my thighs with obvious fascination as I pointed for him to get into position. He quickly lowered himself over my lap. I could feel his hard penis pressing against my nylons, and spread my thighs apart to get it between them. As he gasped, I squeezed it gently between my thighs and teasingly remarked that it was obvious that he needed a very good spanking.

“I started smacking his bare buttocks with the paddle, beginning somewhat lightly so as to warm him up gradually. He took it very quietly at first, catching his breath but saying nothing each time the paddle descended on his bottom. As his bottom turned pink on both sides, I started spanking him a little harder. However, I soon lost interest in spanking him. That hard, sleek bone between my thighs was just too enticing, and my panties were soaking wet.

“I tossed the paddle aside and reached for his cock. After that things happened automatically and quickly. Neither of us took time to undress completely. I simply yanked off my panties and lay back on the bed with my skirt and slip up to the waist. He lowered himself on me and I used my hand to help him get it started into me. It really filled my pussy and he started pumping back and forth. I dug my fingernails into his smarting buttocks to urge him on. In a few moments he shot a nice warm load into me. It was a little sooner than I would have preferred, but that was to be expected under the circumstances and I knew there were going to be plenty of other opportunities.

“Afterwards, I kidded him a little about coming too soon and told him that I was going to 'punish' him for that by making him eat my pussy. He was only too willing to do so. For the next few minutes, his head was between my legs while he eagerly explored my most intimate parts thoroughly, fingering and tonguing me until the bed was sopping wet under me and I was completely out of breath. By this time he had another erection. This time I knelt on the bed on my knees and elbows and had him put it to me from the rear.

“The same afternoon Linda initiated Jim. As she and I had agreed to confide in each other completely, the next morning we described our experiences to each other in detail. Linda disclosed that Jim had registered considerable astonishment when ordered to her bedroom for a spanking, but had gone along with her without complaint. He had a full erection by the time he had lowered his clothing and was bending over her knee. She revealed that the spanking had lasted only briefly and they were soon having intercourse on the bed. Afterwards, she had introduced him to cunnilingus and fellatio.

“With this beginning we started 'swap spankings' on a regular basis and have continued them for the past five years. At first we used spanking as a pretext for getting the boys into the bedroom, but gradually we quit pretending that there was any real discipline involved. However, the boys have definite masochistic leanings because of their prior experiences, and often require a rather stiff workout with the paddle. They really pump it to us afterwards when we dig our long fingernails into their burning hips to spur them on.

“This arrangement has worked out quite satisfactorily for all of us, and we desire to keep this type of relationship going for some time yet. As the boys are together frequently, Ron can stay at my place and Jim at Linda's without anyone being the wiser. The four of us always vacation together and that makes an ideal time for swapping. The boys go out with girls their own ages to a certain extent, but I must admit that Linda and I are rather jealous and like to keep the boys to ourselves as much as possible. However, we are really not too worried as we feel that we are both attractive and experienced enough to be competitive with younger girls, particularly with our knowledge of the boys' backgrounds and requirements.”




Eileen C. is a thirty-year-old housewife who lives in Massachusetts. In the following report she describes her experiences in disciplining her teenage sister-in-law, Nancy, a cute little blonde who is a college freshman:

“When my husband and I were first approached about having Nancy stay with us while attending college, I was very much opposed to the idea. Nancy had always had everything she wanted and was spoiled rotten. I finally agreed to having her stay with us only if I had authority to discipline Nancy as I chose. At her age, I had been spanked often and hard at home and also had similar experiences as a sorority pledge. Nancy knew what I had in mind and needless to say, was terribly reluctant to go along with it. However, her desire to attend school here overcame her reluctance.

“Naturally, it was all a horrible come-down for Nancy at first. It was particularly distressing for her when she learned that my old sorority paddle would be applied to her completely bare bottom. She could hardly stand the indignity of having her prettily plump, girlish bottom turned up bare over my knees. Borrowing a practice that my stepmother had imposed on me at a similar age, I also required her to wear punishment garments for serious offences. This consisted of a maroon knit dress that I made over for this one purpose. It is absolutely skinfitting and is hemmed to end just a few inches below her hips.

