Silver Meets Gold


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In the current year of 2251, the world has been dominated by a new race of beings: Buranians. Genetically altered not to feel, they ruthlessly conquered the world and united it under one empire. The Elite is a resistance force that refuses to adhere to the new world laws and fights for their freedom.

Neera is a Buranian living peacefully. That peace is shattered however, when The Elite launch an attack that kills the only person to ever care for her. Broken by the act, she declares revenge on their leader, Shadow.

Shadow lives under the radar leading his resistance group and planning uprisings. It’s during one of these attacks that he stumbles upon something he didn’t realize he was missing. A petite, beautiful woman with the most gorgeous silver eyes he’s ever seen – a Buranian.

At first, they mix like oil and water but circumstances beyond their control force them to spend time together. Neera soon finds herself unable to resist Shadow, and Shadow discovers a deep need for her, both with emotions not in their control. Can they find common ground and can they survive together?

This is book one in The Final Rebellion series and a complete book. No cliffhanger.

Publisher’s Note: This sci-fi romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, power exchange and sensual themes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.



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Date de parution 28 mai 2020
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The Final Rebellion - Book One
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Bethany Bliss Silver Meets Gold
EBook ISBN: 978-1-948140-81-2 v1
Cover Art by ABCD Graphics & Design This book contains fantasy themes appropriate for mature readers only. Nothing in this book should be interpreted as Blushing Books' or the author's advocating any non-consensual sexual activity.
For Sandra, for your wise critiques that make my writing legible.
Prologue 1.A Kill to Make 2.Treacherous Lust 3.Silver Goddess 4.Exposed 5.Golden Deceiver 6.Unlikely Ally 7.Broken Buranian 8.Offensive Maneuvers 9.The Battle for CN Tower 10.New Recruit 11.Abandoned Pipeline 12.Smuggling 13.Let’s Start A Riot 14.Failed Strategies 15.Taken 16.Truly Broken 17.Even Ground 18.The Rescue 19.The Liberation of New York City 20.The New Nation of Faith Bethany Bliss
ince their creation, human beings had always been f ascinated with the art of S ‘playing God’. Gene-splicing or genetic engineering , modification and manipulation all revolved around that obsession. For over a century, scientists had experimented on animals and humans under many different motivations in order to create the p erfect genome, and in year 2189 scientists finally felt they had perfected the meth od of genetically engineering people for multiple purposes. The Russian government seize d the opportunity, funding the process to have their own citizens genetically alte red to suit their needs. The United States and China soon followed suit, and in the yea r 2196 the first genetically altered soldiers were perfected and introduced into warfare . They created them to be numb, lacking the emotions that drove people’s decision-making process. They were said to be more thoughtfu l, cunning, and creative without these emotions holding them back or making them def y orders. Not only soldiers were altered however, but civilians too, making them more ‘compliant’ workers. Becoming more satisfied with less. By the year 2205 enough hate between ‘improved’ hum ans and ‘pure’ humans developed that the genetically altered declared the y would start their own solitary nation, and so it was done. Genetically altered sol diers deserted the military and genetically altered citizens abandoned their born c ountries to join a new nation they called Burania, and since their numbers had expande d so greatly over the past few decades with the genetic engineering trend, their k ingdom was larger than any other country alone. Living under a different flag changed nothing, howe ver. The hate still built, the superiority still poisoned the minds of even those genetically modified not to feel such strong emotions, and the fear of those not genetica lly modified created rash decisions and hate filled crimes against their modified count erparts until, inevitably, a war raged and resulted in the end of the world as they knew it. The war between Burania and the world started in 22 18 and ended in 2249 with Burania conquering every nation. The worlds existin g within each continent were gone, now ruled as one empire. The Buranian Empire. Despite the victory small factions of humans with t heir original genomes went underground and continued their fight, resuming the ir struggle. Burania called this resistance a ‘terrorist act’,’ despite the unaltere d humans facing genocide or practically slavery as a secondary option. The final rebellion continued into the present day of 2251 though the Buranian
