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The Forgiven Sinner


Story of one man's wanderings through the desert... with multiple women of various sizes, and cross-dressing, leading to redemption.

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The Forgiven Sinner

Thomas N. Tomm

This page copyright © 2009 Olympia Press.


Ed Walker shook the cold-running water out of his hair again and smoothed his hand down over the hack of his neck, luxuriating in the coolness. He took another sip of the silvery liquid and lay back on the dry bank, breathing hard, dangling his blistered feet in the bubbling stream, his belly heaving as his dry insides reacted to the sudden deluge he had given them a moment ago.

Overhead, the sun beat mercilessly out of a clear Arizonan sky, sucking the moisture out of him even before he'd had a chance to assimilate it. He shaded his eyes for protection from the white glare of desert sand and let consciousness slip and reel.

He sat up suddenly. There it was again! It couldn't be a dream. He couldn't be getting desert fever already.

His ears strained for another snatch of sound, and all he heard was a faint ringing in them. That and the sound of the stream. He fell back on his elbow and shook his head as if to clear it. He spotted a clump of low-growing greasewood and palo verde, their branches casting a weak shade on the ground. He inched his way over to them and lay panting.

This time there was no mistake. Slowly, warily, he sat up once more and listened to giggling laughter.

His first reaction was to jump up and run to whoever it was, and he could see himself, stumbling, his clothes torn and soaked with sweat the way they did it in the movies, crying out desperately for help.

But he fought down the urge to do that, because he had heard that these western ranchers were like as not to shoot first and then ask questions. He also thought fleetingly that it might be a trap. It was this latter feeling that made him get to his knees and begin crawling cautiously upstream, staying under cover of the mesquite branches moving silently through the sand until the sounds were close at hand.

He poked his head over a low rise, parting the underbrush, and couldn't believe his eyes.

There in the water before him, splashing and laughing in the shallow stream like two cavorting desert nymphs, were two breathtakingly beautiful women!

He lay and watched from his hiding place, still unable to believe they were real. He felt himself getting warm, and it wasn't just from the sun.

The blonde one was big, an amazon. Her hair was cut in a short crop about her head, and she splashed up big sprays of water as she ran after the other one, laughing, scooping up handfuls of water and drenching her. Her breasts were mammoth, jiggling like firm balls of rubber on her chest.

Ed strained his eyes, squinting them to try to overcome the desert glare that had nearly blinded him this morning, trying to see more detail of the romping figures before him.

By the time he saw the big nut-sized nipples sticking through the blonde's thin halter, he'd forgotten for the moment all about trying to get rescued and saved from certain death on the desert. He watched the symmetry of her tanned legs, working firmly through the shallow water as she chased the brunette in peals of romping glee.

“Wait till I catch you!” she squealed, scooping up another handful of water and drenching her friend.

Ed turned his stunned gaze to the brunette, to the long, flowing hair that had fallen halfway down her back in her desperate attempt to get away from her pursuer. She was smaller than the blonde, well formed, her buttocks jouncing saucily inside the skimpy covering of her bikini.

What a sight!

Ed rubbed his eyes and looked again. He'd heard of mirages, but this one beat all. Only it wasn't a mirage at all. This was for real. He knew that for certain the blonde stumbled and fell, spraying torrents of water to either side. He knew it particularly when she got up, soaked and laughing, and he saw the big nipples poking clearly out into the air over the top of her halter. She sat spread-eagled in the water, laughing and cursing at the same time, hollering for the brunette to stop.

“Marie!” the dark-haired girl shouted, pointing her finger and laughing. “You're showing again!”

Marie put her hands on her lush hips under the water and shot a tingling look upstream.

“Like what you see, Tina?” she asked. “There's more, you know.”

The brunette, Tina, came wading downstream toward the blonde, the smile gone from her face, replaced now with a melting, quivering look about her puffy, red lips. She came up to Marie and stood over her, her legs splayed, thighs parted wetly, offering herself for bold inspection. The thin bikini was clinging tightly to her rump, showing the generous cleavage between her cheeks. Water ran down between her heaving breasts, and Ed could see the nipples swelling with heat. From his hiding place along the bank, he could feel himself swelling with heat also. It looked like he might get to see a real show.

“You bet I like it,” Tina said, her voice quaking with emotion. “No wonder they call you Big Marie.”

“They get even bigger when they're not confined, did you know that?”

“Show me, show me!”

Tina licked her lips nervously as she watched Big Marie reach behind her back and work deftly with the snap of her halter. It came undone, and she held the tiny cloth in front of herself for tantalizing moments until Tina could stand it no longer, reaching out finally and snatching it away from the blonde's big boobs.

“Oh!” she gasped. “Oh, baby, they get bigger every time I see them! How can it happen?”

“Come down here, you little minx, and I'll show you how it can happen.”

