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The Corrupted Wife


Joe Smith seemed rescuer and liberator to his new, young wife, Arden. He spirited her not only away from an ignoring father and a drunken mother, but from her confusing adolescent world as well. And he brought her to the wonderful bedroom-world of the married woman. So Arden played at being grown up while desperately needing her thirty-five year old husband to take care of her, protect her, father her. The need became so desperate that she grew willing to do anything to secure her marriage.

This title was also published as "The Prudish Wife," "The Timid Bride" and "Shy--But Sexy Bride."

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The Corrupted Wife

Jon Larson

This page copyright © 2007 Olympia Press.


We think of today's teenagers as free and natural, accepting people as easily as they reject society's traditions. But the kids are not as free as they seem. They very much want to be accepted as adults. They want to be a part of society, a part that is not subject to their parents' “unreasonable” demands. So they smoke and drink and secretly play at sex, and they feel grown up.

To many of these teenagers, marriage means freedom. A married woman, for example, is looked on as an adult, not a little girl under her mother's thumb. A married woman can also engage in as much sex as she likes without anyone frowning on her or labeling her a hippie. But marriage does, of course, not mean freedom.

Joe Smith seemed rescuer and liberator to his new, young wife, Arden. He spirited her not only away from an ignoring father and a drunken mother, but from her confusing adolescent world as well. And he brought her to the wonderful bedroom-world of the married woman. So Arden played at being grown up while desperately needing her thirty-five year old husband to take care of her, protect her, father her. The need became so desperate that she grew willing to do anything to secure her marriage.

The Publishers


To be young and to be loved! It was a marvelous thought, and an even more marvelous reality to Arden Smith, sixteen years old and married for just three days. She said it out loud, knowing it would please Joe who stood looking down at her.

“To be young and to be loved!”

Joe smiled at her. She was beautiful. Her pink-nippled breasts were full and firm, just right for her slender body. Her long, straight brown hair tumbled around her face. On her gently rounded young belly, the triangle of shining cunt hair was the same shade of bright brown.

But Mrs. Joe Smith, hot and craving between her strong thighs, in that deep and hidden young cunt, didn't think of her own beauty. She looked up at Joe, tall and muscular, his face ruggedly good-looking. And she looked at his thick cock.

“Oh, Joe,” she cried. “I mean—to be young and to be loved and to be a girl! Because if I weren't a girl, I wouldn't be loved by a guy with such a beautiful cock!”

And just seeing it hanging there between Joe's legs was beautiful and marvelous, too. She felt itchy and crawly-full of cum-juice, away up inside her pussy. It was leaking out now. She felt a tickling sensation in her cunt lips, a coolness down in the crack of her ass. She felt like a woman grown, not like a know-nothing sixteen-year-old kid. Like a grown woman who has been married for three days, lying naked and warm in a motel and holding up her arms to her husband.

He smiled down at her and one of his big hands stroked his cock and pointed it at her playfully. His face was craggy, his bare body tall and tough-looking. All muscles and bones. She was so thrilled at the sight of him that she involuntarily moved her entire body toward him as a sensual shudder went through her young body. She wondered if she would ever get used to being close to a naked man, a full-grown man with hair all over his muscular chest and legs and with a thick, dark nest of it around the base of his cock.

She reached for it spasmodically and he smiled and moved closer to let her hold it and look at it. It was unbelievable to find a girl of sixteen who had had no sexual experience. Especially such a beautiful girl and one with such a warm and naturally loving nature.

“Oh, wow! Is this ever something,” she whispered, holding the handful of warm meat and soft skin to her cheek. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing a little faster. For a moment, Joe Smith was afraid she would try to put it in her mouth. He was relieved that she didn't. That was something he would teach her later.

She quickly edged over as he sat on the bed but she did not release his prick. He turned slightly and put his big hand between her thighs, laughing as she automatically pressed them together. He saw it for what it was, a young girl's natural defense against man... not a particular man, but against man, the despoiler of fair young maidens.

In a couple of heartbeats she relaxed and opened her legs, as unconsciously as she had closed them. His hand went up to the fine-haired softness of her cunt. His fingers slipped easily into the itchy wetness and drippy sweetness of her girlish vagina.

“Baby,” he whispered, “you really are gorgeous! How much of this juice do you distill every day in that hot little hole of yours? A quart? I love it!”

He made a gesture that was at once comical and shocking and intensely hot-making to her. He put his shiny-wet fingers up to his nose and then to his lips. He sniffed appreciatively and then licked them!

“Joe!” she cried. “You kill me when you do that!” She turned her slender, strong young body toward him in a violent burst of love and desire. “Is that the next thing you're going to teach me? That husbands actually do kiss those nasty old things?” She was writhing against him, very close to a cum.

