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Imaginary dialogue with God


"The following dialogue naturally presupposes the existence of God, whilst you may be someone who does not believe he exists. In that case, you will probably consider this dialogue to be not only surreal but also puerile and even presumptuous - and you have the right to do so. It may, on the contrary, be a source of reflection and meditation. In fact, its sole aim is to incite you to deepen your own beliefs and, as Blaise Pascal did in his time with his celebrated «wager», take a position, albeit temporarily, on the existence or non-existence of God and on the conception you have of this. Whatever conclusion you may come to after having read it, I sincerely hope that you find the happiness to which we all aspire. All the same, I propose that you «play along» and take the questions that follow to be your own, as if you yourself were putting them to Whom it may concern. As to the replies, obviously there is nothing dogmatic about them, and for good reason..." - Serge Toussaint, Grand Master of A.M.O.R.C.

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Imaginary dialogue with God