The Novel Now

The Novel Now


264 pages


The Novel Now is an intelligent and engaging survey of contemporary British fiction.

  • Discusses familiar names such as Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, Salman Rushdie, and Angela Carter and compares them with more recent authors, including David Mitchell, Ali Smith, A.L. Kennedy, Matt Thorne, Nicola Barker, and Toby Litt
  • Incorporates original coverage of subgenres such as chick lit, lad lit, gay fiction, crime fiction, and the historical novel
  • Discusses the ways in which notions of regional identity and tribalist views have surfaced in UK and Irish fiction, and how post-Imperial sensibility has become a feature of the ‘British’ novel
  • Situates contemporary fiction within its socio-cultural and literary contexts.



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Preface Acknowledgements
Part I: Realism Versus Modernism: Win, Lose or Draw?  1 Before Now. A Brief Account of the Pre1970s British Novel  2 Something Unusual: Martin Amis and Ian McEwan  3 The Effects of Thatcherism  4 The New Postmodernists
Part II: Excursions From the Ordinary  5 The New Historical Novel  6 Crime and Spy Fiction
Part III: Sex  7 Women  8 Men  9 Gay Fiction
Part IV: Nation, Race and Place 10 Scotland 11 England, Englishness and Class 12 The Question of Elsewhere 13 Wales 14 The Troubles 15 Epilogue: The State of the Novel
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