“Firecracker,” he whispered softly. “Do you want it again? You trying to fuck me to death? That's the trouble when an old man marries a hot young kid!”

He rolled her on her back again, but she got part way up on her elbows and bumped her hips up and down in invitation.

He put his fingers into her again, into the flowing slickness of her thick-lipped, young twat. She squirmed and moaned with the delight and beauty of the hard sensuality of it. His two fingers were almost as big and brutally pleasing as his cock. He moved them in and out, making a softly sucking whisper as her cunt-nectar pumped out. Oh, Joe knew what to do.

She humped her entire body up as he hooked the fingers under her pubic arch, lifting hard against the softness of the interior pad of tissue. To Arden, half out of her mind with love and sensuality, it was a simply crazy sort of wonderful pain. But not hurting, not really hurting. Just a hot pressure that struck all through her.

Suddenly she rolled her body on his fingers and clutched at his hairy forearm as though trying to pull it deeper up her hot little pussy. Her eyes were wide open but focused on something far away, her breath coming out in sharply vibrant gasps that were like groans. She held his arm and shook violently for a few seconds while the young muscles inside her cunt worked and writhed and sucked on her husband's fingers.

When her body went slack it settled back on to the bed. Her ass had been four inches up off the mattress and she was panting like a long distance runner. She let go of her husband's arm and his cum-drenched fingers came out of her cunt with a barely audible sucking noise.

“Glee, Joe,” she whispered, smiling tremulously, “I didn't know how ready I was. I was kidding about you kissing me there,” she said half apologetically. “It almost drove me out of my mind. But you wouldn't really do that, would you?”

He was having trouble with his own breathing and his cock was as hard as it would ever get. “I'll do what I want when I want, Arden baby,” he said hoarsely. “Roll over on your belly. There, like that,” he said, and sat up beside her to look down into the moist cleft between her buttocks. He ran his hand over the twin globes, letting his fingers slide down to touch her pink, squeezed-in ass-hole.

He had made her cum on his fingers. He was moved intensely by her capacity for heat and love. There was a film of cunt ooze in the crease of her ass, proof of her generous inner flow. Her flushed young face was on her crossed palms so that she could see what Joe was doing. Once again he licked his fingers free of the lovely fluid distilled in her vagina. And once against the sight raised a fire in the young girl so that her body moved involuntarily.

“Open up a little, baby,” Joe said, his voice still a bit ragged. “Get your legs wider apart. Yeah. Like that. Lovely!”

He put his hand along the smoothness and warmth of her inner thighs. He moved it up until his thumb touched her pouting cunt lips. A man surveying his own property. He liked what he saw. His big hand moved under her, into the fine hair on her softly padded mound. Where his thumb touched, the hair was sopping wet with her clear, slick cum-juice.

He moved his hand up until his palm rested on her round buttock. His middle finger moved gently in the ring of muscle that marked the entry into her cunt. She responded at once, moving her body from side to side.

“Hold still,” he said.

He pushed inside the wet folds, pressing on her hard, girlish cervix. It was smaller than it would be when she was older and more sensitive. “I'm going to give you a new feeling,” he said, and pressed hard against the firmly anchored mouth of her immature womb.

“Hey!” the girl said, sounding alarmed. Then she laughed and said: “That's pretty good. It's kind of like the way it felt a couple of times the night we married. What is it?”

He shifted slightly so that his rigid cock would not rasp against his leg. Not that he feared a premature ejaculation. Not even in this sweet little pussy, tight as it was with the resilience of extreme youth. But he liked the feel of mastery over a woman that came with long fucking. He was going to fuck her. A long time. A beautiful little piece! She deserved the best he could give her. He answered her question.

“That's your cervix, baby. The mouth of your womb. Where babies come from.”

“I hope not for a while,” the girl said, but her voice was tender. “I want to have your babies, Joe. But not until we've had all the loving we want. All the fucking.” She shivered with anticipation. “Joe, are you going to fuck me now?”

Her voice was humble, a plea for his cock. Finger-fucking was wonderful but it wasn't the real thing. He forgot his momentary irritation at her mention of babies. Her asking for a fuck made him forget it.

“Get a pillow,” he said. His voice was tense. “Put it under your belly. Great! Your ass is lovely, baby!”

“Joe,” she asked, and her voice was frightened. “You're not going to stick it in my other little hole, are you? In my ass, I mean? I know you can if you want to, Joe. I'm your wife. But you're so big!”

Joe laughed and slapped her playfully on her rounded little rump. “You've been telling me for days that you intend to do everything you can to make our marriage a success. Suppose I'm queer for asshole fucking. What then?”

She wiggled her beautiful little butt and laughed.