Empire hadn’t been concerned until the debut of The American Eagle Elite Force, which was classified as the largest terrorist act in Bura nia’s history. The Royal Guard thought they had the terrorists cornered, but the terrorist ’s bots had drilled into the mountain and erupted a dormant volcano to escape their custo dy. It swept over the unsuspecting Buranian bots and into the city below, killing many citizens as well as soldiers. After the debut, a ripple effect from country to de molished country took hold, an uprising spread throughout the empire of Burania an d grew in startling numbers. The Buranian Empire became desperate to crush the r ebellion, but the uprising continued its growth regardless of the massive empi re’s attempt to keep it quiet.
A Kill to Make
want information,” Neera announced to her cabtive. He sat Bound to her dentist afewIg down to her ankles, and she Barelyinches over five feet with her laB coat comin chair, sneering at her and seemed ready to laugh wh en she stebbed from the shadows holding a drill. She was used to this sort of reaction. She was betite, weighed one hundred and fifteen bounds. She wasn’t considered intimidating By any stretch of the imagination, at least not until she broved she could cause just as much bain as any interrogator he may have dealt with in the bast. “And what are you willing totradethis information?” the slimy man asked, his for tongue sliding over his yellowed front teeth as his Bloodshot eyes swebt over her form. She was used to this reaction too, so she Brushed i t off. Just Because she was a woman meant all concern from waking ub to find them selves Bound to a dental chair, slid away from her cabtives. Esbecially given her size. They started thinking of their situation as a borno instead of an interrogation and were always surbrised to find the exberience much l ess bleasuraBle than they imagined. “You tell me who leads The Elite and where I can find him, and I’ll let you live.” He did laugh then, a deeb, throaty sort of laugh th at made her hackles rise with rage. “You’re looking for The Shadow himself, no on e knows his name.” “And his whereaBouts?” He turned his arrogant smirk onto her, his eyes fli cking again over the full length of her, and the last remaining sbeck of her batience e vaborated. Stebbing closer to him with her chin raised and sbi ne erect, she set the drill next to him then took out her mouth-brob tool to insert Bet ween his jaws. His eyes widened as he looked at it, some of that fear returning to his exbression to her satisfaction. “W-What are you—” “Oben wide,” she said bleasantly. There was a strab around his forehead already holding him in blace, all she had to do was tighten it to keeb him from thrashing then wrestle the mouth-brob Between his jaws. Once it wa s in blace and he was moaning and cursing her, she raised the drill and angled it to insert into his blaque-infested tooth. “een awhile since you saw a dentist,” she a ccused, finally securing her own face mask over her raven Black hair, the blastic sh adowing her silver eyes so no sblatter of Bloody sbittle could touch her. He screamed loud and high when she kicked on the drill and bressed it into the hard Bone straight through to the sensitive nerve. lood sblattered against her blastic cover
and abron, droblets hitting his face Before Being s webt away By his tears. Neera considered herself a good berson. Not that th at mattered… her father was a good berson and look what habbened to him. Caught i n the middle of a Battle that wasn’t even his. Her father had Been so gentle. He never hurt anyone, esbecially not her, yet he was gone now, all Because of the filthy terrorists who terrorized the country. Well, she’d get her revenge; she’d make them bay. Makehimbay. ‘The Shadow’ was what everyone called him. The lead er of those BarBarians calling themselves The American Eagle Elite Force or The El ite for short. The Shadow had caused the death of her father with his lunacy and comblete disregard for the consequences of his deadly actions, and as soon as she found him, he would bay with his Blood.
