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Former hit man, Gerry Fegan, is in New York, hiding from a past he escaped at a terrible cost. But he has made a fatal mistake; he spared the life of Bull O¿Kane, a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to get his revenge on those who were present at a devastating attack at his farm house. Determined to see Fegan and the other witnesses dead, O¿Kane calls in the Traveller, an assassin without pity or remorse, a killer of the purest kind.
Back in Belfast, Detective Inspector Jack Lennon, father of one of the witnesses, is caught up in a web of official secrets and lies as he tries to uncover the whereabouts of his daughter. But the closer he gets to the truth about what happened at O¿Kane¿s farm, the more his superiors warn him off and Lennon soon realises that his only hope may lie in an alliance with Fegan, the man his force tried to put away.
A fast-paced thriller about duty and revenge, Collusion is the blistering sequel to The Twelve, one of the most highly acclaimed debuts of recent years.

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