Leather Boy

Leather Boy




Bruce King's exciting story of a handsome young “leather boy” driven to the incredible excesses of sexual masochism is the only book I've run across—in the enormous volume of recent sex fiction—which documents honestly and vividly the hows and whys of the pain-pleasure world of the homosexual. This twilight world of leather and chains, boots and whips is illuminated with intelligence and vigor; orgiastic pain, fetishism and fantasy blend in a nightmare collage. The sex rituals are skillfully built up—the reader is bound to participate!



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Date de parution 12 juillet 2013
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Leather Boy

Bruce King

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The local papers played it up big.


It was a warm summer night and it started out like all the rest for Gary. He was out to have a good time. He had been to a couple of bars and had had a few drinks. Restless and sexy, he was looking for adventure.

Driving around he spotted an attractive boy standing on the street corner. Too late to stop: the light had changed to green. He drove around the block and pulled up to the curb in front of the boy.

“Got a match?” Gary grinned as he pulled from the glove compartment a pack of cigarettes which he kept for just such meetings.

“Sure.” The boy smiled as he handed Gary the matches.

Gary offered a cigarette. He lit his own and held the match. Their eyes met.

“Live around here?” Gary asked.

“No. I live on the other side of town.”

“Would you like a lift? I'm just driving around.”

Gary's hand was already on the door handle. He pushed it down and the door swung open.

The boy got into the car and closed the door. They were off.

“My name's Gary, what's yours?”


Gary smiled to himself. Another conquest. This was great. He dropped his eyes down to Jim's crotch. A nice bulge there. He licked his lips as he thought about what was caught behind the tight fitting pants.

As they drove along Jim moved closer to Gary. With one hand on the wheel, Gary dropped his other down to Jim's thigh, moved it up into his crotch. His hand gripped Jim's cock. It was getting bigger every second under Gary's busy fingers. This was going to be fun!

By now Jim's hand was busy too. He whistled and exclaimed “Gosh” as he felt Gary's cock. “You've really got something to work with there!” He pulled at Gary's zipper. Jim's hand was inside Gary's pants. Touching flesh he felt the hardness of it, moved underneath to cup the large balls. He squeezed them.

Gary jumped and nearly ran the car off the road.

“Take it easy or we won't be alive to enjoy it!”

Jim laughed. Gary zipped up and put both hands back on the wheel.

They were approaching an intersection and there was a crowd gathered. Gary brought the car to a stop and they got out to see what was going on. It was an accident.

They walked over to a couple of sexy looking boys and struck up a conversation. “Some wreck,” Gary directed this to the first boy.

“Yeah,” he answered.

As they continued talking the same thought came into both Gary and Jim: wouldn't it be nice to take these two boys along and have a foursome?

“Do you live around here?” Gary asked.

The boys answered in the negative.

“We were on our way to have some coffee at my place. It's just a few blocks from here. Would you two like to come along? My car is parked over there.” Gary motioned toward the shiny car he was so proud of.

The boys looked at each other and answered, “Sure.”

The four of them walked through the crowd and got into the car. In a few minutes Gary brought the car to a stop in front of his apartment building.

Later the four of them were talking and drinking coffee when a knock came at the door. Gary opened it. Two boys pushed their way into the room.

They closed and locked the door. One of them pulled out a gun. The two who were already in the apartment got up and joined the two who had just come in. “OK, you two fairies, get over there and keep quiet.” The one with the gun pointed it at Gary and Jim. “See if you can find something to tie them up with.” He directed this to one of the other boys.

One tough went into the bedroom and returned with the belt to Gary's bathrobe. Pulling Gary's arms behind him, he tied his wrists securely. Another tough was busy disconnecting a lamp. He pulled out the electrical cord and bound Jim's hands with it.

The toughs were ransacking the apartment. All the time they were doing this they were shouting obscenities at Gary and Jim. Not content with shouting and calling them “queers,” “cocksuckers” and “degenerates,” they began to beat them. One of the boys picked up Gary's umbrella and hit him about the face and over the head with it. They kicked, punched and beat them unmercifully.

