The new age of the dream : Live - 1

The new age of the dream : Live - 1


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Manuel and his family have just arrived in Australia as immigrants. They are quite hungry; in spite of this, little Manuel values the presence and affection he gets from his parents.



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And I pretend to be asleep.
everything, we are a family.
I know my parents are hungry as well, but they don’t
say so. I see them at my side and think that, despite
Lima. The other day I
I lose the thread. Hunger does not let me
hands for supper?
Mum, Dad and my little sister.
Have you washed your
Mum reads out a letter from Grandma.
I’m running to get home, and running
in spite of being hungry.
And I feel it every night when
I’m twelve years old.
Mum and Dad spend the day out, trying to earn a bit of money. Sometimes we are lucky, and we eat twice a day.
they come to my bedroom to kiss
me goodnight.
met bla bla bla…”
“You’re missed in
That’s me. I’m Manuel and
This is my district.
We haven’t been here that long, so I don’t know it that well.
The Peruvians live on this side of the street.
There are only a handful of us. Some of them came at the same time as us, others were already here when we arrived.
Chiro! Come here!
The houses are old and poor. They sway in the wind.
The Aborigines live on the other side of
the street. We don’t mix with them much -
there have been tensions between us lately.
When I found him, they had given
him up for dead, but I cared for
him until he got better.
Dad says there’s no need to be afraid of them, and that this country was theirs until the Europeans arrived. He says they suffer hunger pangs the same as we do, and that they deserve our understanding and respect.
He looks out for me to play with him, and then he runs off. I don’t hold him back, I respect his freedom.
Ha, ha, ha!