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Ultra Medicine

352 pages
Ultra Medicine: Essential Preparation for Medical Finals provides a one-stop resource for senior medical students preparing for their final exams.

The book is divided into four parts. Part 1 contains a random selection of questions, mimicking actual exam questions covering clinical medicine. The assessment includes 120 multiple choice questions (MCQs) and a further 24 extended matching questions (EMQs) for written exam preparation.

Detailed, fully explanatory answers are provided in Part 2, making this text a really useful learning resource. This enables you to check and refresh your understanding and is perfect to help you identify the weaker aspects of your knowledge.

Part 3 reflects upon the history and examination routines and is neatly divided into the various body systems. The final part contains 50 objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) for clinical assessment and provides the best hints and tips for House Officer skills.

With the pressure in the run up to exams, this is the perfect buy for anyone who wants to lay their hands, quickly on the most reliable, effective preparation material.

Don't delay, buy this today — it's just what you need to give you the final push to get the results you deserve!

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Preface, vii
Normal Values, viii
Part 1 Practice Papers, 1 Paper 1Questions, 3 Paper 2Questions, 13 Paper 3Questions, 23 Paper 4Questions, 35
Part 2 Answers, 47 Paper 1Answers, 49 Paper 2Answers, 79 Paper 3Answers, 105 Paper 4Answers, 133
Part 3 History and Examination Routines, 161 Cardiovascular System, 163 Respiratory System, 171 The Chest Radiograph Routine, 175 Gastrointestinal System, 179 Neurological System, 189 Dermatological System, 207
Part 4 OSCEs, 211 Introduction, 213 The OSCE Communication Skills Station, 217 The Top 50 OSCEs, 219 House Officer Skills for the OSCE, 317
Index, 335