Oxygen in all its forms


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And what if Oxygen could tell us the story of his life? A just reward for the one without whom life would be impossible. Representing 21% of the volume of the earthly atmosphere and 87% of the ocean mass, he is a simply indispensable actor in our world. Without him, it would be the end of the story for Earth and its Humanity. What roles does he play? What are his relationships to other molecules? Reliable and original, what an extraordinary biography! Professor Jean Coudert has written a brilliant work of scientific popularization which does not sacrifice precision. Environment, nutrition, health: all problems are addressed. Written in a most pleasant style, it is a mine of information, aimed at readers of all ages.



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Oxygen in all its forms
Jean Coudert Oxygen in all its forms
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Acknowledgements I dedicate this work to all my collaborators and my friends who accompanied me on my many different mis-sions to Bolivia, Columbia and here in France, during my research on the theme of Hypoxia at high and low alti-tudes, be it for health, pathology or sport. I also dedicate this book to all my ex-students in medi-cine and my collaborators at the faculties of Medicine in Paris, Le Paz (Bolivia), St Etienne and Clermont-Ferrand, whom I could contact during my work on this subject. I wish to underline the profitable and friendly associa-tion that I was able to establish with my Bolivian colleagues of the Biological Institute of Altitude in La Paz, which I co-directed from 1968 to 1975, and also my doc-torate students who were able to write their theses on this subject of Hypoxic environment. I have a fond memory of the world of the Andes Moun-tains and their « Cordillera » Range, which I often visited with my Bolivian « Andinistes » and French companions, and which, during our ascents, permitted me to experience vividly the particular effects of the rarefaction of oxygen at these high altitudes. I encourage the public to experience this world, at times paradoxical, in which one can find oxygen in all its forms, without forgetting the ecological aspect, in particular in association with carbon gases, water, nitrogen and sulphur.
In conclusion, don’t forget that we have all mounted our own Everest,in utero, of course, under particularly comfortable conditions! Finally I owe my thanks to Denis Bourdaud for his par-ticipation in doing the illustrations which accompany this work.