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Nick's Naughty Elf


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Marcie had worked in gift-wrap in Nickson's Department Store for years, and Christmas was her favorite holiday. For the past several seasons, she had been Mr. Nickson's elf assistant when he played Santa and it was the highlight of her year. But this year Mr. Nickson has been sidelined with health issues and Dominic Clausson, a temporary CEO, has stepped in. He is not only running the store, but is also the new Santa. Things go well at the beginning, but then Marcie has problems with the Christmas photo printing process and lets loose with some very blue language. She is so vocal that Santa has to interrupt the child on his lap to go into the little gingerbread house and deal with Marcie's naughtiness the old fashioned way.

Nick doesn't understand what is going on. He's made a career of stepping into special situations and being Santa. He's a virtuoso at playing the magic of the Santa suits and is the acknowledged leader for his generation. But something has gone seriously wrong and before he knows it, he's dealt with the swearing elf assistant in earshot of the line of waiting children and their parents, many with electronic devices ready to record. By the end of the night, local news teams have dubbed him the Spanking Santa and the story goes viral. He tests the magic suit to the limits during the subsequent press conference and it works just fine. The Santa suit is paired with the elf dress and both are supposed to suppress all naughty actions when worn. So why did they allow the naughty behavior that got them into this situation? Plus, Nick is astonished to feel a strong attraction to his Elf Marcie, even while both of them are wearing the magic suits, something that should be impossible. There is no choice, Nick and Marcie must continue as Santa and his elf for the rest of the season, but will they be able to function without additional scandal? Is it true, as Nick's cousin tells him, that his goose is cooked? And why can't Marcie seem to keep shoes on her feet?



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Date de parution 18 décembre 2013
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