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Contemporary Debates in Social Philosophy

336 pages
In this important and engaging volume, international scholarspresent opposing viewpoints to debate ten of the most importantissues in contemporary social philosophy.

  • Provides an original analysis of some of society’s mostpressing issues
  • Written by an outstanding cast of international scholars
  • Issues covered include the nature of freedom, the limits ofreligious tolerance, affirmative action, parenting, the deathpenalty, privacy, violence, world hunger, social diversity,homosexuality, and abortion
  • Invites the reader to participate in the exchange ofarguments
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Notes on Contributors
Introduction: Virtuous Disagreements in Social Philosophy Laurence Thomas
EQUALITY  1 Freedom and MoneyG. A. Cohen 2 The Meanings of FreedomLeif Wenar
THE FAMILY  3 The Good and Bad FamilyRosalind Hursthouse 4 Family ResemblancesElizabeth F. Cohen
SEXUAL RIGHTS  5 Homosexuality, Harm, and Moral PrinciplesJohn Corvino 6 Homosexual Acts, Morality, and Public DiscourseChristopher Wolfe
ABORTION AND THE LIMITS OF FREEDOM  7 The Fetus in Perspective: The Moral and the Legal Anne FagotLargeault  8 Abortion and Moral RepugnancyLaurence Thomas
PRIVACY  9 PrivacyJohn Deigh10 Privacy’s ValueTerrance McConnell
17 19 43
55 57 69
77 79 94
113 122
129 131 146
RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE 11 In Defense of Religious TolerationPhilip L. Quinn12 Does Religious Toleration Make Any Sense?Thomas Christiano
DIVERSITY 13 Ethnicity, Disunity, and EqualityLawrence Blum14 Diversity LimitedDavid Benatar
RACIAL INTEGRATION 15 The Future of Racial IntegrationElizabeth Anderson16 When Turnabout Is Not Fair PlayCarl Cohen
SCARCE RESOURCES 17 Moral Issues in Rationing Scarce ResourcesF. M. Kamm18 Locke’s Defense of Preferential TreatmentBernard R. Boxill
VIOLENCE 19 Psychological Violence and Institutional Racism: The Moral Responsibility of BystandersHoward McGary20 McGary’s Striking Claim and the Roles of SelfDeception, Acquiescence, and ComplicityB. C. Postow
153 155 171
191 193 212
227 229 250
261 263 279