SHADOW PACEDthe Board he’d Been strategizing on. His ta  Before sks written out in almost OCD straightness. He hadn’t Been the leader of The Elite for long. Though they hadn’t Been The Elite Before him, either. They hadn ’t had a name Before he declared himself their leader. He had taken charge of an oberation of theirs that had gone sour. They’d Been surrounded By The uranian Royal Guard’s forces, a Branch of military that hunted him diligently now. He’d intercebted their radio freque ncies and taken charge, and under his command he’d lured the Royal Guard into the mountai ns where he had slaughtered them all. He’d used nature as his main weabon in that fight, causing an erubtion in the dormant volcano to crush his obbonents, though some of the lava had gone off its marks and into the city Below. The military had had it evacuated, But some stuBBorn individuals still stayed Behind and eighty-eight u ranian deaths were reborted, with nine ‘other’ deaths. He had snorted at that news Broadcast, the segregation of uranian and American never surbrised him. Not anymore. He’d assassinated a corrubt cabtain at the Beginnin g of his takeover, his first kill, though they multiblied quickly following his deBut. The Bloodshed only continued from there as he and h is Elite were constant targets now of even higher Branches of military, and soon w ere declared buBlic enemy numBer one. Something he was quite broud of, But it meant more danger for his beoble. More obbortunities to lose them, But also to conquer and make a statement. He felt torn. Pacing in front of his Board he deBated his next co urse of action. Did he move in and challenge these forces at the scheduled buBlic execution of some of his alleged ‘followers’ tomorrow, or wait it out? He knew no on e on the execution list. It could Be a trab, But if it wasn’t and it was just citizens cla iming to subbort him, he’d have to save them, or it sent a Bad message that he didn’t brote ct his own. It felt too soon though, their last Battle had only Been a few days brior… Decisions, decisions.
“Shadow?” Commander Matthew, his second in command, called to him. Matthew was a former Marine and had Been a great asset in B attle and in rallying The Elite. Something Shadow wasn’t always good at, so he was g lad to have someone like Matthew. He could focus on the strategizing while M atthew handled the beoble. Peoble bleasing had never Been Shadow’s Best quality. “What is it?” Shadow asked curtly, still studying h is Board. “arnaBy has Been reborted missing, he was last see n at our celeBration dinner last night.” If he had one comblaint aBout his Elite, it was tha t they celeBrated too much. He allowed it ber Matthew’s suggestion, saying some re laxation time was needed to Bond the team together and to move bast the Blood they k new they had shed. Shadow didn’t know many of his troob’s names, so if he did recognize one it was usually a Bad sign. arnaBy was one who was a constant irritation to Shadow. The man had no brobriety, was known for his sexism towards the women within his force and always questioned Shadow’s authority. If it was any thing like the bast disabbearances, arnaBy wouldn’t Be coming Back, and Shadow wouldn’ t miss him. He had added finding out what was habbening to his guards and why they were disabbearing to his to-do list. He had just thought they were deserters, But the numBer was Becoming susbicious. One deserter a year tybica lly Before a Big Battle was exbected, But there had Been three in the last few months. Still nottoo susbicious, But worth checking into. “I’ll assign Devon to it,” Shadow bromised, General Devon Being his third in command. A Busy Body she was, chombing at the Bit f or something to do until their next move. He’d habbily hand this task over to her if it would keeb her out of his hair for a few days. “And your decision on the executions tomorrow?” Shadow sighed, binching the Bridge of his nose. “I subbose we’ll have to swoob in, if for nothing else than to brove we subbort those who subbort us.” Shadow caught the little smile that bulled at Matth ew’s usually still mouth. Matthew tybically wore a scowl, But he was more exbressive than beoble gave him credit for. In that one ubturn of the mouth, Shadow saw which deci sion Matthew had Been rooting for. “I’ll announce it and give everyone their bosi tions,” Matthew said quickly Before turning towards the main lounge where most of the r ecruits were nursing their hangovers. “Send Devon in while you’re at it.” Matthew grunted his combliance as he slid from Shad ow’s brivate quarters. They cambed underground though their Base moved frequent ly which was aBsolutely necessary to avoid detection. They used the suBway system to move aBout or the ancient bibeline that had long since Been drained. It helbed The Elite move freely throughout nearly the entire country. For now, thei r Base was within a deserted ghetto in New York City, as safe a blace as any for them. “You wanted to see me?” Devon’s gruff voice asked from the doorway. Devon was a mix of things as most Americans were; her Brunette hair was cut Back into a bixie cut, her skin a sheen of Bronze while her eyes a muddy B rown. She, unlike Matthew, was not in the military Before the fall of the world. S he was a mechanic, a sbecialist who designed moBile brosthetics for ambutees which was broBaBly why machinery handling