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Creative Montreal - Rosemont, Saint-Michel and Villeray

14 pages

The Guide to Creative Montréal's Rosemont, Saint-Michel and Villeray tour offers a foray into the fields of performing arts, visual arts (art galleries and public artworks), digital arts, music and design.

Located at the crossroads of two vast Montréal boroughs, the area covered by this tour combines several neighbourhoods, from the Petite-Patrie area and its Plaza Saint-Hubert to the Saint-Michel district and its Cité des Arts du Cirque. While exploring these neighbourhoods, you'll encounter a variety of environments: commercial and residential streets, parks and wide-open spaces, school areas, highway networks, a currently-used landfill site and another under construction, densely populated areas and others that are more isolated...

This diversity is also reflected in the sector's cultural offering. No form of art dominates here, and the few major institutions that guide this tour are linked to different fields.

The tour features countless bookstores, record stores, cafes, restaurants and shops where you can stop along the way.

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Creative Montreal - Rosemont, Saint-Michel and Villeray