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Antonio de La Gandara

262 pages
Il s'agit de la version anglaise du livre Intrigues parisiennes de la Belle Époque paru en Octobre 2016.
The author offers us a vibrant testimony of the Parisian intrigues of the Belle Epoque. He refutes terrifying rumours circulating about Antonio de La Gandara and why the fame of this great master of painting is put in danger. Jean Dara tells us about his journeys with Sarah Bernhardt in London, in Canada and in the United States. He shares his concerns about Manuel who is involved in one of the secret societies meeting in Paris. He reveals his love for Paul, the history of his nieces Raymonde and Tonia, and the cruel fate of Florise. The protagonists of this drama rest at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
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Jean Dara
Antonio de La Gandara The gentleman painter of the Belle Epoque
Translated from the French by Barbara Greenland
Antonio de La Gandara
© L’Harmattan, 2016 5-7, rue de l’Ecole-Polytechnique, 75005 Paris www.harmattan.com ISBN :978-2-343-10786-8 EAN :9782343107868
Jean DARAAntonio de La Gandara The gentleman painter of the Belle EpoqueTranslated from the French by Barbara Greenland
To Raymonde, Florise and Antonia
In Memoriam Derek Prior Greenland (1937 - 2012) Father, husband, brother and friend
The comments and suggestions made by Marney Dunn, who kindly read the draft of this English version, have been invaluable. Original title: Intrigues parisiennes de la Belle Époque – Le drame d’Antonio de La Gandara,Editions L’Harmattan, Paris, 2016 ISBN: 978-2-343-09966-8
PROLOGUE Too many coincidences…! In 1996, the great-grandson of Antonio de La Gandara (1861-1917) spent a couple of nights at the Hôtel du Quai Voltaire, opposite the Louvre, in a room once occupied by Baudelaire. Alain remembered that his grandmother, born Raymonde de La Gandara (1886-1960), who died in Brussels 36 years earlier, visited the Père Lachaise cemetery every November. He decided to look for the family vault. However, a disappointment awaited him. Too much time had elapsed; the cemetery was huge and the quest was impossible without the date of a burial. These paragraphs retrace some of the unusual events that led to the reconstruction of the story that you are about to read. Back in Paris for another brief stay, Alain strolled around the Latin Quarter. Walking up the rue Monsieur-le-Prince, he noticed a plaque above the gateway of number 22: Painter Antonio de La Gandara Officer in the Legion of Honour born in Paris on 16 December 1861 died in this house on 30 June 1917 With this information in hand, the administration office of the cemetery directed him to concession