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Principles of Operative Dentistry

192 pages
Dental students are faced with an array of operative procedures; understanding and the development of competence in their use is demanding. This text aims to detail and justify the basic principles involved in operative procedures with the intention of reinforcing understanding and improving clinical skills. Direct and indirect restorations and endodontic procedures are addressed.

Not only for the student, this book is also designed as a source of reference for all practitioners who carry out restorative dentistry and are faced with the introduction of new materials and techniques. Referral to this text and evidence-based practice will assist the clinician in the appropriate selection of newer approaches to the delivery of modern day care.

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Foreword Preface Contributors Acknowledgements
Basic principles Ergonomics in dentistry Examination of the dentition – occlusion Examination of the dentition – charting Dental caries Moisture control
Principles of direct intervention Preservative management Principles of operative intervention Alternative preparation methods Pulp protection Supplementary retention for direct restorations
Principles of endodontics Introduction Diagnosis and assessment Endodontic imaging Access cavities Endodontic instruments Cleaning and shaping Interappointment medicaments Obturation (root filling)
Endodontics – further considerations Trauma Perioendo connections Elective endodontics Restoration of the rootfilled tooth
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Principles of indirect restoration Introduction and indications Core restorations Principles of preparation for indirect restorations Summary
Indirect restorations – further considerations Material type Intra/extracoronal restoration Partial coverage restorations Temporisation Impression taking Methods of construction Limited resistance and retention Creation of interocclusal space Limitations of indirect restorations
Maintenance of the restored dentition Maintenance Failure Replacement and repair of restorations
Evidence based practice Introduction – what is evidence based practice? Identifying and defining relevant questions Identifying evidence Appraisal of research literature Implementation of research evidence and evaluation of its application Conclusion
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