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Thinking Syntactically

352 pages
Thinking Syntactically: A Guide to Argumentation andAnalysis is a textbook designed to teach introductory studentsthe skills of relating data to theory and theory to data.

  • Helps students develop their thinking and argumentation skillsrather than merely introducing them to one particular version ofsyntactic theory.
  • Structured around a wide range of exercises that use clear andcompelling logic to build arguments and lead up to theoreticalproposals.
  • Data drawn from current media sources, including newspapers,books, and television programs, to help students formulate and testhypotheses.
  • Generative in spirit, but does not focus on specifictheoretical approaches but enables students to understand andevaluate different approaches more easily.
  • Written by an established author with an internationalreputation.
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Preface and Acknowledgments
Introduction: The Scientific Study of Language Discussion Exercises
Diagnostics for Syntactic Structure Discussion Exercises
Lexical Projections and Functional Projections Discussion Exercises
Refining Structures: From One Subject Position to Many Discussion Exercises
The Periphery of the Sentence Discussion Exercises
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