“With the short dress, Nancy was required to wear regular length nylon hose rather than pantyhose. Because of the shortness of her dress, the welt of the stockings was constantly on display and the slightest movement revealed supporters and bare thighs. Nancy at first tried to minimize the effect by wearing beige hose, but I made it a rule that the stockings must be black or dark brown. I also made her wear a garter belt instead of a girdle. I also required her to wear high heels although at times I allowed her to wear sneakers. A large red hair ribbon was also part of the costume to add to the naughty-girl effect.

“I made her wear this punishment costume for a specified time before and after a spanking. She was not shown off to visitors while so attired, but did have the acutely embarrassing experience of having her brother see her. It was quite amusing to see her blushing furiously and tugging desperately at her short skirt. She does have very pretty legs and he could hardly take his eyes off of her even if she was his own sister. I soon noticed that he was more amorous with me on those evenings when Nancy had paraded around the house in that brief costume, and there were times when I would notice a lump in his pants at rather awkward moments. Nancy was quite aware that she had this effect on him.

“At the appointed time for the spanking, I would take her by the hand and lead her upstairs like a naughty girl. From the beginning, I always used my sorority paddle and applied all the whacks on the bare bottom. Nancy would cry softly and protest as her panties were lowered, and would do her best to keep her legs pressed tightly together so as not to expose her girlish charms too much. However, the paddle soon made her forget all her modesty. She would howl and sob, filling the air with high pitched shrieks and frantic appeals for mercy. She would swing her stockinged legs merrily back and forth, exposing herself completely. While she carried on, I would apply the paddle until her pretty buttocks were as red as a beet on both sides.

“One evening when I was preparing her for a spanking, I noticed that her panties were quite moist. At first, I was a little puzzled and thought that she must have been up to something beforehand. As I started paddling her, she began moving her hips back and forth with what were obviously coital-type movements. That little minx was obviously enjoying the spanking! My first instinct was to spank harder and that's exactly what I did. Nancy moaned and pitched all over my lap and it was apparent that she reached at least one climax while I was paddling her. Afterwards, the front of my skirt was soaked.

“After that the spankings became more frequent as Nancy would deliberately misbehave just to get spanked. She seemed to enjoy each spanking even more than the previous ones. For my part, I began to allow my hands to wander during the disciplining. It wasn't long before I was exploring and probing her hot little pussy in between whacks of the paddle. Nancy would respond with delighted moans, crying and pumping her hips back and forth. I had never had an experience with another girl before, and I was intrigued by her responses to me. After the spanking, she would kiss me passionately on the lips and hug me close.

“In a short time, I had to admit to myself that I had become involved in a definitely sexual affair with her. But there was a great deal more to come. One afternoon when I was paddling her, Nancy suddenly slipped off my lap to her knees between my legs. My skirt had worked up to reveal my garter belt and panties. Nancy impulsively pressed her face right against my panties and started kissing them. 'Oh, Eileen, please take them off!' she begged tearfully. 'I want to so bad!'

“I could hardly wait to get the panties off, and Nancy instantly buried her face in my pussy. Her little tongue lost no time finding my most intimate parts, and my juices were soon flowing. As she licked me all over, slurping and smacking her face all over my wet cunt, I squeezed her between my thighs and held her blonde head down with both hands. She began concentrating on my clitoris and vaginal orifice, really working her tongue up inside me until I was nearly wild. In a few moments, I reached a delightful climax right in her face.

“Afterwards, we stretched out on the bed and hugged each other while we caught our breath. I knew it was my turn to reciprocate and for a moment I didn't know if I would be able to get up enough nerve to do such a thing. Nancy hadn't asked me to and looked pleasantly surprised when I started working her skirts up and spreading her legs apart. In a moment, that downy little pussy of hers was on view. I slowly knelt between her legs and brought my lips down against her pink vulva. We both trembled and she quickly became moist all over. I worked my tongue between the lips of her vulva, spreading them apart and quickly finding her clitoris. She climaxed instantly, squeezing her pretty legs around me until I was completely breathless.

