Egypt in the Time of Moses

Egypt in the Time of Moses


180 pages


It is a question of enlightening the mystery of the Keftiou people mentioned in the Egyptian texts. The history of this people is parallel to that of the Hebrews, Philistines and other nomads. Sources are therefore double: Bible narratives (the Exodus) and Egyptian historical documents. Fragments of Egyptian historian Manethon and rare cuneiform language information (Mari and Ougarit) must be included. Between these sources is the history of the patriarchs since Abraham and the entry of the Hebrew people into Egypt.



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Claude Va nde r sleye n Egypt
in the Time of Moses
T h e I n v a s i o n o f F o r e i g n N o m a d s Egypt in the Time of Moses Ke f t i u , H e b r e w s , P h i l i s t i n e s , e t c . The E xodus The Egyptian Pharaohs Back on the Stage
Egypt in the Time of Moses
© L’Harmattan, 2019 5-7, rue de l’École-Polytechnique ; 75005 Paris ISBN : 978-2-343-16578-3 EAN : 9782343165783
Claude Vandersleyen
Egypt in the Time of Moses
The Invasion of Foreign Nomads Keftiu, Hebrews, Philistines, etc.
The Exodus
The Egyptian Pharaohs Back on the Stage
Main publications
L’Egypte et la vallée du Nil,Volume 2, Nouvelle Clio, PUF, 1995. autre aspect de la vallée du Nil — Ouadj ourWAD wr.Un. Safran publishers, 1999. Iahmès Sapaïr fils de Séqénenré Djéhouty Aa (17e dynastie) et la statue du musée du Louvre E 15682. Safran publishers, 2005. — Le Delta et la vallée du Nil. Safran publishers, 2008.
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Cover illustration‘Foreign women migrating into Egypt’ (Beni Hassan, tomb nr 3, 12th dynasty) photo of the wall of the tomb © Dr François Gourdon.
This book, first published in French by L’Harmattan, Paris, 2016: L’Égypte au temps de Moïse, has been translated into English by Eriks Uskalis. 2018.
Thanks go to Dr FrançoisGourdon for his unfailing support and for the image of the "Foreign women" on the cover, to my son Olivier for his technical aid and rescue missions concerning difficulties in recording the text, to his wife Martine for several re-readings of the text, to my friend Betty, also for several re-readings and numerous organisations and reorganisations of the work, to Régine, Nadine, Maureen, Ann Laure, Claude, Bruno and other friends I may have forgotten. To my friend, Betty
Table of contents
Part One The invasion of foreign nomads
Chapter 1 The Keftiu Chapter 2 The End of the Middle Kingdom Chapter 3 Abraham, Isaac, Jacob in Canaan. Joseph sold by his brothers Chapter 4 The two sources of the occupation of Egypt by the Keftiu: the Sacred History and Manetho Chapter 5 The arrival of the nomads in Egypt Chapter 6 th The long war under the 17 dynasty Chapter 7 The narratives of Manetho
Part Two The Exodus
Chapter 8 Moses’ Exodus Chapter 9 ‘The Wrath of the Gods’ The Tempest stele under King Amosis Chapter 10 The Ten Plagues Chapter 11 c Moses and Amosis. Avaris and Tell el-Dab a