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Pirate : Hi I´m … Pirate - 1

52 pages

The comic reports the histories that happen daily to Guillermo Black Flag nicknamed as the Pirate. The book is narrating, by means of emblems, every situation that happens to him. Seemingly situations exist in the Pirate’s life that seem that they do not mean anything, but all of them teach the child to face new challenges. Pirate is a boy who lives in his mother´s house, because his parents separated when he was very small.

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hey, why do they call you embolio?
and the monster family are relatives of yours,
aren’t they?
and you, why do they call you pirate?
it’s me who calls
myself embolio.
ha ha
ha !
a family tradition, you know?
my dad’s name is ulcer,
and he’s a forensic
scientist at the health
clinic in town.
only neighbours, but they went away afraid of us.
because of
my surnames:
my full name is guillermo black flag.
my mother’s
name is euthanasia, and she
owns a funeral parlour for bald
people. my grannie’s name is
leukemia, and my sister is gastritis you don’t say!
and to top it all, my
i unders tand...
astrological sign is
mine are myocardial infarction.
and the dog’s name is virus.
embolio myocardial infarction!
decline for me the
present tense of the verb to pass...
still in the water?
a verb you’ll hardly know, for sure...
you didn’t get one of the six right!
and the
which is the mark
i’m going to give you in your next appraisal!
are you sure you put in the man’o war?
but of course sir!
let’s see, pirate...
that’ll teach
it goes like
this i passes, you passing,
he passesess, eegh ah, yes! we passings you passingeses, you would have passings , they is passed.
let’s see...
payback: a zero.
you to pay more attention in class next time! h.5...
about time!... h,6...
not bad, eh?
got it now!
and all that
what a put down!
if i know how
to, ... me...
come on, start it yourself.
of course it’s on the consoles,
steamed up about...
it’s nothing to get
is it a nintendo game on play station? does it
work by battery?
not to the
where’s the game take place?
now you have to go and give them a kiss.
a kiss?
bottle, idiot!
these old types i don’t... but, well...
it all happens naturally.
is pointing towards?
now let’s see who the bottle
hey gomez boy... do you want to play spinthebottle with us?
me... i don’t know
you know... kiss chase
it’s like playing catchup,
these are
but madam, let me clean up his life a bit...
you know, under s for superhero.
but how did you
proud of it
become a superhero?
o.k, o.k..
well, ... on one occasion a hamster bit me, ... but he died in the act...
poor thing...
my galician
overrun with american ones. nobody believes in independent ones.
stop the little
you here again!
work for eight hours a day...
the police, cretin!
and next time i’ll call
i’m a superhero... and i have to
are you really a superhero?
and what are you looking at?
but … hear me out, madam,....
yes, sir, from
in peace!
leave me
pathetic, i know...
i’ve already told you i don’t want you to save my life, clown!
badajoz, and very
well, well...
tough times for
i only had to change the word order
my name’s in the yellow pages.
mummies boy!
to show off,
who am i trying to deceive? i’m a
secondrate superhero. my name isn’t
oloman either... my real name is manolo.
are you galician?
i’m leaving you now, to keep on my
saving, don’t hesitate to call me,
rounds. if at anytime you need your life
accent lets me down
or were you stung by a
radioactive insect?
did you have a
laboratory accident,
that’s because we’re
yes, sir, the best of all of them... well oloman!you don’t seem to be very successful...
but the bad thing is that today’s payday.
understand what i’m
and if there’s something
i don’t like about this job it’s...
you don’t like pay day?
how i have to put up with pay day!
saying fellah?
salary, paco!
now, do you
your monthly
thee hee hee...
psss... well, it’s not too bad. after
stand around and watch me work?
1 how’s things fella? haven’t you got anything better to do than
do you like your work?
here’s the boss
engineer, it was the best
being a bridges and highways and shortcuts
not exactly...
i could find.
with the pay...
paying out !
guillermo, have you done your homework?
we’ve got two options,
sabbath... option
no, mum, i haven’t even thought about it.
a  mum needs a hearing aid... option.
b  mum’s completely given up on me.
it´s option a, sabbath.
thank god, i was already starting to worry.
oh, that’s what
i like, you being responsible about it.
good, that’s
what i thought you said. come and have some supper.
sorry son, ...
what was it you said
before, i don’t think i heard you very well?
that yes, mum... i’ve done my homework.