Lord, king of the Romanian streets

Lord, king of the Romanian streets




Ears that stick up, a crooked leg and a plumed tail, this is Lord, the street dog.

Either by bad luck or by chance, he was born in the heart of a country where it is hard to survive when you have four legs and fangs and your home is the streets.

He wanders at will, soldier of a freedom he has not chosen, in a world where most men would destroy his kind.

That is the life of a street dog in Romania.

That's how it was for Lord... until the day his life changed.

In her book "Lord, king of the Romanian streets", Blandine P. Martin offers us a fresh and invigorating story, a beautiful tale of a rescue as it plays out.

Throughout the pages, she makes us sensitive to the plight of street dogs in Romania without dwelling on the horror that stray dogs still face in this country. On the contrary she shares, not just Lord's story, but the stories of all those involved and the initiatives taken to help protect these animals in danger, It is a story of devotion and compassion without which nothing is ever possible.



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King of the Romanian streets
Blandine P. Martin Translated from French by Jocelyn Hawkins
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«All beings» ISSN : 2271 - 2682 Cover: Lord©Blandine P. Martin French edition : «Lord, seigneur des rues roumaines» © Les Éditions du Puits de Roulle 2016- Coll. Être sensible -Lord, king of the Romanian streetscopyright © is Les Éditions du Puits de Roulle. All rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise – without written permission from the publisher, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in wich it is published and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. ©Les Éditions du Puits de Roulle 2016 www.editionsdupuitsderoulle.com e ISBN : 978-2-36782-035-4 − Dépôt légal : 4 trimestre 2016
Born in 1987, Blandine P. Martin has always been pas sionate about art and animals. From her earliest childhood, she was made to read picture books which tales of brave princes that came to rescue princess es in danger... Yet even at that age, she already preferred her four-legged friends to humans. Maybe she felt at home with their strength and unwavering support and their constancy in simple and true relationships? After publishing her first two novels, she decided to put her pen to the service of animals. Volunteering at a shelter and involving herself with animal protection in everyday life, she is now trying to give voice t o those beings who have so much to teach us.
For Jacob, Peche, Calix, Milo, and all those who did not have the chance to find a family in time. For all their friends who are still waiting, day after day, to experience a life different to the one they experience in Romania. For Tamara Mariana Adina, Isabelle, and many others without whom nothing would have been possible. Through their actions and their broadcasts, they are Lord's lucky stars. For Patrick, aka Themys, who was among those who helped Lord's coming home and the arrival of dozens of other survivors to France. All my thoughts are with his family.
Preface by Mariana Si Claudiu Amariei Our beautiful country, Romania, is tainted with sha me by the attitude of some of my fellow countrymen vis à vis animals in general and stray dogs in particular. For many years, the situation has been critical. It all started with a story - one with troubling contradictions - a child allegedly k illed by stray dogs. The Romanian parliament then passed a law requiring the ir killing, which marked the beginning of a terrible fate for these animals. It is difficult to imagine how these dogs are caught on the streets to be sent to a "shelter" where they are sometimes left without food and water for days, where the sick dogs lie alongside healthy ones, where man y bitches are left with their puppies ... Photos taken on site show them desperat e and frightened, yet retaining the slim hope that someone will come one day and perhaps, take them away from this hell. But in fact, most die in suspi cious circumstances. It is impossible to know how many of them die or are euth anized for other reasons (beaten, poisoned, etc.) Amongst these stray dogs, some are lucky enough to be saved by people with big hearts who try, by all means, to find them a home, a quiet place where they can be loved and can forget the hardships they have endured. These people are rare, and here as elsewhere, prefer to adopt a puppy and preferably a purebred puppy. One can always argue that the dogsthat remain in the street have a chance to survive, but the reality is that the conditions they endure are terrible. Few people give them food, and those who do are often c riticised ... I'm one of those people who care for cats and stree t dogs. Every day I go to work, the trunk of my car full of food and water for them. Thus I was able to save a dog, found almost dead, which was subsequently supp orted by the French association Mukitza via the Romanian Association Prieten Credincios. Lord. I remember seeing him for the first time on a cold winter’s day. I went twice a day to give hot meals to a sick puppy, hidden under the stairs of a church. That afternoon, when I was leaving the food, a new dog pointed the tip of his snout out from under the steps. He came to me very calmly. The first thing I noticed was his injured leg, then his beautiful eye s. I soon realized that he was very friendly. I left him some food and went anyway . The next morning, when I came back for the puppy, he was still there. I hone stly did not expect it. Stray
dogs rarely stay in one place. Coming back from my work, I was surprised to see him come to me. He was waiting for me. He followed me almost to the building where I live. He was cheerful and very "talkative", he knew that something good was happening and that he would get something to eat. The same thing happened every day for a week. Lord learnt my schedule and waited for me every time! I then asked for help fro m the association Prieten Credincios (managed by Tamara Secara and Adina Brad u) to find an adopter. I followed the instructions and sent pictures in orde r to form a small presentation album. Two or three days later, someone had already offered. It was Blandine! I was ecstatic for him, Lord is such an endearing dog. Lord's story had a happy ending, but this is rare, because unfortunately the number of stray dogs in shelters is very high and their only chance of survival is to be adopted. Blandine, thank you for the opportunity that you ha ve offered to Lord. Thank you for writing his story, which, hopefully, will encourage other beautiful people to follow your example. Mariana Si Claudiu Amariei Piatra Neamt, Romania April 2016