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Dreams writings.
Formerly, the name given to a child by a shaman, described the personality, the Being.
Madak Wando, a medicine man, from the Abenakis Nation,
lived in the 17th century.
His name means: Human Spirit.
Alternatively, the human who speaks with the spirits.
Also decried by the Roman Catholic Church as:
the human demon.



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After her departure, he will follow.

I know the illness of his wife.

It is lethal and yet simple to cure.

I only have a word to say and she will live.

He will not die.

And I will not inherit.

Just find myself as I am, poor, on the verge
of bankruptcy.

I have the choice to keep my mouth shut,
becoming extremely rich or tell the truth
and continue my life poorly.

I look into his eyes, stating what will change
his destiny.

His wife heals, he regains hope, remains
master of the place andǥI inherit nothing

I become aware of my choice.



Instead of fearing for my future, I feel
invaded with joy, peace and happiness:

DzI do not have to fear poverty.

Inside of me, I am so rich, including: the
Healing Word!dz

I find myself at the front of the old house,
still looking as deserted.

I walk towards the portico.

The door is unlocked; I enter.

Heading to the armory, the gun I took is still

Behind me, a friend gets near.

Amazed by the weapons, he believes them
in perdition.

Takes one, hides it in his coat over his heart.

He looks at me without acknowledging.



Enters the kitchen where my guests are

Getting around the table, by the right, I
welcome my friends warmly, putting them a
hand on a shoulder, then go sit at the end,
on the sumptuous chair.

I look at the young man and say:

DzYou have something that belongs to me.dz

We all look at each other and laugh.




ǡ ǯǡ Ǥ

It has been a long time since I have worked
for a boss.

I am self-employed.

I arrive to the address received right on

It is an old sober neighborhood school, built
of red bricks.

I stand in the courtyard.

Sticking around, waiting for the opening, I
walk and encounter a quarantine of new
workers like me, on our first day.



Looking at, especially listening to others, I
get the picture of my new job.

I have to be a student in Magic.

I am faced with a decision, I have just been
committed, I have not even started, that I
am yet ready to leave.

DzI realy do not want to be a student in Magic.

I refuse.dz

I am obviously summoned by the Director of
the School.

DzWhy will not you become a student in

DzWhen I use it, anger appears, discords,
confrontations, jealousy, envy, quibbles,
threats, wickedness, conspiracies, and...
Love disappears.

For this reason, I tell you:

NO... never.dz

The Director keeps on:



DzYou have Love, you also have Magic.

Now you

I agree:





DzEverything the Director told me is true, so, I

I leave his office, come down the stairs that
lead to the classes.

I am suprised to see that there is none.

It is a huge room having for ceiling, the roof.

The chamber is full of students, thousands.

There are childrens, men, women, and

Surprised, there is no professor.

All must learn Magic from the inside.

Something else catches my attention, there
is no judgment, each one has reached the
point he had to.