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Pirate : How stupid you are… Pirate - 2

52 pages

What I don´t understand, Pirate, is how can you fail in maths, being so advanced in this subject and seeing how well you dominate the BINARY SYSTEM because… You just get ZEROS AND ONES!!!

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pointing out
pay attention, gutiperio, or you’ll get it wrong.
don’t you remember miss? i study here.
that’s alzheimer’s for you!
you are barred this week pirate!
i’m ready!
don’t let him get past! take it off him.
very funny!
go back to your room
straight away!
pirate what are you doing here?
i already know you’re a student here (well, in name anyway) but yesterday i banned you from playing for the whole week!
be a bit more
specific miss, to avoid
immediately when?
yes, i know, … but as you didn’t stipulate for which week, i thought i could choose myself,
thee, hee, hee…
immediately now!
oh, o.k.
look, leticia!
how stupid you are pirate!
there’s always someone stupider
have you ever met anyone dummer?
to the side of his finger nail, instead of on the other side like so… ha, ha, ha… ha, ha, ha…
embolio! you’re off
don’t talk rubbish,
leticia be a boy?
ha, ha, ha...
but how could
thee, hee, hee…
what are you
laughing at leti?
the crazy guy showed me by holding it
it’s just that pirate made me believe that he was teaching me how to smoke, holding his finger like that, outside his flies
your rocker!
but yes, pirate,
this should be the finger
i’ve seen with my own eyes how he showed amaia his thing!
or a cross wire!
or how do you say…
leticia is a lead transmit ter!
wow, what a warm autumn
it’s incredible!
have you got a light?
i must have lost my
lighter, and…
well, can you belie ve it?
warm, isn’t it?
ha, ha, ha, haaa….!
the settings aren’t right
thee, hee, hee
what are you talking
about, fellah? i can’t
i was talking to embolio mama,
understand a word
you’re saying!
for sure…
speak more clearly!
thee, hee, hee
guillermo! get your feet off the sofa!
and might i ask who you’re ringing on my mobile?
your settings aren’t right. i was
talking for half an hour and
didn’t understand a thing.
rea lly?
let’s see, give it to me.
you know it’s off limits!
are you sure you dialled up right? hello embolio, how are you?
come back here right away!
i’m off! i’ve
been here too
long already.
only colleagues
we’ll see each other again, honey, mwah!
noooooo… you exagge
rate! he’s a workmate
from the paper. the
what nonsense you talk?
see you later david…
the one who does the comic strips?
wow! but i saw you kissing him!
i hardly know him.
well, that’s why...
hello mum!
william my boy… what sort of day did you have at school?
good. they only punished me twice…
it was a simple polite kiss, nothing more…
do you un derstand?
who was that?
your boy friend?
yeah, yeah…
are you going to marry him?
you knew dad really well when
you got married, and then you
finished up by getting separated. as soon as we it’ll probably work better get home, you’re this time around, with you going to do your hardly knowing him… homework pirate!
aren’t we going to rent a dvd and order a takeout pizza?
another day.
that’s it, she’s annoyed…
maths test today?
is there a problem, pirate?
it’s logical in any maths test, isn’t it? that there’ll be problems.
so i reckon…
another zero in mathematics, guillermo.
it’s just that the teacher hates me, mum!
yes, of course,… and so does the language teacher, the history teacher, the… well, all of them.!
but didn’t you say that was next week?
thee, hee, hee…
very clever pirate! let’s see how well you do in the test…
i remember very well how i said it last week…
you’ve got one hour!
. . .
what i don’t understand is how you can fail at mathematics, considering how advanced you are in the subject, and how well you know the binary system, because…
you only ever get zeros and ones in your marks!