“We'll teach ya fuckin' queers to be careful who you pick up!”

The tough sneered as he punched Gary in the face with his fist.

“So you wanna suck my cock?” one teased as he unzipped. He waved his half-hard cock under Jim's nose and laughed roughly.

“We oughta gang fuck the bastards!” another spoke up.

Gary cringed.

“Come on, cut the shit,” the leader said. “See what the fairies have got that we can take.”

The boys were left alone while the toughs searched the apartment. For what seemed like hours the indignities and tortures went on as the hoodlums gathered up anything of value: jewelry, radio, camera and the money from Jim and Gary's billfolds.

The four toughs spit on Gary and Jim in contempt and left.

Bloodied, bruised and in great pain, Gary tried to work his wrists free from his bond. He was weak and very sick. He felt that he might die and he didn't much care if he did. Jim was moaning and trying to get untied. God, what a mess!

Gary finally felt the belt loosen. Slowly he worked his aching wrists free. He gritted his teeth, tried to rise, then fell back on the floor and passed out.

Meanwhile Jim strained at the cord binding his wrists together. He felt the cord give. He was free. He crawled over to Gary and slapped his face to bring him to. Gary opened his eyes. Was it a nightmare? Got to get up, got to get help. Looking toward the table where the phone was... the phone had been ripped from the wall and thrown to the floor.

“Got to get help from my neighbor,” Gary moaned as he looked at Jim. Jim looked horrible; bloody and bruised.

Unsteadily, Gary pulled himself to his feet. Jim got up and helped him keep his balance. God, but his head and face ached. He was afraid to look in the mirror. What had they done to him? What had they done to his face? He felt like lying down and just dying, but something made him want to live.

“Help me to the door.”

Gary leaned on Jim.

When his neighbor answered his knock she let out a loud shriek. She helped the two of them into the room and listened to their story. Then she called the police and the hospital.

The following day as Gary lay in the hospital the police rounded up the four hoodlums and put them in jail. They denied the charges. The whole town was shocked as the boys came from good families and it was hard to believe they were capable of such brutality. Later, other people came forward to identify the toughs as muggers and robbers. Gary and Jim pressed charges against them and the trial date was set.


Long hours in the hospital. All his savings spent. Dismissed from his job because of the nature of the case. Questions and more questions, whispers and accusations. Gary suffered through all this waiting the trial date to come up. It was months away.

All this had affected Gary greatly, mentally as well as physically. This added to the guilt that he felt being a homosexual and changed his sexual pattern radically.

One day Gary saw a leather motorcycle jacket in a men's store window. It was on sale. He bought it. When he put it on he loved the feel of the leather and he wore the jacket every chance he got.

A few days later Gary was cruising around, wearing the leather jacket, and he was picked up by Don, a tall sadist who took Gary home and got rough with him while they were having sex.

Don made Gary his “slave.” Gary couldn't get enough of this punishment and torture that Don made him suffer. He returned time and time again as Don tried new tricks on him. Don introduced Gary to the S&M set. New masters came and went and by now Gary wasn't satisfied unless torture accompanied sex. Nothing was too far out for him to try. The beating the hoodlums had given left a mark. He felt guilty and wanted to be punished.

Gary had added to the leather jacket. He wore leather pants and motorcycle boots. Implements of torture were collected. Bull whips, chains, ropes, handcuffs, heavy weights, clamps, leather studded belts. His bag of tricks was growing. With a passion he collected things to make his sexual pleasure more painful!

Gary wasn't working. Out of the hospital, he had time on his hands waiting for the trial to come up. It was sex and more sex with all the tortures he could find. He made trips into Canada with friends of his. Gary got quite an education as he came under the influence of the “masters” there.

Guilt. Punishment. Searching and begging to be punished, Gary repeated the pattern over and over again. What had been a sweet, innocent boy was now a hard, calculating masochist.