Big Marie made a grab for Tina's soft thigh, her hand covering inches of tanned flesh, and then they were both in the water, splashing and lunging each other for all they were worth.

Ed sucked in his breath as he watched. He'd never seen two women go at it before, and it thrilled him silly. He felt himself prodding the sand under his stomach, and lifted himself up for a moment to ease the pressure. Then he lay back down to watch some more.

“Too many clothes!” Big Marie yelled, her ballooning breasts shining wetly in the sun. She grabbed for Tina's bikini top, yanked it off, and gasped with pursed lips as Tina's boobs came nakedly into view. She held the round O of her lips, waiting expectantly, and closed her eyes in delight when Tina bent toward her and shoved one of her quivering breasts between the lips.

Tina's arm went around Big Marie's head, pushing it harder to her breast, and she let her own head fall back, eyes closed, a nervous smile playing on her lips.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned softly, “Oh, do that, Big Marie. It feels so good! Do it!”

Softly, Big Marie's hand stole upward to Tina's other breast, rolling the nipple in her fingers, letting her palm mush up against it, massaging, caressing.

“Oh, honey,” Tina moaned again, “every time is like the first time with you. I've never had anyone so good as you. Come on, stop teasing me!”

Big Marie's soft lips palled and sucked Tina's nipple out until they released it with a smacking sound that carried across the water to Ed's burning ears. She smiled, chuckling low in her throat, and she watched the expression on Una's face slowly change as her hand left the fully aroused breast it had been working on and slid sensuously down the brunette's side.

Tina's throat worked spasmodically. Her chest puffed up and down as though Big Marie were taking her breath away with her caressing hand. Ed watched the fingers snake around and diddle inside her navel, slide past, over the flat, tanned stomach and tease at the tops of the bikini bottoms. Tina's abdomen quivered with expectation, begging for the awaited invasion, and then she cried out stiffly when it finally come.

“Oh, honey!” she cried, her eyes popping open suddenly. She looked straight into Big Marie's eyes, and the heat passing between them was more than the desert. “That's it,” she said in a low, rasping voice. “Play with me there. Stick your fingers in and wiggle them.”

Big Marie's hand inched downward another notch, and she loved it when Tina's face contorted and a moan escaped from between her parted lips. Slowly her legs parted, admitting the invading fingers, and her bottoms slid lower and lower as the hand worked beneath them. Suddenly, she leaned back on her arms, thrusting her pelvis off the bottom of the stream, permitting even greater access to the blonde's attentions.

“Off...” she gasped, “take them off! I want to be free and naked... oh!”

Big Marie worked deftly, untying the knot at Tina's side, until the thin wisp of cloth was out of the way. Tina lifted her buttocks up, tense, taut, and began waving her midsection around in the water.

“Oh, this is the greatest!” she squealed. “The water... I can't move as fast as I want to, and ifs wonderful!”

Suddenly Big Marie's hands were under Tina's buttocks, cupping them, holding the slender hips like a bowl, and then her head lowered between the outstretched legs. Ed saw the pink tongue darting forth between the full pouting lips, until it disappeared from sight into the ravished Tina's squirming body.

“Oh! Big Marie! Ah!... Wonderful! Yes, higher now, oh!”

Tina's legs were thrashing wildly in the water on either side of Big Marie's full-hipped body, now, and sounds of rapture gurgled from deep within her throat. Suddenly, her hips stopped their furious weaving and stood stock still. Then they took on a slow, fluid motion of weaving back and forth, round and round in slow, sensuous circles, searching, wanting. She hunched along the bottom gently, filling her silken cavern with the delicious probing of Marie's tongue until she had it all Then her legs tensed for the final spasm.

“Your fingers!... something!... a rock! You know what I want now,” she cried.

Under the water, Ed saw Big Marie's hand feel gently along the stream bed and close around something. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he finally got a glimpse of a smooth, water-rounded rock, slender, elongated, firm, about the size of a man's penis.

He heard the squeal of release, pure, unbounded ecstacy, and he could feel the smooth separation that was going on between Tina's cheeks as Big Marie's hand disappeared between them. Her blond, shaggy head bobbed furiously between Tina's legs and her hand worked smoothly back and forth under her bottom until the brunette's body shook and heaved out of the water in a terrific spasm of fulfillment.

She fell back in the water, trying to keep her dazed head above water, not wholly succeeding. Big Marie pulled her to a sitting position hugging her smooth pointed breasts against her own bulbous ones. Slowly, the jerking body came to rest, and Tina looked up at her with adoring eyes.

“That... that was wonderful!” she gasped. “Whatever made you think of doing that?”

“You mean you don't remember? You asked for it yourself.”

Tina shook her head. “When I get so hot like that, I don't remember anything. I just want!” She gasped again. “What did you do to me?”

