Basset Hound

Basset Hound


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Originally bred to trail game with its sensitive nose, this laid-back, even-tempered breed was number 31 on the American Kennel Association's 2007 ranking of America's most popular dogs.



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Contents Part I:The World of the Basset Hound Chapter 1:What Is a Basset Hound? A Scenthound Built for Hunting Chapter 2:Basset Hound History French Origins British Influence The Basset Hound in the United States Basset Hounds in Popular Culture Chapter 3:Why Choose a Basset Hound? What Bassets Do Natural Instincts Special Needs Temperament and Training Sports for Basset Hounds Chapter 4:Choosing Your Basset Hound Decisions to Make Consider a Rescued or Shelter Dog Where to Get a Puppy Questions Youll Be Asked
Part II:Caring for Your Basset Hound Chapter 5:Bringing Your Basset Hound Home Using a Crate Puppy Essentials PuppyProofing Your Home Toys Identification Choosing a Name Bringing Your Puppy Home The First Few Weeks Children and Your Puppy Beginning Training and Socialization Chapter 6:Feeding Your Basset Hound Feeding Puppies Feeding Adult Dogs Feeding Senior Dogs What to Feed Your Basset Hound Reading Dog Food Labels The Overweight Basset Hound Picky Eaters Poisonous Foods
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Chapter 7:Grooming Your Basset Hound Grooming Supplies Bath Time Nail Trimming Ear Cleaning Teeth Cleaning Skin Check Making Your Environment Flea Free Chapter 8:Keeping Your Basset Hound Healthy Choosing a Veterinarian Health Concerns for Basset Hounds Common Canine Health Problems Parasites How to Make a Canine FirstAid Kit First Aid When to Call the Veterinarian The Senior Citizen
Part III:Enjoying Your Basset Hound Chapter 9:Training Your Basset Hound Understanding Builds the Bond Practical Commands for Family Pets Training for Attention Teaching Cooperation Chapter 10:Housetraining Your Basset Hound Your Housetraining Shopping List The First Day Confine Your Pup Watch Your Pup Accidents Happen Scheduling Basics Appendix:Learning More About Your Basset Hound Books Magazines Clubs, Registries, and Associations Internet Resources Index
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