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From my own experience, I had consented to write this novel which is based on real facts. It takes the reader back to reality - the reality of those miserable people who live in the shantytowns in Morocco. The evocative tale brings the harshness of their lives. It provides for the reader to identify who was the responsible. The situations are so stirring, and the characters so real. " Escape ! I must escape to change my life...Why should I be unhappy? I have the right to joy and fulfillment like every human " was the main theme or question dealt between these poor people.
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Midnight's sailing
Titre Bouzid Boudlali
Midnight's sailing
5 Éditions Le Manuscrit
© Éditions Le Manuscrit 2008 www.manuscrit.com ISBN : 978-2-304-01344-3 (livre imprimé) ISBN 13 : 9782304013443 (livre imprimé) ISBN : 978-2-304-01345-0 (livre numérique) ISBN 13 : 9782304013450 (livre numérique)
" I owe a great deal of thanks to my parents, brothers and sisters who helped me accomplish this aim. They taught me to believe in myself and to work hard to meet my goals. And, with their love, support and encouragement, I was able to pursue graduate education and appreci-ate the simple things in life. I would like to thank my wife "Christine" who defines every-thing good in my life and makes me smile. Thanks to her love I am the person who I am. I love her in my heart. Next, I wish to thank my teachers, editors and advisors for their guidance and wealth of knowledge. I thank them whole heartedly for their kindness and understanding. I hope the very best and lift my prayers for peace, joy and prosperity for everybody."