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The Future of Global Financial Services

240 pages
This book explores the future of the financial services industry, giving readers an idea of the kinds of institutions and services that will survive in the early twenty-first century.

  • An informative and provocative exploration of the future of the financial services industry.
  • Focuses on likely changes in the near future, such as greater use of the Internet for banking transactions and the increasing globalization of financial services.
  • Points to the probable disappearance of the insurance sector as a separate industry.
  • Describes changing conditions in key financial centres, especially the US, the UK, Germany, Japan and Switzerland.
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Annotated List of Contents Preface Acknowledgments
Part I The Environment 1 Introduction 2 The globalization of financial services 3 The virtualization of financial services 4 Government regulation: the second key factor underlying industry structure
Part II Competitive Strategies 5 The financial landscape: organizations andallfinanzbanking (the status quo) 6 Competitive strategies of international financial institutions 7 Competitiveness of banks from key countries (or, Why are the US banks ahead?) 8 Responding to the challenge of the new economy
Part III Where the Sector is Heading 9 Why insurance won’t survive 10 Investment banking at the crossroads
vii xiv xvii
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73 87
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Financial instruments and financial structures The generation of long-term investment to support bond and stock-market growth
International financial centers
Surviving the twenty-first century
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