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Love, Live, Light

114 pages
Love, Live, Light is a poetry book that enlightens you in all aspects of live, especially aspects which outweigh our century... Love as sweet & bitter as it can be... but Live to hold on unto, no matter how deep the creek you felle in... and Light your source of stimulation, the one of endurance (hope) and benefits in your new stand point...
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Regine Milena Gracy        L OVE , L IVE ,  L IGHT     Poems
© LHarmattan, 2011 5-7, rue de lEcole-Polytechnique, 75005 Paris  http://www.librairieharmattan.com diffusion.harmattan@wanadoo.fr harmattan1@wanadoo.fr  ISBN : 978-2-296-54289-1 EAN : 9782296542891  
 This  book is all about love, live and light. This world in our day is portrayed by doom, darkness and hatred. But should it be ? What can one do in order not to let such ambiguities ? Most of the poems do express the feelings and thoughts of many people towards one another, or towards some aspects of life and things. But it comes along to be said ; only your inner mind can set you free, if you se t it free  Live is viewed by a lot as traumatizing, even when enjoyed, still goes to be blamed. This same live without love  has no light , a typical scrutiny. Should it be said again, a potential depiction of ones live cycle is ; suffering >>endurance >> character maturity (knowing who really you are, during your hardship) >> divine intervention (first step to love) >> hope or light  For  a wider mind, a variety of new words and patterns will greatly accomplish the mission down to the unfilled gap ; the thir st of knowled e  
Regine Milena Gracy was born on a Christmas Eve, with all the love of Christmas. She grows up with many different families, without any literature basis, all filled with sciences which she doe snt really like. Her first step in literature arose at the age of 10, after being touched by a fairy tale. She picks up by writing a short story the girl & her step family, which her friend helps her type. The hope of being the youngest international writer soon falls down a cliff when that friend of hers leaves the school to another. She keeps on writing though till when her elderly cousin is impressed with her work and therefore decides to help her reach her goal. Hope falls again for the second time when the cousin misplaces all the manuscripts. She dislikes him for that and let go the sweet dreams of writing. At the age of 14, she discovers a new face of literature (poetry), from a teacher she didnt really cherish at the beginning. This teacher becomes her mentor because of his exceptional ways of acting out these poems in his classes. She therefore vows that she will be a famous poet some day. She nevertheless starts up with a series of short stories (about 10 complete short stories), which were first edited by that same mentor. Unfortunately, so taken away by her university studies and internships, she halts writing but cares.
In 2006, at the age of 24, she loses her luggage while on her trip to china, the one that contains all her most valuable paper works (diplomas, certificate, manuscripts etc). She brings up a conclusion out of anger that she wasnt made to be a famous writer, so she quits. While in her seclusion, she comes across another poet, a friend of hers, working at an embassy. She tells him all her struggles to achieve her goal in literature but to no avail. He persuades her at the end of 2007,
to give herself a challenge, by writing a complete poem in less than 24hours. She finds it difficult at first because she had lost the mood ; but a challenge is a challenge ! He completes his challenge in less than 10hours ; she tries hard and finds her way out after 15hours. She realizes that literature flows in her veins, and cant vanish. Her new mentor tries to encourage her more by letting her read his poems, she gets more confidence and let the power of her brain speak. In a short time, she writes a couple of her todays masterpieces, which prompt her new mentor to say that, hes learning a new figurative literature language from her few poems.  Keep up, never turn back !  
Today, here she is ; in an attempt of realizing one of her life time goals, and she knows deep in her that, a lot of readers of her first ever published book will fancy the scenes portrayed in the poems, she also hopes that she can become a mentor of many through her inspirations, her simplicity, her youth hoodfor its never too late !
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