Tobacco Control in China

Tobacco Control in China




This book comprehensively covers the science and policy issues relevant to one of the major public health issues in China. It pulls together the prevalence pattern of tobacco use in different population and burden of the myriad of tobacco-related diseases. The book pays more attention to review the successes and failures of tobacco control policies in China, including the protect peoples from second-hand smoke, comprehensive banning tobacco advertisement promotion and sponsor, regulation of the contents of tobacco products and low tar cigarettes, warn about the dangers of tobacco, support for smokers to quit, and increasing tobacco taxation and price, as well as monitor and assessment on tobacco use and implement of prevention policy under the international background of tobacco control.

The book analyse and explain the influence factors, especially interference from tobacco industry with public management theory frame for promoting tobacco control policies and looks at lessons learnt to help set health policy for reducing the burden of tobacco-related diseases. It is a helpful reference for experts in public health and epidemiologists in tobacco control, advocators and policy maker.



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Tobacco Control in China