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Fight the Good Fight

240 pages

'Gutsy and funny' Daily Telegraph

Catherine Fox is not your typical martial artist. Her initiation into the sacred rites of judo began not in a dojo in Tokyo but in the Tunnel Cement Works in Pitstone, Buckinghamshire. And her dedication to the sport has been questionable: a thirty-year sabbatical, two children and a life spent writing books does not necessarily prepare one for enlightenment. Determined not to let these details stand in her way, Catherine has set herself a challenge: before she turns forty-five she will become a black belt. After all, how many other opportunities do vicars' wives get to roll around the floor with sweaty blokes?

Fight the Good Fight asks what lessons judo can teach you about life. It's touching surprising, gripping (in every sense) - and the funniest take on spiritual struggle since the last Lions vs. Christians fixture.

'Interesting, inspirational and ... hilarious' The Times

'Recommended for anyone who has ever struggled with fitness, body shape and life in general...' Church Times

'She sees that toughness and femininity needn't face each other from opposite ends of the mat - they can be on the same side. Fox can "kick ass and bake fairy cakes". Mission accomplished for one tough cookie' Independent

'Fox's warm, relaxed style ... makes you laugh' Observer

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Fight the Good Fight