“There you go,” she said. “Pinning me down. Oh, Joe, I don't believe that any girl's really scared of that. Not with the man she loves. Go ahead if you want. I was only kidding.” She gave her rump another twist. “I'll bet I'll love it!”

He got between her young thighs and his heart was pounding far harder and faster than he would have expected. The inner part of her cunt was plain to see. Heat had swollen her inner labia to such fullness that they pushed the outer lips open. The shell-pink convolutions, usually creased like the lips of her mouth, were now so filled with engorged blood that they were slick and smooth. They were a deeper pink, too. Almost red with the network of surface veins that crisscrossed all over the inner surface of her pussy.

He was about to tell her to raise her body when an old instinct gave her the same orders. As she raised her behind, the space between her thighs and her buttocks became much wider. Her cunt now seemed wider open than ever with the tiny darkness that marked the entrance into her aching pussy making faint, fluttering movements.

“God damn!” he groaned as his big tool went in a couple of inches and seemed to hang up. “Jesus, you're tight!”

She was making small animal cries and shoving back at him as if she were trying to nibble her way back up his prick.

“Push, Joe!” she choked. “Oh, God, honey! shove it in! Oh, you're so big! Ohhhh!” She shook as she had on his fingers, squirming like a hooked fish. “Oh, God! AAAaaarrrgggghh! I'm cumming! Oh, darling! Darling Joe! Fuck me, darling!”

Her body went soft and slack again and she fell to the bed, her hips and belly and cunt and thighs resting on the big pillow. Joe went with her, and his cock slipped in further as he felt the wet flow of new cunt-juice around it. She reached a smooth little paw back to pat his muscular ass and made happy little sounds.

“I feel you hitting my whatchacallem, Joe,” she whispered. “My cervix. You were hitting it when I began to cum. Oh, that was a lovely one!” She wiggled her entire body, and her strong young ass went from side to side in a way that gave her husband's hard and sensitive cock a sweet massage.

He drew out and fucked back into her carefully but firmly, feeling the pinch of her womb's mouth as he passed it. He struck the end of her sheath and kept pushing. It would stretch, and this sense of raping pressure would be like sexual wine to his young wife.

After six or seven of these long strokes, Arden began to raise her ass to meet him, unconsciously twisting her body to give them both the maximum of pleasure. The head of his cock was tight with blood and bathed in the pain and beauty of imminent orgasm.

He raised himself so he could look down and see his long, thick column penetrating her cunt. There was enough friction so that each pull-out brought the upper part of her cunt's lining into view, pink and slickly streaming.

Each time he socked it back in, the thickness of his cock dragged this pink mass of lovely softness back in. With the final two inches, even her thick and hairy outer lips were forced into the gripping entrance. There was a delirious kind of pain involved for Joe as the tightness and pressure pulled his foreskin almost to the tearing point. He knew that a similar stab of lovely anguish was affecting Arden.

He could watch the joining only for a moment or two if he was to maintain control over his coming orgasm. The sight of the swollen young pussy with its pink softness being entered by his cock created such heat that he would have cum in another minute or two.

Sooner or later, he would be forced to such lascivious voyeur tricks to keep his erection up, even to cum. But for now it was sufficient to have this incredibly lovely young body so completely subservient to him and his desires. And to have this sweet young mind so anxious to agree with whatever kinks his needs might devise.

The girl was heaving back against him and her body was swinging from side to side in the same rhythmic twist as before. He was making her cum again and he marveled at the native heat in this child, so recently a virgin. Timing his stroke, he was deliberately driving his cock into her as she raised her smooth young ass toward him. With each thrust he experienced that solid jar as his cockhead struck her cervix and brought up short against the end of her vagina.

Her hands were clawing at the bed, not so wildly as before. Her voice was muffled by contact with the bed, but he could make out her plea:

“Fuck me, Joe, darling! Oh, Joe, it's so beautiful!”

From his position above her he could see that her soft but firm breasts were pressed out on each side of her and he shoved his hands under them. The pressure and pain of this mauling grasp made the girl scream into the muffling folds of the sheets and blanket. The sensation must have been sexually fiery for her body thrashed against Joe's sweated belly and his throbbing cock.

As he felt the flutter and kiss of cunt muscles deep inside his bride, Joe very carefully held himself in control. He moved his hard prick gently, grinding his body against the super-sensitized areas at the opening into her pussy so that he achieved a hard massage to every inch of her cunt walls. As he knew she would, she began to cum again.

This time it seemed more difficult for her, and there was a note of pleading in her inarticulate cries. Above her, Joe grinned in satisfaction. It felt wonderful to be in her tight little pussy, and it felt even more wonderful that he had the capacity to make her cunt exhaust itself with cumming on his masterful cock.

He stopped all motion and put his face down beside hers.

“How is it, baby?” he whispered. “How do you like Papa Joe's special rear-end fuck?”