The trial date arrived and Gary suffered through the endless questions and cross examination. The toughs pleaded guilty and finally the trial was over and they were sentenced to jail. The families of the boys swore vengeance. They were given police protection.

Gary knew he couldn't stay in this town. He was out of a job and had spent all his money. His friend, Don, knew someone in New York that he could send him to who might let him stay there until he could get on his feet again.

Gary went to the big city over a weekend and arranged to live there. He returned to the town where he was living, put his furniture in storage, packed his bags and returned to New York the following week.

Mike, his new friend, also a masochist, lived in a dirty loft in an isolated section of the city. There was a reason for this. Mike offered a new fascination for Gary. He arranged and provided a place for S&M orgies, or “sessions” as he called them. The phone never stopped ringing; numbers calling wanting to meet people who were interested in S&M, here and in other cities. Performances were staged and everyone had a ball!

Gary was a perfect “plaything” to dangle in front of the jaded S&M's. He was fresh and new and a willing subject. Gary was in seventh heaven; something new day and night. Mike became more popular. He had a prize to offer to please his own perverted desires.

This was fine for a while, but Gary ran out of money and he couldn't find work. It isn't easy to get up in the morning after a long session the night before and hit the hard, cold pavement looking for work!

Mike knew a madam who arranged sex dates for male hustlers. He sent Gary to see the madam. Gary did very well on his first date. He spent the weekend in the country with a rich old “auntie” and made fifty dollars. He didn't fare too well on his second try; the “John” didn't dig him and he didn't make a cent! He was beginning to learn that in this business there aren't too many of those pay-for-sex aunties and that the supply is greater than the demand.

One desperate day the madam thought of Dale, a model agent he knew. Yes, Gary would be interested in meeting Dale. So the madam picked up the telephone and dialed Dale's number. “He's a good-looking boy who has only been in the city for a few days. He needs money and perhaps you could do something for him.”

Dale was an agent who was always interested in meeting new models who had something to offer. He had a lot of contacts in the business and had been helpful to boys the madam sent over in the past. “You'll like him. He's nice and clean-cut. He won't hesitate to take off his clothes and show you what he's got and by the way, he's got a lot to show.” The madam continued the buildup.

“I'll see what I can do for him.” Dale hung up the phone.


Dale's doorbell was ringing—nice and persistent. As he pressed the buzzer, he began to wonder what Gary would look like. Gary had described himself to Dale during their telephone conversation. Around six feet tall; one hundred and seventy-five pounds; fair complexion; with blue eyes and blond hair. His voice was low, engaging and sexy. There was no doubt about it, he had a lot of charm and personality. Dale had to admit that he was intrigued with Gary's voice on the phone, but he hadn't given him too much thought since he had talked to him the evening before. In New York City good-looking males are a “dime a dozen” and you find them on every street corner, waiting to be discovered.

Dale opened the door and there he was. The ail-American male. With average good looks, Gary flashed a big smile showing a mouthful of even, white teeth. He quickly confirmed the personality and charm bit. Once inside the room, it seemed to Dale that he had known him for years. He talked with ease and assurance. In a quiet way, he began to impress Dale. They talked mostly about Gary and what he hoped to accomplish.

“I would like to give modeling a try, but I'm not sure that I have what it takes,” Gary smiled at Dale.

“A photographer friend of mine is looking for male models to pose in leather outfits, but I'm not sure that you would be right for that,” Dale answered.

“I know I have a baby-looking face, but let me show you.” Gary had brought some photographs along which he showed Dale. They were out-of-door body shots taken in a posing strap. There were also some he had taken of a friend. Dale still wasn't convinced that Gary was the “leather type” of model. How wrong he found out he was!

Gary had brought along a small bag. He opened the bag and took out a leather motorcycle jacket, gloves and hat.

“Let me show you how I look in leather.” Gary was putting on the things he had taken out of the bag.

He put on the leather motorcycle cap. In a matter of minutes Dale saw that Gary was a “leather boy,” but he didn't know to what extent then. He could see a definite change come over this charming young man. It was as if he had become a different person. Gary began to parade about the room, pulling the leather jacket about him and zipping it closed.

