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The new age of the dream : The little Inca - 3

17 pages

Manuel finds a group of friends who are game for anything, even riding across gullies on rails. The youngster doesn’t dare himself, wisely, and later will show his bravery in a moment of great danger.

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Ajouté le : 01 janvier 2010
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EAN13 : 9788492797318
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Look at Bernarda! Her in the red dress, how elegant she looks…
…and what shoes! It
looks like she’s wearing
glow worms on her feet.
Then you could use it
as a lantern, Rosita!
Ha, ha, ha, ha…
What if she were
to lose a shoe…
See you
See you tomorrow,
Rosita! I’m in a hurry,
Manuel is waiting for me!
Mr Mayor, I’d like to
introduce you to the
Herreras. They are
Manuel’s parents.
Delighted. So, you are the creators
of these amazing hands! Your son is an
artist, the town’s best ambassador.
Thank you, Mr Mayor.