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Aids-Associated Viral Oncogenesis


AIDS is a major worldwide health care crisis. One of the most important aspects of the disease is the loss of protective immune function in the infected host which leads to increased prevalence of opportunistic infections and cancers. Of particular note are viral-associated cancers.

Aids-Associated Viral Oncogenesis will specifically address viral-induced human cancers. Topics will cover the viral associated cancers observed in the AIDS population, specific treatment required in this special population, and molecular biology of the causative viral agents.

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List of Contributors vii 1. Overview 1 CHARLES WOOD 2. AIDS Malignancies 21 ANITA ARORA,ELIZABETH CHIAO,AND STEPHEN K.TYRING 3. Molecular Biology of KSHV in Relation to AIDSAssociated Oncogenesis 69 WHITNEY GREENE,KURT KUHNE,FENGCHUN YE,JIGUO CHEN, FUCHUN ZHOU,XIUFENG LEI,AND SHOUJIANG GAO 4. KSHVAssociated Disease in the AIDS Patient 129 DIRK P.DITTMER AND BLOSSOM DAMANIA 5. Molecular Biology of EBV in Relationship to AIDSAssociated Oncogenesis 141 BHARAT G.BAJAJ,MASANAO MURAKAMI,AND ERLE S.ROBERTSON 6. EBVAssociated Diseases in the AIDS Patient 163 SCOTT M.LONG AND CLARE E.SAMPLE 7. Human Papillomavirus Infection and Disease in the HIV+ Individual 185 JENNIFER E.CAMERON AND MICHAEL E.HAGENSEE
8. Polyomavirus SV40 and AIDSRelated Systemic NonHodgkins Lymphoma 215 REGIS A.VILCHEZ AND JANET S.BUTEL 9. HIVHBV and HIVHCV Coinfection and Liver Cancer Development 241 JIANMING HU AND LAURIE LUDGATE Index 253