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The Rhetoric of RHETORIC

224 pages
In this manifesto, distinguished critic Wayne Booth claims that communication in every corner of life can be improved if we study rhetoric closely.

  • Written by Wayne Booth, author of the seminal book, The Rhetoric of Fiction (1961).

  • Explores the consequences of bad rhetoric in education, in politics, and in the media.

  • Investigates the possibility of reducing harmful conflict by practising a rhetoric that depends on deep listening by both sides.
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Preface Acknowledgments
Part I Rhetoric’s Status: Up, Down, and – Up? 1 How Many ‘‘Rhetorics’’? 2 A Condensed History of Rhetorical Studies 3 Judging Rhetoric 4 Some Major Rescuers
Part II The Need for Rhetorical Studies Today 5 The Fate of Rhetoric in Education 6 The Threats of Political Rhetrickery 7 Media Rhetrickery
Part III Reducing Rhetorical Warfare 8 Can Rhetorology Yield More Than a Mere Truce, in Any of Our ‘‘Wars’’?
Conclusion Notes Index of Names and Titles Index of Subjects
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