“From that time on, we have always wound up our spanking sessions with mutual cunnilingus. It has added a beautiful new dimension to our relationship and we are extremely close. I might add that this has in no way impaired my relationship with my husband. In fact, we have sexual relations more than ever. While he doesn't know all the details of my relationship with Nancy, he is quite intrigued by it and I have found that I can sex him up by hinting rather broadly about what goes on. There are times when I think that he would like to make a threesome out of it, and I'm sure that will happen sooner or later.”




Tom R. is a high school senior of eighteen. He is an only child and lives with his stepmother, Helen, a widow of thirty-four. They live in a middle class community in the Pacific Northwest. Helen is quite a modern, sophisticated woman who is quite active socially. She is a tall, well built woman who is quite attractive and has an extremely forceful, dominating personality. Tom has been under her complete control throughout his adolescence, and is still subject to her discipline.

When some disagreement occurs or Tom violates one of her rules, Helen will discuss the matter with him at great length. If she feels that punishment is in order, she will then ask him if a good sound spanking would help him to remember next time. When he admits that it would, he is immediately escorted to the basement recreation room for the session. On the way they stop in the kitchen, where Helen picks up the paddle and razor strap. The boy has had his share of spankings with hand and hairbrush, but at his grown up age she feels the paddle and strap are necessary. The wooden paddle was a present from Helen's sister a couple of years ago. The strap is a well worn smooth strap that was used on Helen when she was a teenager.

In the basement Tom is required to drop both his pants and underpants to his ankles. Next, Helen takes a length of clothesline and ties his wrists together firmly behind his back. This leaves him completely under her control. Helen then completes the preparations by tucking his shirttails up under his T-shirt both in front and back. While preparing him, she scolds and ridicules him at length. He endures her chiding in red-faced silence, occasionally casting furtive glances at the paddle and strap that are soon going to set him afire.

Next, Helen removes her blouse, skirt and slip. At the sight of his well built but very shapely stepmother standing there attired only in brassiere, girdle, stockings and high heels, Tom's heavily dangling penis reveals his burgeoning excitement. When she is ready, Helen sits down on the couch with her long legs well apart. Hobbled by the lowered pants and shorts, Tom makes his way over to her and stands between her legs. She bends him face down over her left thigh, clamping her right leg around him. With his hands tied behind him quite securely, he is completely helpless in this position.

The sound spanking that follows is really designed to get results. The paddle is applied first. With her strong right arm and considerable experience, Helen can lay that paddle on his bare bottom with really resounding cracks. She allows several seconds for each spank to sink in; then applies the next one with equal force. It takes only a few burning strokes to bring tears to his eyes and leave him wriggling furiously but helplessly over her lap. And it takes only a few more after that to reduce him to sobs and howls. But by this time, Helen can usually feel his penis pressing against her nylons with a hardness that betrays the excitement underlying his agitation.

The number of strokes with the paddle varies from twenty to thirty. By the time the paddling comes to an end, Tom's buttocks are flaming scarlet and blistering hot. He is sobbing heavily and squirming just as much as the confining position will permit. His hands instinctively try to reach back as far as the rope will permit to protect his burning bottom, and between sobs he begs and pleads with her to spare him further punishment. In response, Helen will sarcastically remind him that it is perfectly obvious that he approves of her discipline.

After the paddling there is a pause while she rests her arm. During this time, she will occasionally scrape her fingernails across his reddened and sensitive buttocks, making him frantically squirm with both discomfort and pleasure. Finally, she picks up the strap. The strapping that follows is done very slowly, almost casually, to get the full effect of the strap across. The workout may run from five to ten minutes, with the strap descending from two to three times per minute. Each stroke is applied very soundly and brings fresh wails and tears from the boy. By the time the strapping comes to a conclusion, his buttocks and upper thighs are aflame.

As soon as she sets the strap aside, Helen's attitude changes abruptly. Telling him in a soothing voice that he is forgiven, she unties his hands for him. Without pulling up his pants or shorts, Tom sits down gingerly on the couch beside her while they “make up.” Helen aggressively hugs and kisses him, and allows him to stroke her nylon-clad legs and upper thighs and fondle her well-filled brassiere. Telling him that she is quite pleased with his cooperative attitude and manly reaction to her discipline, she will grasp his throbbing penis in her hand and expertly stroke it until he climaxes.

