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Public Health Skills

304 pages
Nurses and other public health practitioners have a crucial role to play in helping to improve the collective well being of society and so developing skills in public health - preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health – is key to this process. Public Health Skills: A practical guide for nurses and public health practitioners covers the complete spectrum of public health practice: the effective assessment and management of need, understanding policy and how to affect its implementation; before moving on to explore practical issues and themes surrounding the facilitation of public health. Within the four sections of the book, the text is organised around the ten core public health skills outlined in the National Occupational Standards for the practice of public health, covering skills including surveillance and assessment, collaborative working, working with communities, strategy development, risk management, leadership and ethics.

Public Health Skills: A practical guide for nurses and public health practitioners provides the fundamental, essential knowledge and skills required to provide safe and effective practice and is an invaluable resource for all those connected to this vital, challenging and rapidly expanding aspect of health provision.

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Foreword Sarah Cowley List of Contributors Introduction How to Use this Book List of Abbreviations
Section 1: Assessment of Public Health NeedsSection 1 Introduction  1 Assessing and Identifying Health Needs: Theories and Frameworks for Practice Fiona Haughey  2 Health Needs Assessment: Appraising and Measuring Need Cindy Carlson  3 Needs Assessment John Acres
ix xi xv xvii
1 3 7
Section 2: Management of Public Health Needs 59 Section 2 Introduction 61  4 Collaborative Working: Organizational Development for Community Participation 65 Helen Elsey  5 Partnerships for Public Health: User Involvement to Improve Health and Wellbeing 73 Steve Tee  6 Partnerships for Public Health: Professional Involvement to Improve Health and Wellbeing 91 Palo Almond and Sarah Cowley  7 Communication and You 102 Jackie Yardley
Section 3: Public Health Policies and their Impact on Practice Section 3 Introduction  8 Appraising and Influencing Health Policy and Strategy Sue Toward  9 Strategic Leadership for Health and Wellbeing Yvette Cox and Mark Rawlinson 10 Health Protection and the Role of the Public Health Nurse Janet McCulloch and Jacqui Prieto
117 119 123
Research and Development: Analysis and Interpretation of Evidence Sheila Reading
Section 4: Facilitation of Public Health ActivitiesSection 4 Introduction 12 Quality and Risk Management in Primary Care Settings Linda Childs
Quality and Risk Management: Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Groups Wendy Wigley
Developing Programmes, Services and Reducing Inequalities Xena Dion
Programme Planning for Health Education Chris Griffiths
Ethically Managing Self, People and Resources to Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Patients and Clients in the Community Neil Jackson and Lynda Rogers
Glossary of Terms Index
185 187 191
271 277