“Well, do you think that I might do?” His blue eyes were penetrating. He stood in front of Dale, smiling, waiting his approval.

“I must say you do look different than you did when you first came into this room. Yes, I think you might make a very good leather model. Suppose I call and set up an appointment for you to see the photographer? May I call you tomorrow around six?”

“OK.” Gary seemed pleased that he had passed the test.

Dale remembered that he had a date to go to the theater that evening and he had arranged to meet a girlfriend at a Village restaurant. The time was growing short and now he was hoping that Gary would leave. Dale still had to shower and dress before going downtown.

“I'm sorry, but I must get dressed to go to the theater. I didn't realize how late it was.” Dale looked at the clock as he spoke to Gary.

Gary rose to leave. He took off the leather wear and put his suit jacket back on. He packed his little bag and Dale walked him to the door.

“I have been invited to a leather party tonight, but perhaps I won't go, I don't want to get marked up for the photographs.” Gary gave Dale a knowing look and extended his hand.

Dale shook his hand. “Goodbye. I'll call you tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by.”

“Goodbye.” Gary released Dale's hand and walked out into the hall.


Dale did send Gary to the photographer and he posed for the leather photographs. Gary called Dale to thank him. He told Dale that he would be interested in doing other modeling if he could do anything to help. Dale invited him for dinner the following night.

After a good meal, in a lazy, sexy mood, they undressed each other and had a delightful time together having sex. Gary seemed to be greatly aroused by Dale; he was tender and sweet. His hands and lips were busy exploring all that Dale had to offer.

Gary smiled at Dale. “We're both about the same size!” His grip tightened. “Do you have a lover?” he asked.

“Not now.”

“I've had a couple, but it never seemed to work out. I was always disappointed. Excuse me, but I've got to use the bathroom.”

Dale got up and lighted candles. When Gary returned, the room was softly lighted. The warm glow fell on their entwined bodies as they quietly enjoyed each other's caresses. What a mouth, Dale thought, lips so full and sensitive! Those lips were over his. Gary's tongue was probing and searching the inside of Dale's warm mouth. It was tender and then violent. They were both busy, moving from mouth to other parts of the face and then over the body. Lying relaxed in his arms, Gary would tighten his strong arms around Dale and grip him closer —closer—closer, until there could be no more closeness. Gary's lips pried open Dale's; his tongue was a probing spear. They couldn't get enough of each other; it was too good to end! They lay back, quietly exploring again.

“Nice, very nice,” Dale whispered.

“I've got something that you might find interesting.” Gary raised himself up on his elbow. He swung his strong legs off of the bed and walked to where he had thrown his pants on a chair. He reached in his back pocket and took out his billfold. He returned to the bed and sat down beside Dale. From his billfold he took out a small gold ring and proceeded to put it through his nipple. Dale was fascinated as Gary slowly worked the ring through his pierced nipple!

“I've had them photographed in color. They came out very well. I have one for the other nipple.” Gary looked at Dale for approval. This was the first time Dale had seen anything like this and he didn't know the significance of it.

Gary stretched out beside Dale and it began again. Slowly they worked each other up to the climax and they lay back pleasantly exhausted.

Thus it began. Dale promised to get Gary to the casting agents and photographers. Gary was a good type and he photographed well. He was impressed with his “Brooks Brother's suit,” which was too big on him and didn't do anything to show him off to a good advantage. Dale got him to stop wearing that suit. Dale took Gary to his Broadway play; others followed. Gary was getting his presentation book together and Dale was lining up appointments for him.

Then Dale had to go out of town for a few days on business. He kissed Gary goodbye and left promising to call him on his return.

When Dale returned, he called Gary about seven-thirty on the phone and Mike answered.

“Gary just left with a friend. He asked me to take a message and he would call you tomorrow from work. I don't expect him back tonight.”

Dale was annoyed. “There is no message.” He hung up the phone.

