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Creative Montreal - Mile-End, Outremont, Little Italy

19 pages

The Guide to Creative Montréal's Mile-End, Outremont and Little Italy tour offers a foray into the fields of performing arts, visual arts (art galleries and public artworks), digital arts, music and design.

When you visit Mile End, probably only one thing is certain: you won't be bored. Considered "Canada's most artistic neighbourhood,' this part of town packs in a dizzying diversity of cultural life. In terms of contemporary art alone, Mile End is home to three of the city's most renowned artists' centres and one of its most successful private galleries Neighbouring Outremont and Little Italy have their own identities, but they're inevitably marked by the closeness of Mile End's creative spirit.

The tour features countless bookstores, record stores, cafes, restaurants and shops where you can stop along the way.

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Creative Montreal - Mile-End, Outremont, Little Italy