Next, she asks him if he really wants to make up to her. When he eagerly replies in the affirmative, she rolls down her stockings and removes her girdle and brassiere. Stretching out supine on the couch with her legs apart, she instructs him to kiss her where it will please her the most. He usually commences by kissing her breasts but it isn't long before he buries his face in the brown patch of hair at the fork of her legs. Helen prefers oral sex to regular intercourse and has a special predilection for anilingus. Tom has been carefully trained to know exactly how to please her in this respect.

Slipping his hands under her buxom hips and lifting them slightly off of the couch to make all of her most intimate parts more accessible, his tongue washes the entire area quite thoroughly, running his tongue back and forth between her vulva and anus. Helen quickly loses her reserve at these caresses and is soon pumping her hips and urging him on with verbal commands. As the entire area becomes thoroughly moist, he works his tongue over her clitoris and licks it until she reaches an orgasm. Clasping his head between her thighs and holding him down with both hands, she presses him down against her until her last spasm has subsided.

As was mentioned earlier, the paddle that Helen uses was a present from her sister a couple of years ago. Her sister, Ruth, is a spinster of twenty-nine who lives close to them. For some time Ruth has been aware of Helen's method of disciplining her stepson, but was not aware of the sexual implications until a couple of years ago. She learned about it on Tom's sixteenth birthday when she gave them the paddle. On that occasion, Helen told her that she would be permitted to administer the traditional birthday spanking as a reward for coming up with such an appropriate present.

The ensuing paddling was done good naturedly and without any malice, but with plenty of sting. Ruth had him bend over the back of a chair right in the living room, pants down. Although he was a good sport about it, he was pretty red-faced and became even more embarrassed when Ruth personally lowered his shorts for him. Ruth is the robust type and the sixteen whacks that followed were right on target despite her lack of experience. The paddling left him flaming red and both hands simply flew backward as he straightened up afterward.

As he stood there without bothering to pull up his pants and shorts, his erection was quite obvious and Ruth gasped in astonishment. Helen was quite amused and, remarking that the two of them should make up after the spanking, discreetly retired from the room. Ruth was quite red-faced as he stepped out of his pants and shorts, but made no effort to move away from him. A few minutes later they were on the couch, and while her hands explored his pulsating penis he worked her panties down.

To her surprise he knelt between her parted legs and introduced her to cunnilingus. It was an entirely new experience for her and she climaxed quickly as his tongue worked inside the parted lips of her vulva. In response, she performed fellatio on him, having him stand between her legs while she sat on the couch and took his penis into her mouth. This was a new experience for him as Helen, with her dominating nature, would never consider such a thing. As he watched Ruth's brown head bobbing up and down and felt the warm moisture from her mouth, he quickly erupted in her mouth.

Since that time Ruth occasionally substitutes for her sister at the disciplinary sessions. Most of the time she employs only the paddle, making him bend over the back of a chair with his pants and shorts down while she applies some two to three dozen solid whacks. He manages to remain in place by tightly gripping the seat of the chair and holding on throughout the correction. While these paddling sessions are not so severe as the combined paddling and strapping workouts that Helen gives, they always leave him with a red hot bottom.

Afterwards, they both strip and have a long “make up” session on the couch. He always brings her to a climax with a combination of cunnilingus and anilingus, while she usually treats him to fellatio. They have intercourse from time to time although both prefer oral sex.

* * *

The preceding case histories are three examples of modern spanking practices. In each of them, the sexual nature and indeed objective of spanking is readily apparent. In the following chapters, we will review ether case histories which illustrate the erotic implications of modern spanking.


Donna D. is a pretty and shapely young brunette of twenty-two who still lives at home with her parents. Although she has a regular job and pays board at home, Donna is still subject to discipline from her father. In the following report, Donna describes the discipline in her home and her relationship with her father:

“I have a regular job and consider myself quite independent in many ways. However, as unusual as it might seem to many people, I am still subject to discipline at home on a regular basis. Let me hasten to say at the outset that I wholeheartedly approve of my father's methods. All of us make mistakes when we are young, and I have always found that dad's control and discipline make me feel very secure and well loved. In my opinion...


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