Haunts Of The Black Masseur

Haunts Of The Black Masseur


336 pages


Explores the meaning that different cultures have attached to water. This title gives the reader glimpses of the great swimming heroes: Byron leaping dramatically into the surf at Shelley's beach funeral; Hart Crane, swallow-diving to his death in the Bay of Mexico; and, Ulysses, Leander, Weismuller, Spitz and a host of others.

"Part social and cultural history, and part personal credo, "Haunts of the Black Masseur" is an exhilarating plunge into some of the deepest pools inside our heads." - J.G. Ballard
"This splendid and wholly original book is as zestful as a plunge in champagne." - Iris Murdoch
"A wholly original idea...a brilliant translation of a singular passion." - Alan Ross, "TLS"



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Haunts Of The Black Masseur