With a grin. Big Marie brought her hand out of the water and held up the pleasure-making rock.

“Oh, that thing's positively marvelous!” Tina squealed, cupping the smooth, elongated object tenderly in her hands. “Simply out of this world! Oh, please, let me try it on you. You can't imagine...”

Big Marie looked at the rock and stood up, her wet shorts almost completely transparent. She stood over Tina and looked down at the girl between the mountainous breasts. She shook them slightly at her, cupping them and holding them out for her lush lips. Dutifully. Tina raised her head and buried her face in the soft mounds, lapping and sucking with her tongue, wiping the drops of glistening water off the giant boobs until they began to jump with passion as if they had life of their own.

She scooped aside the pebbles on the bottom and knelt in the soft sand, her head coming level with Big Marie's hips. Slowly her hands massaged up the length of her long, full legs, up higher, stroking between Big Marie's thighs, on the silky insides, going around them to the back, her fingers dipping into the sweet hollow where Big Marie's buttocks joined her thighs. Then they massaged around the cheeks, reaching higher until the slim fingers contacted the buttons and the zipper of the shorts. There was a soft sound, and the shorts were loose around her flat stomach.

Tina lowered her head to Big Marie's navel, her tongue darting out quickly with lust-inflicting lashes, and the blonde's thighs quivered. Using her tongue, Tina worked the shorts lower and lower until a blonde thatch peeped over the tops of them. The tongue went lower, and so did the shorts. Then it was parting, dallying, lapping, and the shorts went down the smooth columns the rest of the way by themselves. Big Marie's hand came around urged Tina's head closer, pressing the working tongue and the pursing lips into her parting body.

“Ahh...” she moaned. “Good, good. Keep doing that.”

Tina's head buried itself more deeply, and she grabbed onto Big Marie's naked buttocks, kneading them, massaging them, running her fingers up and down the crack between them, making them quiver with excruciating anticipation.

Big Marie's legs quivered, and her thighs splayed outwards in a come-on motion, allowing Tina's thrusting tongue to go deeper into her body.

Suddenly, one of Tina's hands left a cheek and stole along the side of Big Marie's hip. She readied out gently and slipped the rock from her hand, doing it so easily that Big Marie never knew it happened. Tina made sure she wouldn't know by distracting her with a specially furious surge of sucking around the hot center of Big Marie's body. Then the hand stole back upward again and went around to Big Marie's buttocks.

Ed saw Tina's intent, and he had that weird, tingling feeling in the pit of his stomach again, as though he couldn't imagine what that rock would feel like. He thought it must surely hurt, hard as it was. But he licked his dry lips and glued his eyes to the action going on in the middle of the stream.

Slowly the rock disappeared in the shadowy cleft. Big Marie's eyes opened and her face grimaced.

“No!” she cried. “Tina, no! It feels like... a man's... no, stop, I hate...”

She tried to wiggle forward, away from the offending instrument, but there was nowhere for her to go except to impale herself further on Tina's probing tongue. She squirmed her hips, becoming nearly frantic in her effort to get away from the rock. She didn't want anything to do with a man —or anything that remotely felt like a man. But she was imprisoned by the lovely Tina working at her thighs.

Tina's arm flexed, pushing up and in, and once more Ed thought he could feel the smooth separation. But then Big Marie exploded violently, throwing Tina away from her thrashing thighs, and she slowly sank to her knees in the water, quivering all the way down, the rock still protruding from between her cheeks, captured tightly by spasming muscles.

She fell forward in the water, and Ed thought she stayed under for an awfully long time. Just as he was about to jump out from behind the branches, Big Marie surfaced.

“Tina, you rat... you lovely, wonderful rat. I don't know whether to hug you or beat you for that. You know I hate men. I can't stand them in me.”

Tina laughed with a giggling sound. “That's no man, you big-boobed silly. That's a rock!”

“Oh, my yes, a rock. A lovely rock. A wonderful rock. We have to be sure to take this rock back with us when we go. I think this rock needs more investigation, don't you?”

Tina laughed again. “I told you you'd like it.”

“Oh, I loved it! Oh, come to me my Tina baby and love me again!”

Ed couldn't believe it. After such tremendous explosions from both of than, how was it possible for them to do any more? He watched as they came together again, muzzling each other's breasts. He shifted in the sand. At the same time as he did, he was aware of a sound behind him. He jerked his attention away from the playful girls and listened.

Far off in the distance he could hear what sounded like a car. Then his eyes picked up the dust cloud that was moving along where he knew the road to be. His muscles bunched What was he going to do?


The long, wild, utterly idiotic chase had begun in New Orleans, and it wasn't over yet. Ed was beginning to feel it would never be over.

The girl had been a chippie, that was all. In the French Quarter, of all places. He'd been having a drink, watching the stripper's bold, weaving hips, hooting with the rest of them when she got naked and came down into the audience, swinging it around for everyone to grab onto.