The following afternoon Gary called him.

“Well, you couldn't even wait for my call last night.” This was Dale's curt answer to Gary's hello.

Gary ignored that remark. “I still want to go to the museum with you Wednesday night.”

“OK, we'll talk then.” Dale would have it out with him.

Wednesday evening Gary came by after work. The two of them had planned to have dinner at the museum and attend a new show there.

Gary was reluctant to talk about his new friend. Perhaps he felt guilty. There had been no real understanding between Gary and Dale. Gradually Gary opened up.

“He's a married man and has some children. His family is in another city. He has taken me to the Playboy Club twice.” Gary was impressed with this. He took a Playboy cigarette lighter out of his pocket and showed it to Dale.

Dale wasn't impressed. “Mostly tourists go to the Playboy Club.”

Gary was acting like a small town boy and Dale was disappointed in him. It seemed that this man had promised Gary many things and that Gary had already moved into his apartment. Dale was hurt.

“I know we had no understanding, but I thought you felt something the same as I did. I do want to help you with your modeling and I think that you could make a success of it, but I can't share you with someone else.” Dale felt sad and lonely as he looked at Gary for some assurance.

“I don't know what I really want to do. I would like to model, but I don't know if I can or not.”

“I believe you can. I believe in you and I want you to give it a try.” Dale took his hand and rubbed it against his cheek. “Oh, I do like you, Gary.”

Gary drew Dale to him and they kissed. Dale looked at the clock and realized that it was getting late. He rose and got dressed. They left for the museum. When they returned to Dale's apartment he intended to continue the discussion, but Gary took him in his strong arms and all was forgotten in a frenzy of sex.

The following morning Dale got Gary up to go to work. As they were having coffee Dale began talking about Gary's new friend. Dale tried to get Gary to promise to give this person up. Gary wouldn't promise. He insisted that he didn't know what he wanted. It became later and later and Gary was late for work.

“I'm going to leave it up to you. You must choose one of us.” This was very hard for Dale to say. “You know how I feel. You can call me if you decide it's to be me.”

Gary didn't look at Dale. He said nothing. Dale prayed that he would take him in his arms and promise that everything would be all right; but he didn't. Dale felt that it was over, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“You're going to be late.” Dale urged Gary to go. “Take a cab and I'll give you the money for it.”

Gary made no move to go.

“I don't know anything else to say,” Dale got up.

“I can't choose. Don't ask me to,” Gary slowly answered. “I don't want to lose you.”

This made Dale feel a little better.

“But I can't give him up either,” Gary threw a damper on it.

“Gary, you're so late now. Why don't you go on to work and think about it. We can talk later.”

“OK.” Gary looked relieved. “Will you call me later?”

“No.” This was even more difficult for Dale to say. “I want you to think about it and call me tomorrow.” He walked Gary to the door and they kissed goodbye. Perhaps for the last time, Dale thought.

Gary was gone. Dale felt awful. He was sure that this was the end, but he still hoped. He started thinking about what Gary had said about this new “friend.” The more he thought about it, the more he was sure that he knew who it was. He picked up the phone and called Jay, the male madam.

“Tell me, did you have someone meet Gary recently?” Dale inquired.

“Yes, I gave Bill his number. I thought he might take Gary out to dinner. I haven't heard from either one of them since then.”

“Well, the two of them have been seeing each other since then. I can't understand it.”

Dale knew Bill and it just didn't add up. Bill was a big, unattractive guy who certainly no one would be attracted to physically. Furthermore, Jay was constantly sending boys to Bill for sex-for-pay. Bill had little to offer Gary except trips to the Playboy Club. Could Gary be that naive? Dale had given him credit for being more sophisticated than that. Perhaps he had been taken in. Jay had asked Bill to call Dale a few months before and Dale had gone to bed with Bill—once. Dale didn't even know why he had gone to bed with him at all; perhaps it was his body size that had fascinated him. But once was enough; Dale found him dull.