The sweet young face turned toward his, streaked with sweat. Perhaps with tears. If so, they were tears of joy and completion. Joe was sure of that.

The girl was making kissing motions with her lips, and he moved so that their mouths joined. It was a sweet surprise. With a burst of action, she sucked his tongue into her mouth and wrapped her own around it. The caress was both tender and fierce, and Joe's entire body responded. He was always surprised to detect any tenderness in himself. But it was here, at this moment.

He relaxed and let her tongue take his, knowing how much it pleased her to hold any initiative in their screwing. His hands still held her breasts but with more tenderness. His cock continued to swell and throb in her warm and clasping cunt and he thought: She may be just a baby, but she's the hottest baby in California!

He was so anxious to get to another part of her education that he rolled on his side, keeping his cock in her and carrying her with him. Her body was against his but now it was in a spoon-fashion position. He was so much taller than she—over six feet by a couple of inches while she was perhaps five-six—that his head was still even with hers even when she was fitted into the curve of his body. And his cock was long enough that it was deep inside her, nestled against her womb in this curved position.

“Joe,” she whispered, “Joe! Is this all right for you? I got so excited I didn't even know if you were cumming.” She put a hand behind them both and caressed his hard buttocks.

She let out a long breath and her body bumped suddenly against his.

“Oh, God!” she cried. “I'm still trying to cum! Joe, is it all right for me to cum this much? Will it kill me? I just feel so cummy, so hot inside!”

She pressed his hand against her breasts, feeling the lovely and painful itch of sexual fire run from their tender sensitivity down to the more explicit heat in her pussy.

Her strong and slender young body shook wildly in a small aftershock of orgasm, with a reactive flurry of inner muscle in the slick darkness of her cunt.

She moved her hand to stroke her husband's face, and he grinned behind her back as he thought with a gut-deep pleasure of all that he would teach her.

“Arden baby?” he whispered. “Do you want to rest? Do you want me to take it out?” He had his face against her neck, and the clean smell of her hair and scalp was so sweet that he felt a rush of genuine affection for her.

“Little girl,” he whispered fondly. It seemed extremely lustful that she was in fact a little girl and that he had his cock in her and was fucking her.

“I don't know whether I want you to take it out or not, Joe,” she said seriously. “I feel that I really have all I need. And I don't want to kill you. After all,” she said with a school-girlish laugh, “you were talking about being an old man.”

She pulled his hand up to her mouth and kissed it feverishly.

“Oh, Joey, I'm the luckiest girl in all the world!” she cried brokenly. “To have someone like you to love me and take care of me! Yes, Joe, take it out! I want to kiss you!”

She moved away from him so that his dripping cock came out of her and she cried out: “Oh, it hurts when you take it out of me! It feels so empty!”

And then she was turned around and was all over him, kissing his face and eyes and lips. She was sobbing but it was a wildly happy sound. In an odd sort of way she seemed more grown up than he had felt. But also more of a child.

She began kissing him on the chest and arms and was kissing his belly and holding bis cock when he stopped her, pulling her up so that he could kiss her mouth.

“No hurry, baby,” he said with a smile. “Let's save a few things for later.”

She sat up and looked at him admiringly. Her body was absolutely beautiful, in such streamlined opulence that Joe felt for a moment that he might never get enough of her.

“You're too much,” he said.

She looked at him with all the love in her heart showing in her face. Looking at his big features which seemed so masculine and strong to her. At his dark hair, his dark eyes. And always she looked at his body, because its big-boned strength seemed to her to be the real basis of a real man. Her security.

There was a little bit of gray in the dark hair at his temples and in his heavy sideburns. If it weren't for that he certainly wouldn't look the thirty-five years which he was. Somehow, although it was more than twice her own age, thirty-five didn't seem so old to Arden any more. Once you love a man and especially once he's fucked you, his age doesn't matter.

The warmth in her heart made her come closer to him.

“Joe,” she whispered against his face. “You didn't cum. Do you want to? Was it something I said? Or did?”

He felt lovingly of her breast, squeezing it out to a point and sucking on the nipple. “Don't be silly, hon,” he said. “Eight times in three days is pretty good for a guy my age!” He put his hands around her, on the softly muscled ass.

“I still can't believe that a chick like you could live in California for sixteen years and still have a cherry,” he said. “I mean, and be as hot as you are. When I saw you in that damned parade in Santa Barbara, I damn near creamed my tights!”

Cuddled against him, Arden laughed happily. “A lot of guys tried to date me, Joe,” she said. “I don't know why I never liked any of them. But when you started walking along the line of the parade, and I thought it might be me you were looking at like that—well, I felt the same as you did.”

He let her go suddenly and stood up. “Let's get dressed and go out for...


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