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Another Mom

24 pages

The life of a man can only be meaningful when he has been able to leave positive works that serve as testimonies. Making sacrifices and assist others is a unique exploit that requires energy and admiration.
Another Mom is an extraordinary story of a woman (Mom Prudence) that I cannot forget in my life... His sympathy is truly remarkable and a good example for young girls and all human beings. She always gives joy, hope and strength.

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Life reserves us most of the time good and bad memories but when we have the chance to live the best moments of our life, we should share them. I could never refer to the affection that Mrs. Prudence Bushnell Boyer, that I call “mom Prudence” gave us for the past 10 years, as love.

From my arrival in the USA in September 2011, I noticed that my husband Parfait Thierry Mbous had a great admiration for a lady. He often told me “babe, mom Prudence is a woman with a great heart who always thinks of others despite her occupations”.

Year in and year out and after seeing it for myself, I notice that mom Prudence was a women with a big heart and one I can trust with my family. Her reactions have always been similar to our mothers. She is always there during anniversaries, the birth of our children, holidays to fill us with joy and solidify the affectionate relationship that existed between us; the love that my husband and I have for her lead us to name, Glory, our second daughter Bushnell.

I will never stop to cherish the moments we celebrated together because mom Prudence is an example to follow… helping out children and those that are in need was one of her priorities and she will keep giving out her love as long...