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ECGs for Nurses

224 pages
The first ECG book to be aimed specifically at nurses. This practical, handy-sized guide will be useful for nurses working in all acute areas, as well as general nurses and students learning about ECGs for the first time. Real ECGs are used throughout to supplement the text. Bullet points, diagrams and self-assessment tools are features of every chapter. Accompanying every ECG trace will be a brief discussion detailing possible effects on the patient, the nurse's role and also treatment (if any) of the arrhythmia.
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Forewordvi Acknowledgementsix The conduction system in the heart 1 Principles of cardiac monitoring 9 ECG interpretation of cardiac arrhythmias Cardiac arrhythmias originating in the SA node 38 Cardiac arrhythmias originating in the atria
Cardiac arrhythmias originating in the AV junction 73
Cardiac arrhythmias originating in the ventricles 89
10 11 12 13
Cardiac arrhythmias with atrioventricular block 107 Cardiac arrhythmias associated with cardiac arrest 119 Recording a 12 lead ECG 131 Interpreting a 12 lead ECG 145 Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias 188 Record keeping 203 Index 209