Bonding with Your Dog

Bonding with Your Dog


256 pages


A strong human-canine bond is the foundation of successful training
In this groundbreaking new book, veteran trainer Victoria Schade explains how developing a human-canine bond based on trust and mutual respect is the key to training a happy, well-behaved, and well-adjusted dog. Readers begin by taking a quiz to analyze their current relationship with their dog and then go on to learn the six steps to building a bond–from granting privileges and being consistent to offering ample praise and making time for play.

Victoria Schade (Falls Church, VA) is an APDT Certified Pet Dog Trainer and owner of Good Dog! Obedience Training. She was named one of the best D.C.-area trainers by Washingtonian magazine. Her training video New Puppy! Now What? won a Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers' Association of America. She has appeared on Animal Planet and is a contract blogger for the NBC-owned Web site



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Part I: All about Bonding  1 What Is the Bond? Relationship Quiz: How Strong Is Your Bond? Introducing the Bonded Dog Mutual respect Trust Regard What a Strong Bond Can Do No bad dogs Sweet freedom How touching You drive me crazy Is It Ever Too Late to Build a Bond?
 2 Ways We Accidentally Undermine the Bond Love You till It Hurts Fido, Have Your People Call My People Work It Out The Schoolyard Bully Sir! Yes, Sir! Will You? Maybe? Please? On Second Thought . . . PreK to Grad School in Just One Week! WhiteGlove Service May I Speak to a Manager, Please?
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 3 Bonding and Body Language TouchAversive Dogs: Hands Off, Please! Body Language Basics The body as a whole Head Tail Feet
 4 Privileges vs. Rights Privilege #1: Full Household Freedom Privilege #2: Access to Guests Privilege #3: Field Trips Privilege #4: OffLeash Freedom
Part II: How to Build the Bond  5 Building Block #1: Training for Life DownStay Coming When Called Go to Bed Leash Walking
 6 Building Block #2: Be Predictable but Unpredictable Walk around the Clock Ways to Be Fetching and Playful You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours Magicball fetch Rapidfire fetch Dogs Cannot Live by Biscuits Alone Say What?
 7 Building Block #3: Praise! Bathroom Behavior Walking Recall Approach Everyday Obedience Checking In Stopping Naughty Behavior How to Praise
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 8 Building Block #4: Playing to Win The Body Games Evasive Maneuvers Refugee from catland The Brain Games Find the Toy Find Me It’s Tricky Not All Play Is Constructive Wrestling Slap the Puppy and other hand games Chase Play It Again, and Again . . .
 9 Building Block #5: Time for the Tricky Stuff The Squirrel Game Amazing Discoveries Get Lost One, Two, Three, Let’s Go! Wild, Wonderful
10 Building Block #6: Don’t Forget Your Sense of Humor Laugh a Little Frustration Is Inevitable It’s Not Rocket Science
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