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The Biology and Treatment of Cancer

287 pages
  • Offers a broad audience a concise presentation of the most up-to-date knowledge about the biology and treatment of cancer
  • Full coverage of cancer prevention and control
  • Clear, thorough discussion of current and possible future therapies
  • Edited by two of the most eminent and widely recognized scholars of cancer research and therapeutics in the world, with contributions from top researchers and clinicians from across North America
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Part I: Introduction.
1. What Goes Wrong In Cancer (Arthur B. Pardee, Gary S. Stein, and Elizabeth A. Bronstein).
Part II: Clinical Perspective.
2. Cancer As a Disease: Types of Tumors, Their Frequencies, and Their Progression (Kenneth J. Pienta).
3. Environmental, Genetic, and Viral Causes of Cancer (Rami I. Aqeilan, Nicola Zanesi, and Carlo M. Croce).
4. Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Diseases (F. Marc Stewart and Jessica A. Stewart).
5. Clinical Challenges For Treatment and a Cure (Alan Rosmarin).
Part III: Cancer Biology.
6. Understanding the Biology of Cancer (Laura A. Lambert, Donald H. Lambert, and Khandan Keyomarski).
7. Mutations and Cell Defenses (Otto S. Gildemeister, Jay M. Sage, and Kendall L. Knight).
Part IV: Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment.
8. Cancer Detection and Biomarkers (Arthur B. Pardee and Peng Liang).
9. Clinical Challenges For Treatment and a Cure (Eleni Efstathiou and Christopher J. Logothetis).
10. Clinical Trials in Oncology (Konstantin H. Dragnev and Mark A. Israel).
11. The Development of Drugs: Current Concepts and Issues (Barry S. Komm and Christopher P. Miller).
12. A New Generation of Drugs in Cancer Treatment: Molecularly Targeted Therapies (Thomas O'Hare, Christopher A. Eide, and Michael W. Deininger).
13. Epidemiology: Identifying Cancer's Causes (James R. Hebert).
14. Consumer Health Information (David Shepro and Catherine N. Norton).