And then Lisa had appeared from nowhere.

He felt a soft hand creeping sensuously up his thigh until it was cupping the bulge in his crotch, hard and manly now from watching the stripper. He looked around suddenly, and there she was, bronzed and lithe, golden hair streaming down her shoulders and over her pouting breasts. Her eyes were half closed, and the look in them told him her pants were steaming. Her cupping, smoothing fingers were telling him that, too. And so was the way she was squirming her saucy rear in the chair. The light was dim, smokeclogged and blue, a reflection from the spot on the naked stripper. The light was just right.

Ed felt, rather than heard, the soft snicker of his zipper coming down. And he felt the sudden coolness of the air on his naked staff. Then her fingers were around it, holding it just right, beginning a slow, pumping motion, transferring her own heat into him.

It nearly became too much. “Stop!” he hissed.

“No,” she said softly, her lips pouting. “I want...”

She jerked her head to indicate what she wanted. Ed looked around the dark room and saw the hands flying wildly over the stripper's lush body, fingers darting lustfully into forbidden crevices as she bent and strutted and weaved through the throng of flesh worshippers.

Ed couldn't stop himself. More accurately, he couldn't stop Lisa. She had taken the bit in her mouth, so to speak, and her head was bobbing wildly, unrestrainedly. Ed looked down and saw her, kneeling in front of him on the floor, half under the table. He leaned back in the chair and moaned his appreciation. Lisa's head went faster. Reflexively, his hands went down to the level of his knees and he squeezed her breasts, hard. They seemed to grow in his hands as she worked.

“I don't know why,” he said, “but don't stop. Oh, don't stop!”

He looked at the stripper again, saw a finger disappear into her hidden recesses, and then it was all over. He cried out with the sudden explosion the stunning Lisa had caused him, thankful that his utterance was lost in the noise of the thumping band.

He looked down when he could see again, and Lisa had laid her head in his lap, her fingers cuddling his limp rod, rubbing it lovingly against her soft cheek, kissing it with pouted lips. He reached his hand out and stroked her hair. How soft and silky it was! She looked into his eyes.

“Why?” he asked.

She put her finger to her lips in a shushing motion. “Come with me,” she said.

Entranced by her novel way of introducing herself and her sylphlike beauty, he allowed her to take his hand and lead him out of the noisy, thunderous night club. He followed her to her room as if in a daze, part of which was undeniably caused by the alcohol in him, the rest by this lovely girl.

Once inside her door, there was no hesitation. She spun in his arms and hooked her hands behind his head, drawing him down onto her lush, sweet mouth. Her tongue stabbed at him, pumping in and out between his lips, causing a terribly exciting sensation to start. The next thing he knew, her hand had found him ready again. She stepped back, and this time it was different.

Lifting one hand to each shoulder, she worked at the snaps that held her dress in place, letting the two straps fall away from her. The front of the dress clung precariously to her jutting nipples, and he imagined that they were like coat hooks, so long and hard they were. She gazed at him with oriental haze, her eyes dark and almond-shaped, hooded and steaming. He sucked his breath in involuntarily. She wiggled her chest ever so slightly'; causing the firmly jutting mounds to sway and stretch the cloth covering them until it fell away from them entirely and they stood out into the room in naked splendor.

“Kiss them,” she said. Her voice was nearly a command, and he couldn't refuse. He buried his head in the pointed softness and sucked on the burgeoning nipple until it was taut and ready with passion.

“Harder! Bite them!” She socked him in the ribs with a hard little fist, spitting out the words.

Confused by the sudden blow, he jerked back and looked at her.

With an animal cry, Lisa grabbed his ears and pulled his head back down on her, jamming her breast into his mouth, deep, arching her back to help him.

Ed sucked harder, chomping down with his teeth until he could taste salt.

She was squirming by then, animal moans issuing from her slender throat. The dress puddled on the floor, and Ed saw that there was nothing under it but Lisa, a firm, Lisa that made his passion mount.

She was pulling on his middle again, urging him on to greater efforts, her hips snaking softly around him, plunging back and forth until he was half sinking inside her, slipping silkily in and out of her hot, gyrating body while he mouthed her nipple.

They performed their weird dance on the floor for a while, the heat building higher and higher until she suddenly reached behind him and raked his back with her nails, drawing blood.

He cried out with the pain of it, his mouth letting the nipple free so it hobbled in front of his eyes, red and turgid with passion.

This time, however, she didn't seem to notice. She was lost in her own ecstacy. She ran to the bed and flopped down on her belly, her firm buttocks just barely quivering. She looked over her shoulder.

“Here! Quick! Take off your belt!”

Then he knew what it was she wanted. He never liked the idea of abusing lovely...


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