“I'm really annoyed at him.” Jay's voice came back to Dale. “He could have at least called and thanked me, much less given me the fee for introducing them! If I can get hold of Gary I'll straighten him out, and Bill too! The nerve of him!”

Now Dale felt better that he knew that Bill was the friend. He decided to call Gary that night and tell him what he had found out. He did give Gary a ring and they had a long talk about Bill. Gary said that he had promised to see him for the two weeks he was going to be in the city. Bill's job took him out of the city for months at a time and he did have to see his wife from time to time. Gary promised to call the following day and that he and Dale would work things out.

The following day Gary called and came by later that evening to see him. They spent a couple of hours together and Gary promised that he would see Bill that night and tell him he wanted to leave and become a model.

“Now you must tell him everything—promise?” Dale took Gary in his arms.

“Yes, I will,” Gary promised and Dale believed him.

“Will you call me tomorrow?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Tell me when you'll call, so that I can be here.”

“I'll call about two.”

Gary held Dale tight, kissed and reassured him. “I've got to go. I promised him that I would be there by midnight.”

“Goodbye.” Dale opened the door.

Gary smiled over his shoulder as he went down the stairs.

Dale felt better. Perhaps it would be all right after all. He slept well that night.


Saturday. Two o'clock came and went and no call from Gary. Dale's hopes fell. Perhaps Bill had gotten angry and done something to Gary. The more he thought about this, the more alarmed he became.

Dale decided to send Gary a wire. Bill had no phone, but Dale had his address. He sat down, wrote out the wire and called it in. It read: “Two o'clock has come and gone and you didn't keep your promise. If you think anything of me, regardless of what you feel, please call. Dale.” The Western Union operator said that it would be delivered in an hour or so.

At four the phone rang. It was Gary.

“What happened?” Dale asked.

“I'm sorry, but I overslept.”

“Did you tell him?” Dale was almost afraid to ask this. “Yes.”

“When will I see you?”

“I've got to get back and get dressed. He's taking me to dinner at the Playboy Club and to a movie later.”

“I thought you just told me that you told him it was finished.” Doubt was creeping into Dale's voice.

“I did tell him, but I've got to keep the appointments I made with him before.”

“All right.” Dale would go along with that. “How about tomorrow? Can we get together during the afternoon?”

“Yes. Do you want to come down to Mike's? You can see all of my clothes and we'll decide what's best for me to be photographed in.”

“Yes, but I don't have the address.”

Gary gave Dale the address. “I'll come in and call you about two and you can come on down.”

“Until tomorrow, then and thanks for calling, Gary.”

“See you.” Gary hung up.

Dale was disappointed again, but he wanted to believe that everything would be all right. He spent a miserable night, but felt better the next morning.

Sunday. Promptly at two, Gary called.

“I'm here now. You can come down anytime.”

“I'll be down in about half an hour.” It was good to hear his voice and know that he would be seeing him soon. Dale was dressed and ready to go. He walked to the corner subway and took a downtown train.

Dale pressed the bell. He heard Gary's steps on the stair. The door opened and there he was standing in front of him, wearing his wool robe and looking so boyish, so innocent.

“Hi. Come on up.”

Once inside and the door closed. Gary took Dale in his arms and squeezed him hard. “Hi.” He wrinkled his nose as he repeated his greeting.

“Hi,” Dale answered. They kissed.

Gary was making coffee. He cut some pastry and set the cups out.

“Mike is out of town, so we have the place to ourselves.”

Dale sat down and looked around the room. It was an old, dirty loft, with a kitchenette in one end and a partition in the other end. There was no door where the partition ended. There were hooks on either side of this entrance into the small bedroom section. The place was pretty bare, with a couple of old couches, chairs, bed and table. There were no curtains; several windows, some with cardboard over them and others with glass you couldn't see through let in a little light from the outside. The place made Dale feel quite ill.

Gary was pouring the coffee. They sat down at the small table and looked at each other. Gary smiled. They remained silent as they drank their coffee.

“Would you like to look at my...