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French reentry courts and rehabilitation

315 pages
This book is the result of a two year and a half research which pertained to Juge de l'application des peines (JAP), a French reentry and supervision judge which had never been empirically studied before. The author studied their pratices both from the qualitative and quatitative viewpoint. She abundantly refers to international literature, with a particular focus on "desistance", "therapeutic jurisprudence" and "legitimacy of justice".
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Mister Jourdain of Desistance
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ISBN : 978-2-343-02461-5 EAN : 9782343024615
Mister Jourdain of Desistance
Criminology Collection Edited by Robert Cario
Criminology is a multi and trans-disciplinary field, which pertains to knowledge, investigation, expertise and treatment. Unfortunately, it is rather contentious in France. However, it is essential to crime prevention and, when this fails, to penal treatment. Moreover it also contributes to the psychological and social restoration of those who are concerned by offences, be they offenders or victims.
In a lot of jurisdictions, criminology is taught at university, and produces studies and evidence-based practices. In a number of them, there are criminologists who work alongside or within the criminal justice, health, social and medical systems.
This collection endeavours to collect evidence-based scientific and empirical studies or essays produced in light of the established theories in the various sub-fields of criminology. Its public is large: students, teachers, researchers, judges, practitioners who are confronted to crime and citizens who are interested in the criminal justice system.
P.V. Tournier (Dir.),Enfermements S. Abdellaoui (Dir.),L’expertise psycholégaleC. Rossi,Homicide : les proches des victimesM. Herzog-Evans,Le JAP : monsieur Jourdain de la désistance C. Condominas,Sentiment amoureux et conjugalité violente P.V. Tournier (Dir.),Une certaine idée de la criminologie
Prison Field (Champ pénitentiaire) Collection Edited by Paul Mbanzoulou
The Prison Field collection contributes to the circulation of knowledge about di-verse and complex prison issues. The individual or collective books which are writ-ten by researchers or practitioners have one thing in common: they endeavour to improve the understanding of institutional dynamics, of the elaboration of profes-sional practices, of offenders’ supervision and care policies and of deprivation or restriction of liberty.
G. de Coninck, G. Lemire,Etre directeur de prisonP. Mbanzoulou, M. Herzog-Evans, S. Courtine (Dir.),Insertion et désistance placées sous main de justicedes personnes P. Mbanzoulou, F. Dieu (Dir.),Administration pénitentiaire et justice
To « therapeutic » practitioners
Main abbreviations Cass. ……Court of cassation Crim. ……Criminal Chamber of the Court of cassation C.A.P. …..Commission de l’application des peines (sentences’ implementation commis-sion) C.P.A.L. ...Comité de probation et d’assistance aux libérés (probation and assistance to released offenders committee) C.P.I.P. …Conseiller pénitentiaire d’insertion et de probation (probation officer) D.A.P. …..Direction de l’administration pénitentiaire (Direction of the prison services) D.P.I.P. …Directeur pénitentiaire d’insertion et de probation (probation service middle manager) D.S.P.I.P. ..Directeur de service pénitentiaire d’insertion et de probation (probation chief of service) H.D.C. …... Hors débat contradictoire (Judicial decision making without any hearing) E.M. ……..Electronic monitoring E.N.A.P. … Ecole nationale de l’administration pénitentiaire (Prison services national school) J.A. ……… Jours-amende (day-fine) J.A.P. ……Juge de l’application des peines (French reentry judge: Sentences’ implementa-tion Judge) J.A.P.A.T. .Juge de l’application des peines antiterroriste (Antiterrorist JAP) P.O.P. ……Pemanence d’orientation pénale (Victims’ Bureau) P.P.C. ……Penal Procedure Code P.S.C. ……Problem-Solving Court P.S.E.S. ….Placement sous surveillance électronique statique (Electronic Monitoring mea-sure) S.A.P. ……Service de l’application des peines (Service of Sentences’ implementation) S.P.I.P. …..Service pénitentiaire d’insertion et de probation (Probation service) S.S.J. …….Suivi socio-judiciaire (Social-judicial supervision) S.T.I.G. ….Sursis avec mise à l’épreuve accompagné de l’obligation d’accomplir un travail d’intérêt général (suspended imprisonment plus probation plus community work) T.A.P. …… Tribunal de l’application des peines (sentences’ implementation tribunal)