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Musculoskeletal Examination

472 pages
Evaluating orthopedic dysfunctions in patients will be easier with Musculoskeletal Examination, Second Edition. This comprehensive book is an ideal teaching and learning tool for introductory courses in physical examination.

This second edition features enhanced clinically relevant examples representing frequently encountered conditions - all from a multi-disciplined perspective. Readers get the most up-to-date information in a completely new chapter on TMJ, revised chapters on gait, posture and structural examination and new and improved illustrations.

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How to Use this Book, v Acknowledgments, vi
Introduction, 1 Basic Concepts of Physical Examination, 15 Overview of the Spine and Pelvis, 33 The Cervical Spine and Thoracic Spine, 36 The Temporomandibular Joint, 82 The Lumbosacral Spine, 96 Overview of the Upper Extremity, 140
The Shoulder, 142 The Elbow, 195 The Wrist and Hand, 233 The Hip, 292 The Knee, 335 The Ankle and Foot, 379 Gait, 433
Appendices, 446 Bibliography, 450 Index, 453